Chapter 33 - Man and wife, parents and children, marriage and family


The relationship between man and woman

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1 Even before you would come to earth, I already knew your path of life and your inclinations; and to assist you on your life's journey, I placed on your path a heart that would illuminate the path through its love for you. This heart was both that of a man and that of a woman. With this I wanted to give you a help so that you would become a staff of faith, moral strength and mercy for those who need it. (256, 55)

2 In the happiness to be a father I wanted to let you take part, and so I made you parents of men so that you should give form to such beings, which resemble you, and in which the spirit beings would incarnate, which I send you. Since there is motherly love in the divine and eternal, I wanted there to be in human life a being who embodies it, and that being is woman.

3 In the beginning, the human being was divided into two parts, thus creating the two sexes, one - man, the other - woman; in him strength, intelligence, dignity; in her tenderness, grace, beauty. The one - the seed, the other - the fertile earth. See here two beings who can only feel complete, perfect and happy when they are united. In their harmony they will form a single "flesh", a single will and a single ideal.

4 When this union is inspired by Spirit and love, it is called marriage. (38, 29 - 31)

5 Verily I say to you: I see that in this time man and woman have strayed from their ways.

6 I discover men who do not fulfil their duties; women who avoid motherhood, and others who penetrate into the realms destined for man, though you were told in olden times that man is the head of woman.

7 The woman should not feel set back because of this; for now I tell you that the woman is the heart of the man

8 Behold, therefore have I instituted and sanctified marriage. For in the union of these two beings, who are spiritually equal but physically different, there exists the perfect state. (66, 68 - 69)

9 How few are there who seek to live in the paradise of peace, light and harmony by fulfilling with love the divine laws

10 Very long is the way that men have gone, but still they prefer to eat the forbidden fruits, which only accumulate suffering and disappointments in their lives Forbidden fruits are those which are good because God created them, but which can become harmful to man if he has not prepared himself properly or uses them in excess.

11 Man and woman take the fruit of life without preparation and do not recognize their responsibility to the Creator when they give birth to new beings for the incarnation on earth. (34, 12 - 14)

12 Some ask Me: "Lord, is human love before You unacceptable and abominable, and do You approve only of spiritual love?

13 No, people. True, the Spirit is entitled to the highest and purest sensations of love, but I put a heart into the human body too, that it may love, and I gave it feelings, that through them it may love all that surrounds it.

14 Love, whose roots lie only in the physical, is inherent in the irrational beings, because they lack a conscience that illuminates their way. Besides, I tell you that good associations always produce good fruits and in them light beings will incarnate. (127,7 - 8, 10)

15 I do not demand superhuman sacrifices from you. I have neither asked the man to cease to be a man to follow Me, nor have I asked the woman to cease to be so to fulfill a spiritual task. I did not separate the husband from his companion, nor did I remove her from her husband so that she could serve Me; nor did I tell the parents to leave their children or give up their work to be able to follow Me.

16 I have made both of them understand, when I made them "workers in this vineyard," that they, to be my servants, do not cease to be men, and that they must therefore understand to give to God what is God's, and to the world what is due to it. (133, 55 - 56)

The nature and task of the man

17 To you men have I granted an inheritance, a good, a wife entrusted to you to love and care for her. And yet your companion came to me and lamented and wept before me because of your lack of understanding.

18 I have told you that you are strong, that you were created "in my image and likeness. But I have not commanded you to humiliate the woman and make her your slave out of her.

19 I have made you strong that you may represent Me in your home: strong in virtue, in endowment, and have given you the woman as a complement in your life on earth as a companion, so that you may find in mutual love the strength to face the trials and changing destinies. (6, 61)

20 Remember, men, that it was often you who brought down virtuous women in their nets, seeking in them the sensitive and weak sides. But those mirrors which were clear and which are cloudy today, you shall make them reflect again the purity and beauty of their Spirit.

21 Why do you today despise those very people whom you once led to a degenerate life? Why do you complain about the degeneration of women? Understand that if you had led her on the way of my law, which is the law of the Heart and Spirit, of respect and charity, loving her with the love that lifts up and not with the passion that diminishes, you would have no reason to weep and complain, and she would not have fallen.

22 The man seeks and expects virtues and beauty from the woman. But why do you demand that which you do not deserve?

23 I see that you still think you have great merits, though you have few. Rebuild with your works, words, and thoughts what you have destroyed, and give honor, morality, and virtue the value they have.

24 When you strive in this way, men, you help Jesus in his work of salvation, and your heart will be filled with joy when you see the homes honored by good wives and honorable mothers. Your joy will be great when you see virtue return to those who had lost it.

