The Third Testament

1 This is a day of remembrance: on a date like today I consecrated my first voices to announce through them my new instructions and my new revelations. The Spirit of Elijah shone through Roque Rojas - to remind you of the way, which is the law of God.

1 The "Word" which was always in God speaks to you, the same that was in Christ, and which you know today through the HolySpirit; for the "Word" is word, is law, is message, is revelation, is wisdom. If you have heard the "Word" through the words of Christ and now receive it through the inspiration of the HolySpirit -...

1 If there were no ignorance in the world, if there were no blood, if there were no pain and misery, there would be no reason for my Spirit to materialize by making itself perceptible to your senses. But you need me. I know that only my love can save you in these times, and therefore I have come.

1 Here, in the face of this Word, there is no man who does not tremble in the interior and exterior of his being, that is, in the Spirit and in the flesh. As he listens to Me here, he gives his attention to life, to death, to divine justice, to eternity, to spiritual life, to good and evil.