Chapter 24 - The spiritual and the material creation


VI. The Work of God

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The Creation of Spirit Beings

1 Before there were worlds, before all creatures and matter came to life, my Divine Spirit already existed. But as an All-unity I felt an immeasurable emptiness within me, for I was like a king without subjects, like a master without disciples. For this reason, I made the plan to create similar beings for myself, to whom I would dedicate my whole life, whom I would love so deeply and intimately that when the time came, I would not hesitate to sacrifice my blood to them on the cross.

2 Do not take offence when I tell you that I loved you already before you existed. Yes, beloved children! (345, 20 - 21)

3 The Divine Spirit was full of love, although He existed alone. Nothing had yet been created, nothing existed around the Divine Being, and yet He loved and felt Himself a Father.

4 Who did He love? Whose father did He feel like? It was all beings and all creatures that would come forth from Him and whose power rested hidden in His Spirit. In that Spirit were all sciences, all forces of nature, all entities, all foundations of creation. He was eternity and time. In Him was the past, the present and the future, even before the worlds and beings came to life.

5 That divine inspiration became reality under the infinite power of divine love, and life began. (150, 76 - 79)

6 So that God could call Himself Father, He let spirits emerge from His bosom - creatures that were similar to Him in His divine qualities. This was your origin, so you rose to spiritual life. (345, 22)

7 The reason for your creation was love, the divine desire to share my power with someone; and the reason I endowed you with freedom of will was likewise love I wanted to feel loved by my children, not by law, but by a spontaneous feeling that should break free from your spirit. (31, 53)

8 Every spirit is born of a pure thought of the Godhead; therefore the spirits are a perfect work of the Creator. (236, 16)

The work of great spirits in the work of creation

9 Elijah is the Great Spirit, who is at the right hand of God, who in his humility calls himself servant of God; through his mediation as well as through other great spirits I move the spiritual universe and carry out great and high counsel Yes, my disciples, I have hosts of great spirits at my service, who rule creation. (345, 9)

God's providential thoughts

10 Listen, disciples: Before you came into life, I already existed, and in my spirit was yours hidden. But I did not want to make you heirs to my kingdom without having acquired merits, nor that you would possess what was already there without knowing who had created you; nor did I want you to go from me without direction, without goal, and without ideals.

11 Therefore I gave you conscience so that it might serve you as a guide I granted you free will so that your works would have true value before me. I gave you spirit so that it should always long to rise to the lightful and pure. I gave you the body so that you would have a feeling for the good and for the beautiful through the heart, and so that it would serve you as a touchstone, as a constant test, and also as a tool to live in the material world. (35, 48 – 49 o.)

The creation of material worlds for the spirit beings

12 When the space was first illuminated by the presence of the spirits, these - since they were still staggering and stammering like little children and had neither the development nor the strength to stay in the places of high spirituality - felt the need for a hold, for a base to feel strong; and so they were given matter and a material world, and in their new state they gained experience and knowledge. (35, 50)

13 The universe was filled with beings, and in all of them the love, power, and wisdom of the Father was manifested. Like an inexhaustible source of life, the womb of the Lord was from that moment He commanded that the atoms should unite to form beings and bodies and give them shape.

14 Spiritual life existed first; first there were the spirit beings, and only then the material nature.

15 When it was decided that many spiritual creatures had to take physical form in order to live on material worlds, everything was first arranged so that the children of the Lord would have everything ready for them.

16 He showered with blessings the way his children would have to go, flooded the universe with life and filled with beauties the way of man, in which He placed a divine spark: the conscience and the spirit, and thus created it out of love, intelligence, power, will and consciousness. But everything existing He enveloped in His power and showed him his destiny. (150, 80 - 84)

17 When the Father created the world and gave it the destiny to be a place of atonement, He already knew that His children would suffer weaknesses and transgressions on their way, that a home would be needed to take the first step towards renewal and perfection. (250, 37)

The creation of man

18 Listen: God, the Supreme Being, created you "in His image and likeness" - not in terms of the material form you have, but in terms of the abilities with which your spirit is equipped, similar to those of the Father.

19 How pleasant it was for your vanity to think of you as the image of the Creator. You think of yourselves as the most highly evolved creatures God has made. But you are in grave error when you suppose that the universe was created only for you. With what ignorance you call yourselves the crown of creation!