25 Redemption is for all. Why should not even the greatest sinner be redeemed? This is why I say to you men: work with Me to save those whom you have plunged into ruin by instilling new hope in them with the light of my teaching. Let my loving thoughts reach their minds and hearts. Take my messages to them also to the prisons and hospitals, even to the places of the mire. For there they will weep with remorse and pain because they were not strong enough when the world with its temptations drew them to ruin.

26 Every woman was once a child, every woman was once a virgin, therefore you could reach her heart with empathy.

27 I will avail myself of those men who have not defiled these virtues, and will entrust this task to them. Remember that I have said to you: "By your works you will be recognized. Allow the Spirit to speak through the earthly manifestation.

28 But to those who were not willing to respect the charms I had placed in that being, I say: Why do you say that you love if it is not love that you feel? Why do you give cause for others to fall, and nothing keeps you from it? Think: What would your heart feel if what you do with those defoliated flowers were to be done to your mother, your sister, or your beloved and therefore respected wife? Have you ever thought of the wounds you have inflicted on the parents of those who raised them with so much love?

29 Ask your heart in a real test in the light of conscience whether you can reap what you have not sown.

30 What are you preparing for your future life if you keep hurting your neighbor? How many will be your victims? What will be your end? Verily I tell you, you have made many victims in the whirlwind of your passions; some belong to your present and the others to your past.

31 I want the heart and the mouth, which were a stronghold of disloyalty and lies, to become a stronghold of truth and chaste love.

32 Illuminate the way of your neighbor through the word and your example, that you may be the saviors of fallen women. Oh if only each of you would redeem at least one of them!

33 Speak not evil of that woman, because the hurtful word which wounds one will hurt all who hear it, because from that moment on even those who hear it will become evil judges.

34 Respect the actions and secrets of others, for it is not for you to judge them. I prefer men who have fallen in sin and whom I will raise up again, to hypocrites who display purity and yet sin. I prefer a great sinner who is sincere, however, to the pretense of false virtue. If you want to adorn yourselves, let it be the festive garments of sincerity.

35 If you find a virtuous woman with high feelings and feel unworthy to come to her, though you love her, and if you humiliate and despise her as a result, and, after you have suffered and realized your transgression, turn to her for comfort, you will knock at her door in vain.

36 If all the women who have played a part in the life of every man had received from him the word and the feeling of love, respect and understanding, your world would not be at the height of the sin in which it is. (235,18 - 32)

The wife, wife and mother

37 Women, it is you who, through your prayer, maintain the little peace that exists on earth - those who, as faithful guardians of the home, ensure that it does not lack the warmth of love. In this way you unite yourselves with Mary, your Mother, to break the human arrogance. (130, 53)

38 Women, you who wet the way of this world with your tears and mark your passage through this life with blood: Rest with Me so that you may gain new strength and continue to be the refuge of love, the fire of the home, the strong foundation of the house which I have entrusted to you on earth. So that you also may continue to be the lark whose wings cover the husband and the children. I bless you.

39 I raise up the man and the woman's place at the right hand of the man. I sanctify marriage and bless the family.

40 In this time I come with the sword of love to set all things right, since they have been moved before by man. (217, 29 - 31)

41 Verily I tell you, human renewal must begin with the woman, so that her fruits, which will be the men of tomorrow, will be free from the blemishes that have brought you to degeneration

42 After that it will be up to the man to do his part in this work of restoration; for everyone who has corrupted a woman will have to restore her.

43 Today I have inspired you to save the woman who stumbled in her way; and then, when you present to Me the one you have saved, I will give her a flower, blessing and very great peace so that she will not fall again

44 When you fulfill this task in this way, those beings who have been wounded by the world will feel the love of Jesus entering into their hearts.

45 I will hear it when they say to Me in their prayers, "My Father, do not look upon my sin, only look upon my pain. Judge not my ingratitude, look only at my suffering." In that moment My consolation will descend upon that tormented heart and it will be purified with tears. If only you knew that the prayer of the sinner is felt more strongly than that of the proud man who considers himself just and pure. (235, 16 - 17, 43 - 45)

46 Of the love with which I have given you life, men show only few proofs or characteristics. Of all human emotions, that which is most similar to Divine Love is maternal love, because in it there is selflessness, self-denial, and the striving to make the child happy, even if it costs sacrifice. (242, 39)

47 To you barren women the Master says: You have greatly desired and asked that your body become a source of life, and hoped that one evening or one morning the throbbing of a tender heart might be heard within you But the days and nights have passed, and only sobs have escaped your breast, because no child has knocked at your gates.

48 How many of you who hear Me, and who have been robbed of all hope by science, will have to become fruitful to believe in My power, and many will recognize Me through this miracle. Watch and be patient. Do not forget my words! (38, 42 - 43)

The education of children and young people

49 Family fathers, avoids mistakes and bad examples I do not demand perfection from you, only love and care for your children. Prepare yourselves spiritually and physically, because in the hereafter great legions of spirit beings are waiting for the moment to become man among you.

