Chapter 34 - Freedom of Will and Conscience


The importance of conscience and freedom of will

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1 Hear, disciples: Man possesses as spiritual gifts freedom of will and conscience; all come into the world endowed with virtues and can make use of them. In their Spirit is the light of conscience; but at the same time as the body develops, passions, evil inclinations, develop with it, and these lie in the struggle with virtues.

2 God lets this happen in this way, because without struggle there is no merit, and this is therefore necessary for you to ascend on the spiritual path. What would be the merit of the children of God if they did not fight? What would you do if you were to live full of happiness, as you long for in the world? Can you, surrounded by comforts and riches, expect spiritual progress? You would stand still; for where there is no fight, there is no merit.

3 But do not misunderstand; for when I speak of struggle, I mean the one you develop to overcome your weaknesses and passions. These struggles are the only ones I allow men to do, so that they may master their selfishness and their material aspirations, so that the Spirit, enlightened by conscience, may take its true place.

4 I approve of this inner struggle, but not of that which men wage in the desire for self-exaltation, blinded by ambition and malice. (9, 42 - 44)

5 The Spirit struggles to achieve his ascent and progress, while "the flesh" [soul] succumbs again and again to the world's inducements. But Spirit and body [soul] could harmonize with each other if both would only make use of what is lawfully theirs, and this is what my teaching shows you.

6 How can you exercise my law at any time? By listening to the voice of conscience, which is the judge of your actions. I command you nothing that you could not do. I want to convince you that The Way to Happiness is not a fantasy, but that it exists, and I reveal to you here how to travel it.

7 You are free to choose the Way, but it is my duty as Father to show you the true one, the shortest - the one who is always illuminated by the light of the divine beacon, which is my love for you For you are disciples who thirst to hear ever new words that confirm your knowledge and enliven your faith. (148,53 - 55)

8 I have put conscience into your being, that it may be the guide in all your ways, since conscience is able to distinguish good from evil, and right from wrong. With this light you shall not be deceived nor shall you be called ignorant. How could the spiritualist deceive his neighbor or seek to deceive himself when he knows the truth? (10, 32)

9 Man on earth is a prince to whom my love and my righteousness gave this title, and the commission he received from the beginning was to rule over the earth.

10 Over the divine gift of his freedom of will I placed a shining beacon that was to illuminate his path of life: conscience.

11 Freedom to work, and the light of conscience to distinguish good from evil, are two of the greatest gifts that my Father's love bequeathed to your Spirit. They are in man even before he is born, and also after he has died. Conscience guides him and does not separate from him in despair, nor in the loss of reason, nor in the agony of death, because it is deeply united with the Spirit. (92, 32 - 34)

12 The Spirit enjoys freedom of will, by means of which he is to acquire merits to attain salvation.

13 Who guides, orients, or advises the Spirit on his free course of development, to distinguish what is permitted from what is not, and therefore not to stray? conscience.

14 Conscience is the divine spark, is a higher light and power that helps man not to sin. What merit would there be in man if conscience possessed material power to compel him to remain in the good?

15 I want you to know that the merit is to listen to that voice, to be convinced that it never lies nor errs in what it counsels, and in faithfully obeying its instructions.

16 As you can surely understand, it requires training and concentration on oneself to clearly hear that voice. Which of you are currently exercising this obedience? Answer yourselves.

17 Conscience has always manifested itself in man; but man has not attained the necessary development to let that light guide his whole life. He needs laws, teachings, regulations, religions and advice.

18 When men come to communion with their Spirit, and instead of seeking the spiritual outwardly, seek it in their inner being, they will be able to hear the gentle, persuasive, wise and just voice that has always been alive in them, without listening to it, and they will understand that in conscience is the presence of God, that it is the true mediator through which man is to commune with his Father and Creator. (287, 26 - 30)

19 All of you have my light in you, every Spirit possesses this grace; but while for some this light grew stronger and stronger, growing, reaching out to make itself known, for others it remains only in a secret, hidden, unconscious state. But verily, I tell you: however much a man may be spiritually retarded, he will always be able to distinguish between good and evil, which is why you are all responsible to me for your works.

