Chapter 11 – The work of Jesus on earth


The baptism in the Jordan; preparation time in the desert

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1 Jesus, the loving and humble Nazarene, who had waited for the hour when the Divine Word would come out of his mouth, went to see John on the banks of the Jordan to receive the water of baptism. Did Jesus go in the desire for purification? No, my people. Did he go to perform a rite? Nor did he. Jesus knew that the hour had come when he himself would cease to be, when man would disappear to let the Spirit speak, and he wanted to mark that hour with an action that would be engraved in the memory of men.

2 The symbolic water did not have to wash away any stains, but it did make that body - as an example for mankind - free from any attachment to the world, to enable it to become one with the Spirit in terms of will. This happened when those who were present heard a divine voice speaking with human words: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Listen to him."

3 From that moment on, the Word of God became the word of eternal life on the lips of Jesus, because Christ made Himself known in fullness through Him. People called him Rabbi, Master, Messenger, Messiah and Son of God. (308,25-27)

4 Then I withdrew into the desert to meditate and to teach you to enter into dialogue with the Creator and to contemplate in the silence of the desert the Work that awaited Me, teaching you that you must first purify yourselves before going to the fulfilment of the Work that I have entrusted to you Then, in the silence of your being, seek direct dialogue with your Father, and thus prepared - louder, stronger and determined - make yourselves unswerving in the fulfillment of your difficult mission. (113,9)

The unity of Jesus with God

5 For three years I spoke to the world through the mouth of Jesus, without any of my words or thoughts being distorted by that mind, without any of its actions being inconsistent with my will. The reason for this was that Jesus and Christ, Man and Spirit were one, just as Christ is one with the Father. (308,28)

6 Recognize in Me the Father; for verily I say to you, Christ is one with the Father from eternity, even before the worlds were.

7 In the "second time," this Christ, who is one with God, became man on earth in the blessed body of Jesus and thus became the Son of God, but only in regard to his humanity. For I tell you once more that only one God exists. (9,48)

8 When I became man in Jesus it was not to make you understand that God has human form, but to make Me visible and audible to those who were blind and deaf to all that is divine.

9 Verily I say to you that if the body of Jesus had been the form of Jehovah, he would not have bled or died. It was a perfect body, yet human and delicate, so that men would see it and hear the voice of their Heavenly Father through it. (3,82)

10 There were two natures in Jesus: one material, human, created by my will in the virgin womb of Mary, whom I called the Son of Man, and the other, divine, the Spirit, which was called the Son of God. In this one was the "Divine Word" of the Father, which spoke in Jesus; the other was only material and visible. (21,29)

11 Christ, the "Word" of God, was it that spoke through the mouth of Jesus, the pure and pure man.

12 The man Jesus was born, lived, and died; but as for Christ, He was not born, nor grew up in the world, nor died, for He is the Voice of Love, the Spirit of Love, the Divine Word, the expression of the wisdom of the Creator, who was ever in the Father. (91,28-29)

The non-recognition of Jesus as the expected Messiah

13 Not all of them recognized me in the "Second Age". When I appeared in the bosom of the Jewish people, who were already expecting me, because they saw the portents given by the prophets fulfilled, my presence brought many into confusion, who did not understand the prophets' interpretation correctly and expected to see their Messiah as a mighty prince who would strike down his enemies, who would humiliate the kings, the oppressors, and grant possessions and earthly goods to those who were expecting him.

14 When that people saw Jesus-poor and without leggings, his body covered only with a simple garment; born in a stable and later working as a simple craftsman, they could not believe that he was the one sent by the Father, the Promised One. The Master had to perform visible miracles and works so that they would believe him and understand his Divine Message. (227,12-13)

15 It has always been the humble and the poor who discover my presence because their minds are not occupied with human theories that cloud their clear judgment

16 In the "Second Age" it likewise happened that, although the coming of the Messiah was announced, only men of simple mind, of humble spirit and unencumbered intellect recognized him emotionally when he came.