50 I want a new mankind, increasing not only in number but also in virtue, and multiplying, so that men may see the promised city near, and their children may be able to dwell in the New Jerusalem.

51 I want the earth to be filled with men of good will, which are the fruits of love.

52 Destroy the Sodom and Gomorrah of this time, and do not let your heart be accustomed to their sins, nor do it like their inhabitants. (38, 44 -47)

53 Show your children the way with zeal, teaching them to fulfil the laws of Spirit and matter; and if they violate them, rebuke them, because you as parents represent me on earth. Then remember Jesus who, full of holy wrath, taught a lesson for all time to the merchants of Jerusalem, defending the cause of God, the immutable laws. (41, 57)

54 Today you are no longer little children and can understand the meaning of my teachings. You also know that your Spirit was not born at the same time as the body you possess, and that the origin of one is not the origin of the other. Those little children you hold in your arms carry innocence in their hearts, but in their Spirit they carry a past that is sometimes longer and more sinister than that of their own parents. How great is the responsibility of those who are to nurture those hearts, so that their Spirits may progress in their development.

55 Do not therefore look with less love upon your children. Remember that you do not know who they are or what they have done. Rather, increase your devotion and love toward them and thank your Father that he has placed his mercy in you to make you guides and counselors for your spiritual brothers and sisters for whom you are temporary parents in body and blood. (56, 31 - 32)

56 I say to the fathers of families that, just as they are concerned about the material future of their children, they should also be concerned about their spiritual future, because of the mission they have brought to the world in this regard. (81, 64)

57 Know that the Spirit, when incarnated, brings all his faculties with him, that his destiny is already written down, and that therefore he has nothing in the world to receive. He brings with him a message or a task of atonement. Sometimes he reaps a (good) seed, and other times he pays a debt. But always in this life he receives a lesson of love from his Father.

58 You who guide your children through this life, make sure that when the time of childish innocence is over, they will follow the way of my law. Awaken their feelings, reveal to them their abilities and always stimulate them for good, and indeed, I tell you, whom you bring to Me in this way, he will be overflowed with the light that radiates from that divine fire which is my love. (99, 64 - 65)

59 Spiritually you have already come a long way, and now you are amazed at the intuition and the unfolding that the new generations are revealing from their most tender childhood For they are spirit beings who have experienced much and are now coming back to advance mankind - some on the ways of the Spirit, and others on the ways of the world, according to their abilities and mission. But with all of them, people will find inner peace. These beings, of whom I speak to you, will be your children. (220, 14)

60 Do you think that a child, faced with the bad example of an earthly father who is vicious or malicious, makes a mistake if he does not follow his way of life? Or do you think that the child is obliged to follow the steps of his parents?

61 Verily, I say to you, it shall be conscience and reason that lead you on the right path. (271, 33 - 34)

62 Blessed innocence is infected by the depravity of the world, the young people follow their path in breathtaking run, and even the virgins have lost shame, chastity and modesty. All these virtues have disappeared from their hearts. They have nourished the worldly passions and only desire the pleasures that lead them to ruin.

63 I speak to you in all clarity so that you may set out and take a firm step in the development of your Spirit. (344, 48)

64 Ignite in youth the love of neighbor, give great and noble ideals, for it will be the youth who tomorrow will fight to achieve an existence in which justice, love, and the HolySpirit's holy freedom shines forth. Prepare yourselves, for the great battle of which the prophecies speak has not yet come. (139, 12)

A word to the children and virgins

65 You children all have in Me a Divine Father, and if I have given you human parents in material life, it was so that they might give life to your body and represent your Heavenly Father among you I told you, "You shall love God more than all created things," and added "You shall honor your Father and your Mother". So do not neglect your duties. If you have not gratefully acknowledged your parents' love, and you still have it in the world, bless it and acknowledge its merits. (9, 19)

66 On this day I am speaking especially to the girls who tomorrow must light up the life of a new home through their presence, who must know that the heart of the wife and that of the mother are lights that illuminate that sanctuary as the Spirit illuminates the inner temple

67 Prepare yourselves already now, so that your new life may not surprise you; prepare already now the way in which your children will go - those spirit beings who wait for the hour to approach your womb to take shape and human life to fulfill a task.

68 Be my co-workers in my plans of restoration, in my works of renewal and righteousness

69 Turn away from the many temptations that lurk around your steps in this time Pray for the sinful cities where so many women perish, where so many shrines are desecrated, and where so many lamps go out.

70 Spread by your example the seed of life, truth and light that will stop the consequences of the lack of spiritualization in mankind.

71 Virgins of this people: awaken and prepare yourselves for battle! Do not become blinded by the passions of the heart, do not let yourselves be blinded by the unreal. Develop your gifts of intuition, inspiration, sensitivity and tenderness. Become strong in the truth, and you will have equipped your best weapons to face the struggle of this life.