20 I must tell you that your responsibility grows as your knowledge increases, for you will then become more and more sensitive to the instructions of conscience. (310, 69 - 70)

21 I want you to know that among all the creatures of this world you are the preferred being endowed with Spirit and conscience. I have given you the freedom of will so that you take the right way by your own will, which leads to me. It is not a flowery path which I offer you, but that of prayer, repentance and struggle, and on this path your conscience shall guide you. (58, 42)

22 What would become of the Spirit if he were deprived of his freedom of will? In the first place he would not be Spirit, and therefore he would not be a creature worthy of the Most High. He would be something like those machines that you make, something without life of its own, without intelligence, without will, without striving. (20, 37)

23 I gave man the freedom of will. But if this man in his delusion should go so far as to reproach me for it, I will tell him that I also gave him willpower and understanding. At the same time I revealed to him my law, which is the way not to stumble or get lost, and kindled in him the light of conscience, which is the inner beacon that illuminates the way of the Spirit and leads him to eternal life.

24 Why does sin exist, outweigh evil, and wars break out? Because man does not listen to the voice of conscience and makes bad use of his freedom of will. (46, 63 - 64)

25 The world does not hear me because the voice of these bodies, through which I make myself known, has only a small range. Hence it is the voice of conscience, which is my wisdom, which speaks to men and surprises many who, under the spell of their selfishness, are otherwise deaf to the calls of that voice, paying attention only to flattery and earthly prestige, and intoxicated by their social position and power. (164, 18)

The abuse of the freedom of will

26 Today I meet a humanity that is spiritually weakened as a result of the abuse it has committed with the gift of freedom of will. I designed a path of justice, love, mercy, and goodness. Man has created another of apparent light, which has led him to ruin.

27 At my return my word shows you this very way, which you would not walk, and would be unjust and unreasonable, who would say that this teaching would make you confused or impotent. (126, 5 - 6)

28 Consider men, how they destroy and hate one another, snatching power from one another, not shrinking from crime, deceit, or treachery. There are people who die by the millions as victims of their fellow men, and others who perish under the effect of vice. Is there light in them? Does the Spirit speak who lives in them? That which is there is darkness and pain, the result of the abuse of the gift of freedom of will and of not listening to the inner voice; and because men did not turn their attention to the light of that spark of God which you all carry in your being, which is the divine ray of light which you call conscience. (79, 31)

29 Freedom of will is the highest expression, the most perfect gift of the freedom granted to man in the course of his life, so that his perseverance in the good which he has obtained through the counsel of conscience and through the struggle to pass the tests will make him reach the bosom of the Father. But freedom of will has been replaced by licentiousness, conscience is overheard; one listens only to the demands of the world, and spirituality has been replaced by materialism.

30 In the face of so much confusion and so many deviations, my teaching will seem absurd to the men of this age. But I tell you that it is the right teaching to achieve that men should free themselves from the lethargy in which they have fallen. (157, 15 - 16)

31 My word is the way, is the divine law that leads you to perfection, it is the light that lifts up the Spirit, which, however, was clouded when the "flesh" [soul] with its intransigence prevailed and did not listen to the inner call of its Spirit.

32 Woe to the Spirit, then, who has given way under the impulse of the "flesh" and allowed himself to be dominated by the influence of the world surrounding him, exchanging his position of leader for that of a defenseless being, driven to and fro by human passions and weaknesses like the dry leaves when they are blown away directionlessly by the wind.

