Chapter 39 - The earthly and spiritual Israel


The historical mission of Israel, its failure

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1 Verily, I tell you, if men had held to the law of which the conscience in their inner being admonished them, it would not have been necessary to send you leaders or prophets; nor would it have been necessary that your Lord came down to you and that I even in the "First Time" had to chisel my law into a stone, and that I had to become man and die as man on a cross in the "Second Time.

2 When I educated a people and showered them with gifts of grace, it was not so that they might rise and humble the others, but so that they might be an example of submission to the true God and an example of brotherhood among men.

3 I chose this people to be an instrument of my will on earth and a bearer of my revelations, so that they might invite all to live in my law, and so that all mankind might finally form one single people of the Lord.

4 This people has suffered much - although it was the chosen one - because it believed that the inheritance was there only for itself, that its God could not be God also for the Gentiles, because it regarded the other peoples as strangers and did not let them take part in what the Father had entrusted to them. I separated it for a time from the other peoples only for this reason, so that it should not be infected by corruption and materialism.

5 But when it shut itself off in its selfishness and thought to be great and strong, I proved to it that its power and its greatness were deceitful, and I allowed other nations to attack it and lead it into bondage Kings, Pharaohs and Caesars were its masters, although I had offered them to be its master.

6 The Father in his infinite love revealed himself anew to his people to give them freedom and remind them of his mission; and in this day and age I come to give them my teachings of love; but only my gaze can discover among mankind the Children of Israel whom I call and gather to receive the Light of the HolySpirit

7 I have revealed Myself before your Spirit, for the time when I spoke to you through nature and by means of material manifestations which you called miracles has long since passed Today you can already feel Me in your Spirit, as well as in the innermost part of your heart.

8 At this time Palestine has not witnessed my revelation; for it is not a particular place that I seek, but your Spirit. I seek the "people of Israel for the Spirit," not for the blood - the people who possess the spiritual seed which they have received through the ages through my mercy. (63, 64 – 69)

The division of the Jewish people into earthly and spiritual

9 It was necessary that the Father, after his parting (in Jesus), should take away from the hands of his people the land that had already been entrusted to his ancestors.

10 It was snatched from the hands of the one as an expiation and from the hands of the other as a reward; for that land of Canaan, that lovely Palestine of times gone by, was prepared by Me only as an image of the true land of promise for the Spirit When those possessions were taken from the people, the materialistically minded Jew was left on earth as a homeless man; but the other part - the faithful, who have always felt my presence, remained devoted to my will, without pain at having lost that legacy of times past, knowing that a new grace of the Father had been entrusted to them: the legacy of his Word, the Divine Word, his sacrifice, his blood.

11 In the present time, in which my people Israel are already living in the Third Age, I still see them divided into two groups: The one materialized, made rich by the goods of the earth as its arbitrary reparation, which makes even the foundations of the world tremble with its power, because it has put its strength, its talent, the gifts of grace, which the Father poured out on its Spirit, at the service of itself, of its ambition, of its greatness.

12 See how that people, even within the limits of their materialism, have given proofs of strength in their sciences, in their will, in their intelligence. At the bottom of their hearts they keep resentment for the former famines, enslavements, humiliations; but today they rise strong and proud to humiliate other peoples, to intimidate them with their power, to dominate them. Today, it is itself full and looks with satisfaction at the millions of hungry people and at the great masses of slaves, slaves of their gold, power, science and desire for recognition.

13 But I also see the other part of my people, that of the steadfast and faithful - of those who have always been able to feel my presence, of those who have always recognized my coming among men, of those who have believed in my revelations and who have been obedient to me in spite of everything and have fulfilled my orders.

14 That other part is not only you who have been witnesses of my rallies in this time through the mind of man; for a part of the spiritual people of Israel is scattered over the whole world, and in the place where everyone is, they receive my caring love, they feel my presence, they feed on my bread, and they expect me, not knowing from where I would come, nor in what way, but they expect me.

15 But those who know very well how I have come, how I have manifested Myself - those who are prepared for the times to come, you who are part of the 144,000 chosen by Me out of the twelve tribes of that people - one hundred and forty-four thousand, who will be like 144,000 captains before the numerous people of Israel, leading them in the Spirit Wrestling of the Third Age into the Great Battle

16 Do you think that my people will be divided for ever? Truly I say to you: No! For you the teaching, the light and the trials have come, for those my righteousness and likewise afflictions have come. I now lead them with great strides to the awakening of their Spirit, and though they will certainly deny my third coming into the world in the first moment, as they denied the second, I tell you: Not far away now is the time of their conversion. They live in their old traditions, but I see through the Spirit and the heart of the Jewish people and let you know that they cling to their traditions more for comfort and fear of spiritual revelations than for their own conviction. They shy away from the manifestations of the hereafter; but what I will propose to them is: the renunciation of all that is unnecessary, the exercise of mercy, love, and humility.

17 You will have to face them, and you will both take up your weapons: the one to the word, to the thought, to prayer and to the proofs; the other to their endowment, their power, their tradition. But I will be present in this confrontation and I will cause my righteousness to prevail, I will see to it that spirituality triumphs, that the Spirit rises above the flesh, bending and humbling it, and then the reconciliation of the tribes of Israel will come, the union of the Lord's people.