17 The theologians had in their hands the book of the prophets, and daily they repeated the words announcing the signs, the time and the manner of the coming of the Messiah, and yet- they saw Me and did not recognize Me, they listened to Me and denied that I was the promised Savior. They saw my works, but the only thing they knew how to do was to rebel against them, although in truth they had all been prophesied. (150, 21 - 23)

18 Today there is no longer any doubt about Jesus, but many discuss and even deny my divinity. Some concede me great spiritual elevation; others assert that I too pass through the course of development of the Spirit to be able to reach the Father. But if it were so, I would not have told you: "I am the way, the truth, and the life. (170,7)

Jesus as the saving guest in the simple people

19 Your task is to live up to the example of your Divine Master on his way on earth. Remember: Whenever I showed Myself in the homes, I left a message of peace in all of them, I healed the sick, I comforted the afflicted with the Divine Power that Love possesses.

20 I never refrained from entering a house because they would not believe Me in it; I knew that when I left that place, the hearts of its inhabitants would be full of overflowing joy, for without knowing it, their Spirit had looked into the Kingdom of Heaven through my teaching; I had not been afraid of My presence in the homes, but I had been afraid of My presence in the homes; I had been afraid of My presence in the homes and I had been afraid of My presence in the homes

21 Sometimes I sought out the hearts, sometimes they sought Me; but in all cases My Love was the Bread of Eternal Life, which I gave them in the meaning of My Word. (28,3-5)

The tireless preacher Jesus

22 On some occasions, when I withdrew into the solitude of some valley, I remained alone only for moments, because the crowds, eager to hear Me, approached their Master in desire for the infinite goodness of His gaze I received them and overflowed those men, women and children with the tenderness of my unlimited mercy, because I knew that in every creature there is a Spirit for whose sake I was born. Then I spoke to them of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the true home of the Spirit, so that they would calm their inner restlessness through my word and strengthen themselves in the hope of attaining eternal life.

23 It happened that there was someone hidden among the crowd who had the intention to deny my truth crying out and asserting that I was a false prophet; but my word came before him, before he had had time to open his lips. On other occasions I allowed some blasphemer to revile me to prove to the crowd that the Master did not become unwilling in the face of the insults, thus giving them an example of humility and love.

24 There were some who, ashamed of my meekness, immediately departed and regretted having hurt with their doubts him who proclaimed the truth with his works. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, they came to me, followed me on the paths - weeping, moved by my words, without even daring to speak to me, to ask me for forgiveness for the insults they had inflicted on me before. I summoned them, caressed them with my word and granted them some kind of mercy. (28,6-7)

25 Listen: When I was with you on earth, men came to me in droves - men in high positions, full of vanity, rulers, who secretly sought me out to hear me. Some admired Me, but out of fear they did not openly admit it; others rejected Me.

26 There came to Me crowds of men, women, and children, listening to Me in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night, and they always found the Master ready to give them the Word of God. They saw that the Master forgot himself and could not explain to them at what hour he took food, so that his body would not become weak and his voice would not become dull. The reason was that they did not know that Jesus received power from his own Spirit and found nourishment in himself. (241,23)

The love of children and nature of Jesus

27 Occasionally, when I was once alone, I was discovered by children who came to Me to put little flowers towards Me, to tell Me some little sorrow and to kiss Me

28 The mothers were anxious when they found their little ones in my arms listening to my words. The disciples, who thought that this meant a lack of respect for the Master, tried to drive them away from my presence. Then I had to tell them, "Let the children come to me; for to enter the kingdom of heaven you must have the purity, simplicity and simplicity of children.

29 I rejoiced in that innocence and impartiality, as one is rejoiced at the sight of a flower bud just opening. (262,62 - 64)

30 How often was Jesus met by his disciples as he spoke to the various creatures of the universe. How often was the Master surprised in his conversations with the birds, with the corridor, with the sea! But they knew that their Master was not raptured, they knew that in their Master lived the Creative Spirit of the Father, who had given language to all beings, who understood all his "children", who received praise and love from everything created by Him.