33 The man who loves freedom most is afraid to submit to the Divine Will, for fear that his Spirit will eventually subjugate him and deprive him of many human satisfactions which he knows will harm him; and so he abandons the path that leads him to true life. (97, 36)

34 The time in which men have used freedom of will to use it for pleasures, base passions, enmities, and revenge is now coming to an end My justice blocks the paths of sin and instead opens the way of reconciliation and renewal so that people may find the way of peace that they have sought in vain by other means. (91, 80)

35 I have given you the gift of freedom of will and have respected that blessed freedom granted to my children. But I also put into your being the Divine Light of Conscience, so that you, guided by it, would direct your abilities in the right direction. But I tell you: In the struggle between the Spirit and the body [soul], the Spirit has suffered a defeat, a painful fall, which has gradually taken him further and further away from the source of truth, which I am.

36 His defeat is not final, it is temporary; for he will rise from the depths of his abyss when he can no longer bear his hunger, his thirst, his nakedness and his darkness. Pain will be his salvation, and when he then hears the voice of his conscience, he will rise strong and radiant, fervent and inspired, and use his abilities anew. But no longer with that freedom to use them for good or evil, but by dedicating them solely to the fulfillment of the divine laws, which is the best worship you can offer to My Spirit. (257, 65 - 66)

The necessary following of the conscience impulses

37 How far from reality there are currently millions of beings who live only for their material presence! How could they open their eyes to reality? Only by listening to the voice of conscience - the voice that needs gathering, reflection and prayer to be heard. (169, 16)

38 Whenever you desire to know whether the way you follow is that of upward development, you shall consult conscience, and when peace is in it, and charity and good will towards your fellow men is at home in your heart, you will be sure that your light still shines, and your word consoles and heals.

39 But if you should discover that in your heart greed, evil-will, materialism and carnal lust have taken root, you may be sure that your light has become darkness, deceit. Do you want that - when the Father recalls you - instead of golden wheat, you will have a dirty harvest? (73,45)

40 Disciples: If you do not wish to commit any error or mistake, examine your actions in the light of your conscience, and if there is anything that clouds it, examine yourselves thoroughly, and you will discover the blot so that you may correct it.

41 There is a mirror within you in which you can look at yourselves and see whether you are pure or not.

42 The spiritualist is to be recognized by his deeds, which, to be pure, must be dictated by conscience. Whoever acts in this way will feel that he rightly calls himself my disciple.

43 Who could deceive me? No one. I judge you not by what you do, but by the intention with which you do it. I am in your conscience and beyond it. How can you believe that I cannot know your deeds and their motives? (180, 11 - 13)

The struggle between freedom of will and conscience

44 When the first human beings inhabited the earth, the Creator placed His Love in them and gave them a Spirit, igniting His Light in their conscience, while at the same time giving them freedom of will

45 But while some endeavored to remain steadfast in good, fighting all temptations in the intention of remaining pure, worthy of the Lord and in accordance with their conscience, others, from sin to sin and from one transgression to the next limb by limb, forged a chain of sins, guided only by the voice of the senses, dominated by their passions; and sowed error and temptation among their fellow men.

46 But besides these confused spirit beings, my prophets also came as angelic messengers of my divinity, to awaken mankind, to warn them of the dangers and to announce my coming to them. (250, 38 - 39)

47 The "flesh" [soul] was too stubborn and unruly to follow the instructions of that inner light which you call conscience, and it was much easier for it to follow the impulses which led it to the licentiousness of its instincts and passions.

48 For a long time mankind has walked the way of life on this earth in a heavy struggle between conscience, which has never been silent, and "flesh," which wants to make materialism its cult and law, without either matter [soul] or Spirit having triumphed to this day, since the struggle continues.

49 You ask me, who will win? And I tell you that it will not be long before the absolute victory of conscience, which is effected by means of the Spirit in "flesh.

50 Do you not suspect that after so much struggle and so long struggle the body, which is human and perishable, must bow to conscience, which is my eternal light?

51 Understand that after such a long struggle, man will finally attain that sensitivity and yielding that he has never before had to that voice and that spiritual life that vibrates and lives in his being.

