Chapter 2 - The Dawn of the Third Age


The first rallies

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1 This is a day of remembrance: on a date like today I consecrated my first voices to announce through them my new instructions and my new revelations. The Spirit of Elijah shone through Roque Rojas - to remind you of the way, which is the law of God.

- The name of this first voice bearer is pronounced "Roke Rochas

2 The moment was solemn, the Spirit of those present trembled with fear and delight, as the heart of Israel trembled at Mount Sinai when the law was proclaimed; as the disciples trembled when they saw the transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor, when Moses and Elijah appeared spiritually on the right and on the left of the Master.

3 That September 1, 1866, was the birth of a new age, the dawn of a new day: the "Third Age" which dawned for mankind.

4 From that time on, many prophecies and many promises that God has given to mankind for thousands of years have been fulfilled incessantly. With you they have been fulfilled, you men and women who inhabit the world in this time. Which of you must have been on earth when those prophecies were spoken and those promises were made? I alone know; but the essential thing is that you know that I promised you, and that I am now fulfilling it.

5 Do you know of that "cloud" on which my disciples saw Me ascending when I last made myself known to them? For truthfully it is written that I would come back "on the cloud" and I have fulfilled it. On September 1, 1866, my Spirit came on the symbolic cloud to prepare you to receive the new teaching. Afterwards, in 1884, I began to give you my teaching.

6 I did not come as a man, but spiritually, limited in a ray of light, to let it rest on a human mind. This is the means chosen by my will to speak to you at this time, and I will give you credit for the faith you have in this Word.

7 For it is not Moses who leads you through the desert to the Promised Land, nor Christ as man, who makes you hear his word of life as a way of salvation and freedom. Now it is the human voice of these creatures that reaches your ears, and it is necessary to spiritualize to discover the Divine Essence in which I am present. Therefore I say to you that it is meritorious that you believe in this Word, for it is given through imperfect beings. (236,46 - 50)

8 In 1866 the first church of spiritualists, disciples of this work, was established. Under the light of my Spirit and taught by Elijah, those first disciples began to receive the rays of the message which you now, at its conclusion, receive in full. (255,10)

Messages and references all over the world

9 Elijah, who had to come first to prepare the way of the Lord, made himself known for the first time through the human mind in 1866. Will you not spend a little time in researching the signs and events that occurred in all fields and coincided with the time of that rallies? Again, it will be those scholars who study the stars and who were called magicians in ancient times, who will testify that the heavens have given signs which are divine calls. (63,81)

10 Do not think that at this point of the earth, where this word is heard, the only place where I place myself with my children For truly, I tell you, my rallies in various forms are universal.

11 Elijah, who made himself known among you as the forerunner of my rallies through the human mind, came not only to this land where you dwell. He went from one place on earth to another, announcing the New Era and the approach of the Kingdom of Heaven.

12 From all sides cries rose up announcing my arrival: shaken nature moved the earth, science marveled at new revelations, the spiritual world - pounced upon men, and yet mankind remained deaf to those cries, the harbingers of a new age.

- This expression refers to the inhabitants of the higher planes beyond, the light spirits of the spirit world of God

13 A flood of divine light fell down to bring men out of their darkness. But these - selfish and materialized --, far from, after perfection

of the Spirit to strive for the moral improvement of their life on earth - used that light only to create thrones and glories, comforts and pleasures for the body and - when they saw fit - also weapons to destroy the lives of their fellow men. Their eyes were blinded by the intensity of my light, and their vanity became their ruin. But I tell you that through just this light they will find the truth, discover the way and save themselves.

-- This means the opposite of "spiritualized," that is, a man's life and thinking related only to the material and physical

14 Those who were able to receive this light in their minds and accepted it as a divine message let their conscience guide their steps and serve as a guide for their work. For they had the foreboding that the Lord had come again, and that He was with men.

15 The representatives of the various sects and denominations did not want to receive Me; their heart, dignity and false greatness prevented them from accepting Me spiritually. That is why groups, fraternities and associations of those who feel the presence of the New Age, who seek solitude to pray and receive the Lord's inspirations, have formed all over the world. (37,76 - 81)

16 There are religious communities that seek to prepare for my return without knowing that I am already in the process of parting.