31 How often did the disciples and the people see Jesus caressing a bird or a flower and blessing everything, and in his eyes they discovered gazes of infinite love for all creatures! The disciples sensed the divine delight of the Lord when he saw himself surrounded by so much glory, so many wonders that had come forth from his wisdom, and they also often saw tears in the eyes of the Master when he saw the indifference of men in the face of such glory, the dullness and blindness of human creatures to so much splendor. They often saw the Master weeping when he saw a leper shedding tears because of his leprosy, or men and women lamenting their fate even though they were surrounded by a sphere of perfect love! (332,25 -26)

The teaching of Jesus

32 Jesus taught you mercy, meekness, and love. He taught you to forgive your enemies from your heart, telling you to reject the lie and love the truth. He told you that you should always repay with good both the evil and the good you receive. He taught you respect for each one of your neighbors and revealed to you the way to find health in body and Spirit; how to honor with your life the name of your parents so that you may be honored by your children at the same time.

33 These are some of the commandments that must be obeyed by anyone who truly wants to be a Christian. (151,35 - 36)

34 When the scribes and the Pharisees observed the acts of Jesus, and they discovered that they departed from their own, they asserted that the teaching which he preached was contrary to the law of Moses. The reason for this was that they confused the Law with the traditions. But I proved to them that I had not transgressed the Law that the Father had revealed to Moses, but had filled it with words and works.

35 Certainly I transgressed many of the traditions of that people, because the time had already come for them to disappear, so that a new time with higher teachings could begin. (149,42 - 43)

36 Remember that in the first commandment of the law, which I gave to mankind through Moses, I said, "You shall not make for yourselves any image or likeness of heavenly things to kneel down before it and worship it. Since then the way for man and the way for the Spirit has been clearly marked out.

37 Moses did not limit himself to teaching the Ten Commandments to men; he also established secondary laws for human life and introduced traditions, rites, and symbols within the spiritual worship of God, all according to the developmental steps that the human spirit was taking at that time.

38 But the promised Messiah came and abolished traditions, rites, symbols, and sacrifices, leaving only the law untouched. So when the Pharisees told the people that Jesus was against the Law of Moses, I answered them that I was not against the Law, but had come to fulfill it. If my teachings were to do away with tradition, it is because the people, in order to fulfill them, have forgotten to obey the Law. (254, 17 - 18)

39 My word in the present shall not blot out the words I gave you in the "second time. The epochs, centuries and ages will pass away, but the words of Jesus will not pass away. Today I explain and reveal to you the meaning of what I told you then and you did not understand. (114, 47)

"Miracle" of Jesus

40.So that that teaching would ignite faith in the hearts, I performed miracles at the same time, that it might be loved by them; and so that these "miracles" would be as palpable as possible, I performed them on the bodies of the sick, I healed the blind, the deaf, the dumb, the lame, the possessed, the lepers, and raised the dead to life.

41 How many miracles of love did Christ do among men! Their names history preserves as an example for future generations. (151,37 - 38)

42 Beings of light in the service of the Divine Work, and others who were rebellious and ignorant made themselves felt everywhere, and among that humanity there appeared the possessed, whom science could not liberate and who were cast out by the people Neither the teachers of the law nor the scientists were able to restore health to those who were sick.

43 But all this was intended by Me to teach you and give you proofs of love. I granted you through Jesus the healing of His creatures, to the astonishment of many.

44 The unbelievers who had heard about the power of Jesus and who knew about His miracles, demanded the most difficult proofs to make Him uncertain for a moment and to prove that He was not infallible. But this deliverance of the possessed, the fact that I put them back into the state of normal human beings only by touching or looking at them or giving them a command word so that those Spirits would leave their minds and both would be freed from their heavy burden, confused them.