52 All of you are moving toward this point without realizing it. But when you see the victory of good and justice one day on earth, you will understand the reason for the struggle, the battles and the trials. (317, 21 - 26)

53 See how man stands before and above all that surrounds him; that he is the only being endowed with freedom of will and conscience From this freedom of will all man's aberrations, falls and sins have their origin. But these are transitory transgressions before justice and the eternity of the Creator. For afterwards conscience will prevail over the weaknesses of the body and the seductiveness of the Spirit. With it will come the victory of light, which is knowledge over darkness, which means ignorance. There will be the victory of good, which is love, justice and harmony, over evil, which is selfishness, licentiousness, injustice. (295, 49)

54 Nothing is impossible for me; my will has come true and will always do so, even if it seems at times as if it is the will of man who rules, and not mine.

55 The way of man's freedom of will, his rule on earth, the victories of his arrogance, the coercion which he sometimes imposes by his use of force, are so fleeting in comparison with eternity that they can in a certain way change the divine plans; but tomorrow or in the course of their execution the will of my Spirit will reveal itself more and more over all beings, letting the good exist and removing the unclean. (280, 9 - 10)

56 The time will come when the limits of this world will be lifted by love, and when the worlds will come closer to each other through spiritualization.

57 Until then the struggle between conscience and freedom of will will continue, which man will use and exploit to make of his life what he pleases.

58 The struggle between these two forces will reach its climax, and victory will lean toward the side of the Spirit, who, in an absolute gift of love to his Father, will say to him, "Lord, I renounce my freedom of will, do your will in me alone.

59 I will bless him who thus comes before me and shroud him in my light; but I will let him know that I will never again deprive him of that blessed freedom with which he was endowed. For he who does the will of his Father, who is faithful and obedient, is worthy of the trust of his Lord. (213, 61 - 64)

Sharpening of conscience through the new word of God

60 My teaching full of light and love strengthens the Spirit so that he may exercise his power over the "flesh" [soul] and make it so sensitive that the inspirations of conscience become ever more easily perceptible to it.

61 Spirituality is the goal that man should strive for, since through it he will be able to become fully one with his conscience and finally distinguish good from evil.

62 For because of man's lack of spiritual upliftment, that deep and wise, unwavering and just inner voice could not be sufficiently heard and interpreted, and therefore man has not attained an unrestricted knowledge that will really allow him to distinguish good from evil.

63 But not only this, but he should find in himself the necessary strength to follow every good impulse and obey every light-filled inspiration, and at the same time reject every temptation, every unfair or bad thought or emotional impulse. (329, 56 - 57)

64 How easy it will be for men to understand one another when they become silent in themselves and hear the voice of their higher reason, the voice of that Judge whom they do not want to hear because they know that he orders them to do the complete opposite of what they are doing!

65 I can tell you moreover that if you were not willing to listen to the instructions of your conscience, you were not obedient and willing to exercise my teaching. You recognize them in theory but do not apply them in practice. You attribute divine essence to it - say that Christ was very great and that his teaching is perfect. But no one wants to be great like the Master, no one wants to come to him by truly taking him as an example. But you should know that I came not only that you might know that I am great, but also that you all might be. (287, 35 - 36)

66 I will gather all men and all nations around my new message, and will call them as the shepherd calls his sheep, and will give them the peace of a stable where they will find refuge from rough weather and storms.

67 You will yet see how many, though apparently without the slightest trace of faith or of spirituality, have preserved in the purest of their spirit the immortal principles of spiritual life; you will yet see how many of those who seem to you to have no worship of God carry within themselves an indestructible altar in the innermost part of their being.

68 Before this inner altar men will have to kneel down spiritually to weep for their transgressions, their evil works, and their insults, in sincere repentance for their disobedience. There, before the altar of conscience, human pride will collapse so that people will no longer consider themselves superior because of their races. Then will come renunciation, reparation, and finally peace, as the lawful fruit of love and humility, faith and good will. (321,9 - 11)