17 I called everyone, and in truth my call and the rumor that I am presently making myself known to men reached every corner of the earth, along with testimonies and proofs that speak of Me: renewed sinners, converted unbelievers, "dead" who rise from the dead, the incurably ill who get well, and the possessed who free themselves from their evil.

18 But I met many deaf, others vain in their earthly reputation, and still others too fearful to make my rallies known as the Spirit of truth. I received and taught all who came to me and trusted in my love. (239,17 - 19)

19 From other countries will come to this people crowds of people who will eagerly question you about the spiritual events you have witnessed in this time and also about the revelations and prophecies I have given you.

20 For in many parts of the world my messages have been received, saying that my Divine Ray has come down to a place in the West to speak to the mankind of this time.

21 When the time comes, you will see how they will come from other peoples and nations to seek you out. Then the men of the great denominations will be affected that it is not they to whom I turned. (276,45)

22 How little the world is interested in my new manifestation! How few are those who awake and expect me, and how many are those who sleep!

23 Of those who live in expectation, I can tell you that not all of them suspect the actual form of my presence in this time. For while some, under the influence of old beliefs, believe that I am returning to the world as a man, others believe that I must appear in some form visible to every human eye, and very few only guess the truth and suspect that my coming is spiritual.

24 While some ask themselves what form I will take, at what hour or on what day I will show myself on earth, and in what place I will appear, others say, without thinking of certain manifestations or times, "The Master is already among us, his light, which is his Spirit, floods us.

25 When this message reaches all hearts, it will be a moment of rejoicing for some, because in it they will find all their forebodings and faith confirmed. Others, on the other hand, will deny my message truth because they will not find it in accordance with what they believed would happen and the way it would be revealed. (279,41 - 44)

The work of Elijah as the precursor of the Lord

26 I made Elijah return in the "Third Age"- and I as Master had announced him in that "Second Age" and said, "Truly, Elijah has been among you and you have not known him. I will return to the world, but verily I say to you: Elijah will be there before me.

- see chapter 38

27 Since every word of the Master is fulfilled, Elijah came before Me in the "Third Age" to awaken the spirit beings, to let them suspect that the Hour of the HolySpirit opened its gate, to tell every Spirit to open its eyes, to prepare itself to cross the threshold of the Second Age towards the Third. So that Elijah's rallies would be more comprehensible in this "Third Age", I had him manifested through a just man: Roque Rojas.

28 Elijah enlightened this man spiritually, from the beyond, inspired him, strengthened him and guided him in all his ways from the beginning to the end.

29 But verily I say not unto you, that he chose Roque Rojas among men. I chose him and sent his Spirit prepared by my mercy. I gave him a body likewise prepared by Me, and you know that he was humble, that the Father, by his humility and virtue, did great works. He was a prophet, voice bearer, seer and leader. Of all this he left a shining example to the people.

30 He was ridiculed and mocked by his own people, as Moses was persecuted in the wilderness as did the prophet Elijah, and had to retreat to the tops of the mountains to pray and intercede for his people.

31 He was mocked and condemned like his master by priests and scribes. As his master believed, only a few followed and surrounded him. His hands exuded healing powers, performing miracles that awakened faith in some and caused confusion in others. For some, prophetic words came from his lips that were fulfilled to the letter. His mouth gave advice full of consolation for the sick hearts.

32 His Spirit was able to receive great inspirations and could fall in rapture like those of the righteous, apostles, and prophets. His Spirit could break away from this world and his body to enter the spiritual realm and humbly reach the doors of the Lord's secret treasury. By means of this elevation, the Spirit of Elijah manifested itself to the first witnesses before the ray of the Master came. (345,57 - 58)

33 Roque Rojas gathered together a group of men and women full of faith and good will, and there, in the bosom of his first meetings, Elijah revealed himself through the mind of the messenger, saying, "I am the prophet Elijah, that of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor". He gave the first teachings to his first disciples, at the same time he announced to them the age of spiritualization and prophesied to them that soon the ray of the Divine Master would come to communicate itself to his people.