45 In the face of this power, the Pharisees, the scientists, the scribes, and the publicans showed different reactions. Some acknowledged the power of Jesus, others attributed his power to unknown influences, and still others could not say anything about it. But the sick who had been healed blessed his name.

46 Some had been possessed by a single Spirit, others by seven, like Mary of Magdala, and some by such a great number that they themselves said they were a legion.

47 Throughout the Master's life, one spiritual manifestation followed after another. Some were witnessed by the twelve disciples, others by the people - in the open air and in the homes. It was a time of miracles, of "miracles". (339,20 -22)

48 The miracle, as you understand it, does not exist; there is no contradiction between the divine and the material.

49 Jesus ascribes many miracles to her; but verily, I tell you, his deeds were the natural effect of love, of this divine power, which you do not yet know how to use, although it is present in every Spirit unused. For you have not wanted to get to know the power of love.

50 What was effective in all the miracles which Jesus performed, except love?

51 Listen, disciples: For the love of God to be able to make itself known to mankind, the humility of the instrument was necessary, and Jesus was always humble; and giving an example of this to men, he told you on one occasion that he could do nothing without the will of his Heavenly Father. Whoever does not enter into the humility of these words will think that Jesus was a man like any other; but the truth is that he wanted to give you a teaching of humility.

52 He knew that this humility, this unity with the Father, made him omnipotent in the face of mankind.

53 O exceedingly great and beautiful transfiguration, which gives love, humility and wisdom!

54 Now you know why Jesus, though he said that he could do nothing unless it was according to the will of his Father, was in reality able to do everything; for he was obedient, for he was humble, for he made himself a servant of the law and of men, and he knew how to love.

55 Recognize, then, that although you yourselves know some of the faculties of spiritual love, you do not feel them, and therefore you cannot comprehend the cause of all that which you call miracle or mystery, which are the works which divine love does.

56 What teachings did Jesus give you which would not have been of love? What science, what exercises or mysterious knowledge did He use to give you His examples of power and wisdom? Only the blissful love with which one can do everything.

57 There is nothing contradictory in the Father's laws, which are simple because they are wise, and wise because they are imbued with love.

58 Understand the Master, he is your textbook. (17,11 - 21)

59 The Spirit who animated Jesus was My own, your God, who became man to dwell among you and be looked upon because it was necessary As a man I felt all human sufferings. The scientists who had studied the nature of nature came to Me and discovered that they knew nothing of my teaching. Great and small, virtuous and sinful, innocent and guilty received the essence of my Word, and all of them I honored my presence. But although many were called, there were few chosen ones, and even fewer around me. (44, 10)

The adulterous woman

60 I defended the sinners. Do you not remember the adulteress? When she was brought to Me, persecuted and condemned by the crowd, the Pharisees came and asked Me, "What shall we do with her? - The priests expected Me to say, "Let justice prevail" and then reply, "How is it that you preach love and allow this sinner to be punished? And if I had said, "Release her", they would have replied, "In the Laws of Moses, which you - as you say - confirm, there is a provision that says, "Any woman caught in adultery shall be stoned to death.

61 As I knew their purpose, I did not answer their words, bowing down and writing in the dust of the earth the sins of those who condemned them. Again they asked Me what to do with that woman, and I answered them, "He who is free from sin, cast the first stone. Then they recognized their transgressions and departed, covering their faces. No one was pure, and since they felt that I had seen through them to the bottom of their hearts, they no longer accused that woman, for they had all sinned. But the woman and with her others who had also broken the marriage, repented and sinned no more. I tell you, it is easier to convert a sinner through love than through severity. (44, 11)

Mary Magdalene

62 Mary Magdalene - the sinner, as the world called her - deserved my tenderness and my forgiveness.

63 She soon received her redemption, which does not happen to others who ask forgiveness for their sins with weak faith. While she soon found what she was looking for, others do not.