20 Understand that not even the earth was created only for men. On the endless stepladder of the divine creation there is an infinite number of spirit beings who develop in fulfillment of the divine law.

21 The purposes, which include all things, and which you as men, even if you would, cannot understand, are great and perfect as are all the Father's purposes. But verily, I say to you, you are neither the greatest nor the least of the Lord's creatures.

22 You were created, and in that moment your spirit took life from the Almighty, who carried within Himself as many qualities as were necessary for you to accomplish a difficult task in eternity. (17, 24 - 28)

23 Into the spirit of man, which is my masterpiece, I have put my Divine Light. I have tended him with infinite love, as a gardener tends a spoiled plant of his garden. I have placed you in this habitat where nothing is lacking for you to live, so that you may know Me and know yourselves. I have given your spirit authority to feel the life of the hereafter, and your soul senses, so that you may refresh and perfect yourselves. I have given this world to you so that you may begin to take your first steps on it and in this way of progress and perfection experience the perfection of my law, so that during your life you may recognize and love me more and more and through your merits reach me.

24 I have granted you the gift of freedom of will and endowed you with conscience. The former so that you may develop freely within the framework of my laws, and the second so that you may know how to distinguish good from evil, so that it may tell you, as a perfect judge, when you fulfill my law or violate it.

25 Conscience is light from my Divine Spirit, which never leaves you at any moment.

26 I am the way, the truth and the life, I am the peace and the happiness, the eternal promise that you shall be with Me, and also the fulfillment of all my words. (22, 7 - 10)

The memory of paradise

27 The first men - those who were ancestors of mankind, kept for a time the impression that their spirit took from the "Spiritual Valley" - an impression of beauty, of peace and bliss, which continued in them as long as the passions of the flesh and also the struggle for survival did not appear in their lives.

28 But I must tell you that the spirit of those men, although it came from a world of light, did not come from the highest homes - those to which you can only reach through merit.

29 Nevertheless, the state of innocence, peace, welfare, and health which those spirit beings maintained in their first steps was unforgettable as a time of light, the testimony of which they passed on to their children, and these to their offspring.

30 The materialized minds of men, misunderstanding the true meaning of that testimony, finally believed that the Paradise in which the first men had lived was an earthly Paradise, without realizing that it was a spiritual state of those creatures. (287, 12 - 13)

The nature of man

31 Mind and body are of different nature; your being consists of them, and above both is conscience. The first is daughter of light, the second comes from earth, is matter. Both are united in a single being and fight against each other, guided by conscience, in which you have the presence of God. This struggle has been going on constantly until today; but in the end, spirit and body will fulfill in harmony the task that my law assigns to each of them.

32 You may also imagine the spirit as if it were a plant, and the body as the earth. The spirit that is planted in matter grows, rises up, feeding on the trials and teachings it receives during its human life. (21, 40 - 41)

The unity of the Creator with creation

33 The Spirit of God is like an infinite tree, where the branches are the worlds and the leaves are the beings. Since it is one and the same plant sap that flows through the trunk to all branches and from these to the leaves - do you not believe that there is something eternal and holy that binds you all together and unites you with the Creator? (21,38)

34 My spirit, which is all-embracing, exists in everything created by me, whether in the spiritual or in the material nature. My work is present in everything and testifies to my perfection on all levels of life.

35 My divine work encompasses everything, from the greatest and most perfect beings dwelling at my right hand to the barely perceptible micro-being, plant or mineral, atom or cell, which gives form to all creatures.

36 With this, I again point out to you the perfection of all things created by me - from the material beings to the spirits, who have already attained perfection. This is my work. (302, 39)

37 Whoever deviates from the spiritual law, which is the highest law, falls under the rule of subordinate or material laws, of which men know little. But he who obeys the highest law and remains in harmony with it is above all orders, which you call the natural ones, and feels and understands more than he who has only the knowledge he has found in science or in religions.

38 This is why Jesus amazed you with the works which ye call miracles; but know the teachings which he gave you out of love. Understand that there is nothing supernatural nor contradictory in the divine that vibrates in all creation. (24, 42 - 43)