34 One day, when the humble meeting place of Roque Rojas was full of followers who believed the words of this man, Elijah came down to illuminate the mind of his mouthpiece, and inspired by Me, he anointed seven of these believers who were to represent or symbolize the Seven Seals

35 Later, when the promised moment of my rallies had come, I found that of these seven chosen ones, only one was awake awaiting the arrival of the pure Spouse, and this heart was that of Damiana Oviedo, the Virgin, whose mind was the first to receive the light of the Divine Ray as a reward for her perseverance and her preparation

36 Damiana Oviedo represented the Sixth Seal -. This was one more proof that the light of the Sixth Seal is the one that illuminates this era. (1,6 - 9)

- This term, which refers to the Revelation of John, denotes the penultimate of the "seven seals", which are to be understood as symbols for seven epochs within the three ages of salvation history (for more details, see chapter 38)

37 Few could really feel the presence of the God Messenger. Once more he was the voice that cried in the desert, and once again he prepared the hearts of men for the coming of the Lord. So the sixth seal was broken, let its contents be seen, and poured out as a river of righteousness and light upon mankind. In this way many promises and prophecies were fulfilled.

38 Elijah, like Jesus and Moses, illuminated the eyes of your Spirit so that you might see the Father. Moses taught you: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus told you: "Love one another." Elijah commanded you to have more and more compassion for your neighbor, and immediately added: "and you shall see my Father in all his glory. (81,36 - 37)

39 When the darkness that envelops mankind is removed, and it becomes light in the spirit beings, they will feel the presence of a new age, because Elijah has returned to men.

40 But since they could not see him, it was necessary that his Spirit should make itself known through the human mind, and that he should show himself before the seers in that symbol of the prophet Elijah: above the clouds in his fiery chariot.

41 Elijah came at this time as a forerunner to prepare my coming. He has come as prophet to announce to you the new age with its struggles and trials, but also with the wisdom of its revelations. He comes with his light vehicle to invite you to climb it, to carry you up above the clouds and to bring you to the spiritual home, where peace reigns. Trust him as the Good Shepherd, follow him spiritually, as the people followed Moses in the "First Times. Pray that he may help you in the fulfillment of your mission, and if you wish to emulate him, do so. (31,58 - 59)

42 Elijah, a Spirit of great power, who has not been recognized by mankind, has always been my forerunner. Today he has come once more, to gather the marked - to me, as well as all men.

- Those who are marked (Spanish: marcados) or sealed (Off. Joh., chap. 14,1-5) are those chosen by Christ, who received from him the sign of the divine Trinity on their foreheads. (For more details see chapter 39, last section)

43 If ye prepare yourselves, and study my teaching, to know my will, Elijah will come to your aid, and will be your support and friend.

44 Elijah is (a) divine ray that enlightens and directs all beings and leads them to me Love him and worship him as your pioneer and advocate. (53,42 - 44)

45 The prophet Elijah, the forerunner, the harbinger of the "third age," intercedes for his flock, prays for those who do not know how to pray, and with his cloak covers the sinner's stain in the hope of his renewal. Elijah equips his flocks, his armies, to fight the darkness that has been created by ignorance, sin, fanaticism and the materialism of humanity. (67,60)

46 It is now the task of all who are already equipped and awakened to proclaim liberation to the world. Remember that Elijah, the one promised for this time, is currently preparing everything to save the nations of the earth, enslaved by materialism, from the power of Pharaoh, as Moses once did in Egypt with the tribes of Israel.

47 Tell your fellow men that Elijah has already made himself known through the human mind, that his presence has been in the Spirit, and that he will continue to light the way of all nations so that they may advance

48 Your shepherd has the task of returning all creatures to their true way, whether it be spiritual, moral, or material. This is why I tell you that the nations will be blessed who, through Elijah, will receive the call of their Lord, for they will remain united by the law of justice and love which will bring them peace as the fruit of their understanding and brotherhood. Thus united, they will be led to the battlefield where they will fight against corruption, materialism and lies.

49 In this struggle the people of this time will experience the new wonders and grasp the spiritual meaning of life - that which speaks of immortality and peace. They will stop killing each other because they realize that what they have to destroy are their ignorance, their selfishness, and the pernicious passions from which their downfalls and hardships arose, both material and spiritual. (160,34 - 36)

50 Elijah is the ray of God, with whose light he drives away your darkness and frees you from the bondage of this time, which is that of sin, which will lead your Spirit through the wilderness until it reaches the "Promised Land" in the bosom of God. (236,68)