64 Magdalene was forgiven without boasting of her repentance. She had sinned as you also sin; but she had loved much.

65 He that loveth may show aberrations in his human conduct; but love is the tenderness that overflows from the heart. If you want to be forgiven as you are, turn your eyes full of love and trust in Me, and you will be acquitted of every wrongdoing.

66 That woman sinned no more; the love which overflowed her heart she dedicated to the teaching of the Master

67 She was forgiven, though she had committed errors. But in her heart the fire that purifies was burning, and because of the forgiveness the sinner received, she did not separate from Jesus for a moment; my disciples, on the other hand, left me alone in the bloodiest hours. But that Mary, who was not respected, did not separate from Me, did not deny Me, was not afraid, nor was she ashamed.

68 Therefore she was granted to shed tears at the foot of my cross and over my grave. Her Spirit soon found salvation because he loved much.

69 In her heart she too had an apostle spirit. Her conversion shines like the light of truth. She had prostrated herself at my feet to say to Me, "Lord, if You will, I will be free from sin.

70 You, on the other hand - how often do you want to convince Me of your innocence by covering up your transgressions with long prayers

71 Nay, disciples, learn from her, love your Lord truly in every one of your fellow men. Love much, and your sins will be forgiven you. You will be great if you make this truth blossom in your hearts. (212, 68 – 75)

Nicodemus and the question of reincarnation

72 At that time I told Nicodemus, who had sought Me in good disposition to speak to Me: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit. Marvel not when I tell you that one must be born again. Who understood those words?

73 I wanted to tell you with them that one human life is not enough to understand one of my teachings, and that to understand the textbook which contains this life, you need many earth lives. Therefore, the flesh has only the task of serving as a support to the Spirit as it walks over the earth. (151, 59)

The transfiguration of Jesus

74 In the "Second Age" Jesus once made a wandering, followed by some of his disciples. They had climbed a mountain, and while the Master filled those men with admiration through his words, they suddenly saw the body of their Lord transfigured, floating in space, with the Spirit of Moses on his right and Elijah on his left.

75 At that supernatural sight the disciples threw themselves to the earth, blinded by the divine light. But they immediately calmed down and suggested to their master to put the purple robe of kings over his shoulders, as well as over Moses and Elijah. Then they heard a voice coming down from infinity, which said, "This is My dear Son, in whom I am well pleased; listen to Him!

76 Great fear seized the disciples when they heard that voice, and when they looked up, they saw only the Master, who said to them, "Fear not, and tell this vision to no one until I am risen from the dead. Then they asked their master, "Why do the scribes say that Elijah must come before? And Jesus answered them, "Truly, Elijah will come first and set all things right. But I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him; rather, they did to him what they wished. Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them of John the Baptist.

77 How many times in the present time I have made invisible before your eyes the body through which I communicate myself, to then allow you to see Me in the human form in which mankind knew Jesus, and yet you have not prostrated yourselves in the face of the new transfiguration. (29,15 - 18)

- This phenomenon is also known in parapsychology as "transfiguration", when the increasing visibility of a manifesting spirit being

Lack of courage of confession

78 When I lived then among you incarnate, it often happened that at night, when everyone was resting, people came to me who secretly sought me out because they feared to be discovered They sought me out because they felt remorse, since they had shouted at me and provoked offense against me while I was speaking to the crowd. Their sense of remorse was even more insistent when they realized that my word had left a gift of peace and light in their heart, and I had exuded my healing balm in their body.

79 With their heads bowed, they appeared to Me and told Me: "Master, forgive us, we have recognized that your word contains truth. I answered them, "If you have discovered that I speak only the truth - why do you hide yourselves? Do you not go outside to receive the rays of the sun when it appears - but when did you become ashamed of it? He who loves the truth never hides it, nor denies it, nor is he ashamed of it.