72 To pass on love with your blood, to assist your children with the essence of life, which is the love I speak so much to you, you must first experience it, let it permeate you and feel it deeply. This is what my teaching wants to do in your hearts. (307, 31 - 36)

Marriage and family

73 The law of marriage came down as a light that spoke through the Spirit of the patriarchs, that they might know that the union of man and woman is a covenant with the Creator. The fruit of this union is the child, in whom the blood of his parents flows together as a proof that what is united before God must not be dissolved on earth.

74 That happiness which the father and mother feel when they have given birth to a child is similar to that which the Creator experienced when He became a father, giving life to His beloved children. If I later gave you laws through Moses so that you might understand how to choose the companion and not desire the wife of your neighbor, it was because men had strayed on the paths of adultery and passions because of their freedom of will.

75 After this time, I came into the world in Jesus and increased marriage, and thus human morality and virtue, through my gracious teaching, which is always the law of love. I spoke in parables to make my word unforgettable and made marriage a sacred institution.

76 Now that I am among you anew, I ask you, men and women: What have you made of marriage? How few can answer this question satisfactorily! My sacred institution has been desecrated, from that source of life comes death and pain. On the pure white of this law sheet are the stains and marks of man and woman. The fruit that should be sweet is bitter, and the cup that men drink is full of bile.

77 Ye depart from my laws, and when ye stumble, ye ask yourselves anxiously, Why is there so much pain? Because the lusts of the flesh have always overheard the voice of conscience. Now I ask you: Why have you no peace, although I have given you everything necessary to be happy?

78 I have spread out a blue mantle in the heavens so that under it you might build your "nests of love", so that there, far from the temptations and entanglements of the world, you might live with the simplicity of the birds; for in simplicity and sincere prayer one can feel the peace of My Kingdom and the revelation of many mysteries

79 Everyone who unites in marriage before my divinity - even if his union is not confirmed by any clergyman - makes a pact with me, a contract that remains recorded in the book of God, in which all destinies are written down.

80 Who can erase these two interwoven names from there? Who can solve in the world what has been united in my law?

81 If I were to separate you, I would destroy my own work If you have asked Me to be united on earth and I have granted it to you - why do you not keep your vows afterwards and deny your oaths? Is this not a mockery of my law and my name? (38, 32 - 37, 39 - 41)

82 I have spoken to the heart of the wife, mother and spouse who could not keep purity in her heart, nor give the warmth of tenderness and understanding to her partner and children.

83 How could men and women increase their spiritualization if they had not first corrected the grave errors that exist in their human lives?

84 My work requires that his disciples be able to bear witness to this through the sincerity and truthfulness of the actions in their lives.

85 I ask both the one and the other, Do you have children? Then have mercy on them. If you could see their Spirits even for a moment, you would feel unworthy to call yourselves their parents. Do not give them bad examples, beware of raising a cry in the presence of the children.

86 I know that at this time, as never before, there are problems within marriages - problems for which those concerned find only one solution: separation, divorce.

87 If man had the necessary knowledge of spiritual knowledge, he would not make such grave mistakes, for he would find in prayer and spiritualization the inspiration to solve the most difficult entanglements and to pass the hardest tests.

88 My light reaches all hearts, even the sad and dejected, to give them new courage to live. (312, 36 - 42)

89 In the "second time" I entered the home of many married couples who had been married according to the law of Moses, and do you know how I met many of them? Struggling, destroying the seeds of peace, love and trust. I saw enmities and discord in their hearts, at their table and in their camp.

90 I also entered the home of many who, without their married life being confirmed by the law, loved and lived as the larks do in their nest, caring and protecting their little darling.

91 How many are there who live under one and the same roof and yet do not love one another, and since they do not love one another, they are not united either, but are separated spiritually! But they do not let their division be known, for fear of divine punishment or human laws or the judgment of society, and this is not marriage; with these people there is neither communion nor truthfulness.

92 Yet they demonstrate their false community, visit families and churches, go for walks, and the world does not condemn them because they know how to hide their lack of love. How many, on the other hand, who love each other have to hide, hide their real unity, and endure incomprehension and injustice.

93 Man has not evolved highly enough to see through and correctly judge the life of his neighbor. Those who hold the spiritual and worldly laws in their hands do not apply true justice to punish such cases.

94 But those times of understanding and discernment, which I announce to you, in which mankind will be perfected, will come, and then you will experience, as in the times of the patriarchs before Moses, that the union of lovers will happen as I have done on this day with my children: in a spiritual way So shall you also do in those future times: in the presence of the parents of those who will unite, friends and relatives, in the greatest spirituality, brotherhood and joy. (357, 25 - 27)