80 I tell you this because I see that many are only listening to Me secretly, denying where they have gone, hiding what they have heard and sometimes denying to have been with Me What are you ashamed of then? (133,23 - 26)

Hostility against Jesus

81 When I spoke to the multitudes of men in the "second time," my word - in meaning and form - was perfectly heard by all. My gaze, penetrating into the hearts, discovered everything that each of us held within us. In some there was doubt, in others faith, in still others a fearful voice spoke to me: it was the sick, whose pain made them hope for a miracle from me. There were those who sought to hide their mockery when they heard me say that I came from the Father to bring the kingdom of heaven to men, and there were also hearts in which I discovered hatred against me and the intention to silence me or eliminate me.

82 It was the haughty ones, the Pharisees, who felt hit by my truth For although my word was so clear, so full of love, and so comforting - although it was always confirmed by powerful works, many people wanted to continue to discover the truth of my presence by judging me according to the man Jesus, by exploring my life and focusing their attention on the modesty of my garments and my absolute poverty of material goods.

83 But not content to condemn me, they also condemned my disciples, watching them closely, whether they spoke, whether they followed me on the ways or sat down to eat. How upset the Pharisees were when, on one occasion, they saw that my disciples had not washed their hands before they sat down at table: poor heads who confused the purity of the body with the purity of the Spirit! They were not aware that when they touched the holy bread in the temple, their hands were clean but their hearts were full of rot. (356,37 - 38)

84 At every turn I was investigated. All my deeds and words were judged with evil intent, mostly they were confused in the face of my works and proofs, because their minds were not able to understand what only the Spirit can comprehend.

85 When I prayed, they said, "What is he praying for, when he says that he is full of power and wisdom? What can he need or ask for?" And if I did not pray, they said, "I am not fulfilling their religious requirements.

86 When they saw Me not eating food while my disciples were eating, they judged that I was outside the laws established by God; and when they saw Me taking food to Me, they asked themselves: "why must he eat to live-he who claimed to be life? They did not understand that I had come into the world to reveal to mankind how mankind would live after a long period of purification, so that a spiritualized generation would emerge from it, above human misery, above the necessary needs of the flesh and above the passions of the physical senses. (40,11 - 13)

Farewell Announcement

87 For three years Jesus lived with his disciples. He was surrounded by large crowds who loved him deeply. There was nothing for those disciples but to listen to their Master when he preached his Divine Teaching. Following his steps, they felt neither hunger nor thirst, there were no stumbling or hindrance, all was peace and happiness in the atmosphere surrounding that group, and yet - once they were especially enraptured by the contemplation of their beloved Jesus - he said to them: "Now another time will come; I will go away from you, and you will be left behind like sheep among wolves. That hour is drawing near, and it is necessary that I should return to where I came from. You will be alone for a time and will bring the testimony of what you have seen and heard to those who hunger and thirst for love and justice. Work in my name, and afterwards I will take you to myself in the Eternal Home".

88 Those words saddened the disciples, and the closer the hour came, Jesus repeated that announcement with greater emphasis, speaking of his departure. But at the same time he comforted the hearts of those who listened to him, telling them that his Spirit would not depart and would continue to watch over the world. If they prepared themselves to bring his word to the people of that time as a message of comfort and hope, he would speak and work miracles through their mouths. (354,26 - 27)

The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

89 The crowds received me rejoicing when I entered the city of Jerusalem. From the villages and alleys they came in droves - men, women and children - to witness the entry of the Master into the city. They were those who had received the miracle and proof of the power of the Son of God - blind men who now saw, mute men who could now sing hosiannah, lame men who had left their beds and hurried to see the Master at the Passover.

90 I knew that this triumph was fleeting; I had already foretold my disciples what would happen after. This was little more than the beginning of my struggle, and today, from afar from those events, I tell you that the light of my truth continues to fight against the darkness of ignorance, sin, and deceit, so I must add that my final triumph has not yet come.

91 How can you believe that that entry into Jerusalem meant the victory of my cause, when there were only a few who had been converted, and of those many who did not recognize who I was?

92 And even if those people had all been converted to my word, did not many generations still have to follow?

93 That moment of rejoicing, that brief triumphant entry was only the symbol of the victory of light, goodness, truth, love and justice - the day that must come and to which you are all invited.

94 Know that if a single one of my children were then outside the New Jerusalem, no celebration would take place, for God could not then speak of triumph, He could not celebrate a victory if His power had not been able to save even the last of His children. (268, 17 - 21)

95 Ye are the same as they that sang the Hosiannah in the "second time", when Jesus entered Jerusalem Today, as I make Myself known to you in the Spirit, you no longer spread your cloaks in My way, it is your hearts that you offer as your dwelling to your Lord. Today your hosiannah no longer comes out of your throat, this hosiannah springs from your Spirit as a hymn of humility, love and knowledge of the Father, as a hymn of faith in this rallies which your Lord brought to you in the "Third Age".

96 Once like today you followed me when I entered Jerusalem. The great crowds of people surrounded me, captivated by my words of love. Men and women, old and children shook the city with their cheers, and even the priests and Pharisees, fearing that the people would rebel, said to Me: "Master, if you teach peace - why do you allow your followers to cause such a revolt? But I answered them, "Verily I say to you, if these would keep silence, the stones would speak. For these were moments of rejoicing, it was the climax and glorification of the Messiah among those hungry and thirsty for justice - those who had long awaited the coming of the Lord in fulfillment of the prophecies.

97 With that rejoicing and joy my people also celebrated the deliverance from Egypt. That commemoration of the Passover I wanted to make unforgettable for my people. But truly, I tell you, I was not just following a tradition of sacrificing a lamb; no, I offered myself in Jesus, the sacrificial lamb, as the way through which all my children would find salvation. (318,57 - 59)

The Last Supper

98 When Jesus celebrated that Passover meal with his disciples, as was the tradition of that people, he told them, "I reveal something new to you now: take of this wine and eat of this bread, which represent my blood and my body, and do this in memory of me.

99 After the Master's passing away, the disciples remembered the sacrifice of their Lord by taking wine and eating bread, which were symbols of Him who gave everything for the love of mankind.

100 Over the centuries, the peoples divided into denominations gave different interpretations to my words.

101 Today I want to tell you what I felt in that hour, at that supper, where every word and action of Jesus was the lesson of a book of deep wisdom and infinite love When I used bread and wine for this, it was to make you understand that they are like love, which is the food and life of the Spirit; and when I told you, "Do this in remembrance of me," the Master meant to say that you should love your neighbor with a love similar to that of Jesus and give yourselves to men as true food.

102 Any rite you make of these teachings will be unfruitful if you do not apply my teachings and examples in your lives. This is the difficult thing for you, but this is the merit. (151, 29 - 32, 34)

103 As you are now about me, so it was on that last evening in the "second time. The sun was just setting when Jesus was in that room for the last time discussing with his disciples. These were the words of a dying father to his beloved children. Mourning was in Jesus and also in the disciples, who did not yet know what awaited the one who had taught and loved them so much a few hours later. Their Lord was about to depart, but they did not yet know how. Peter wept, clutching the cup to his heart, John wet the Master's breast with his tears, Matthew and Bartholomew were beside themselves with my words. Philip and Thomas hid their heartaches while they ate. James the Younger and the Elder, Thaddaeus, Andrew and Simon were dumb with pain; yet there was much that they spoke to Me with their hearts. Judas Iscariot also carried pain in his heart, but also fear and remorse. But he could no longer return, because darkness had taken possession of him.

104 When Jesus had spoken His last words and admonitions, those disciples were overflowing with tears. But one of them was no longer there, his Spirit could not receive so much love, nor see so much light, and so he left, because that Word scorched his heart. (94, 56-58)

105 The divine longing of Jesus was that his disciples would become sowers of his saving teaching.

106 At the climax of his last address to the disciples, which was also the last conversation between the father and the children, he therefore told them in a loving tone: "I give you now a new commandment: Love one another.

107 With the light of that highest commandment he thereby kindled the greatest hope for humanity. (254, 59)