18 Once that people is equipped, verily I tell you, they will fulfil their mission until they have completed the great mission that God has given to his chosen people from the beginning of time, which is to be the first-born and the trustee of the Lord's Revelations, so that he, as the elder of the brothers and sisters, may guide the rest, share his grace with them and bring them all to the Father's right hand (332, 17 - 21)

The spiritual people of Israel

19 When I speak of my "people of Israel", the "people of the Lord", I mean those who brought a spiritual mission with them to earth - those who made my law known, who announced Me, who were faithful to Me; those who proclaimed the existence of the living God, who planted the seed of love, and who were able to recognize in the Son the presence and the Word of the Father. These are the ones who form the people of God, this is Israel, the strong, the faithful, the wise Israel. This is my legion of soldiers who are faithful to the law, to the truth.

20 Those who persecuted my prophets, who tore the heart of my messengers apart - those who turned their backs on the true God to bow down before idols - those who denied me, mocked me, and demanded my blood and life, did not belong to the chosen people, even though they called themselves Israelites because of the race; they did not belong to the people of the prophets, to the flock of the enlightened, to the faithful soldiers. For "Israel" is a spiritual name that was unlawfully used to dominate a race.

21 You should also know that everyone who has the desire to belong to my people can achieve it with his love, his mercy, his zeal and his faithfulness to the law.

22 My people have no certain countries or cities in the world; my people are not a race, but are represented in all races, among all men. This group of people here, who hear my word and receive the new revelations, is only a part of my people. Another part is scattered over the earth, and another, the greatest part, lives in the spiritual world.

23 This is my people, who know me and love me, who obey me and follow me. (159, 55 - 59)

24 Today I tell you: Where is my people? Where is the one who is wise in trials, courageous in battles, and steadfast in hardships? They are scattered throughout the world. But with my voice I will make them set out and unite them spiritually so that they may go ahead of all nations. But I tell you that today it will be formed by men of all races, who will understand in what the covenant consists, which I expect from all men.

25 This people shall be courageous and militant, but they shall have no fratricidal weapons, nor chariots of war, nor shall they sing songs of destruction. Its banner shall be peace, its sword truth, and its shield love.

26 No one will be able to discover where this people is: it is everywhere. Its enemies will try to destroy it, but will not be able to do so, because nowhere will they find it physically united, because its unity, its order and its harmony will be spiritual. (157, 48 - 50)

27 At this time the Spirit of true Israel is working everywhere. It is the spirit beings who feel my presence, who await my coming, who trust in my righteousness.

28 When these words reach other places, many will mock them; but I tell you, it would be better for them not to make them the object of their mockery, for the hour will come when they will awaken from their deep sleep and realize that they too are children of the people of God.

29 These multitudes here, who hear me today, can fall into error if they do not study my word and if they do not free themselves from their earthly-material way of thinking. They can fare like the Israelite people of the first times, who heard the voice of the Lord, received the law and had prophets, which is why they finally believed to be the only people loved by God - a grave error, from which they were to be freed by the great afflictions, the humiliation, the banishment and captivity.

30 You must know that my love could not divide you according to races or beliefs, and that when I speak of "my people" it is only because, since the earliest times, I have been preparing Spirits that I send to earth to illuminate with their light the way of mankind.

31 They have been the eternal wanderers, who have lived in different nations and have gone through many trials. In this time they have found that human laws are unjust, that human expressions of feeling are not true, and that there is peacelessness in the spirits of men. (103, 10 - 14)

32 The people of God will appear once more among mankind - not a people personified in one race, but a great number, a legion of disciples of Mine, where it is not blood, race or language that is decisive, but Spirit.

33 This people will not be limited to teaching my teaching through scriptures. For words to have life, one must live them. This people will not only be disseminators of writings and books, but also of examples and deeds.

34 Today I free you from all unnecessary, unclean and erring things, to introduce you into a simple and pure life, over which your Spirit can soar, to which he bears witness through his works.

35 When the time has come, I will present my people to mankind, and neither will the Master be ashamed of his disciples, nor will the disciples deny their Master This time will coincide with that of the war of world views, from which spiritualism will emerge like a breath of peace, like a ray of light. (292, 28 - 31)

36 My people are growing, they are increasing, not only on earth, but also in the spiritual world Among those spiritual multitudes are those who have blood ties with you, whether they were your parents, brothers and sisters, or children.

37 Do not be surprised when I tell you that my people are so numerous that the earth would not have enough room for them, and that they will be even greater. Once I have united them and not one of my children is missing any more, infinity will be given to them as their home, that sphere of light and grace that has no end.

38 Here on earth I am only preparing you, giving you the necessary instructions through my teaching so that you may know how to get closer to that life This humanity is only a part of the people of God. It is necessary that all know these enlightenments so that they may direct their lives toward the ideal of perfection.

39 This divine message, which is my word spoken through the lips of the human voice bearer, is to reach all people according to my will. My word is the bell that calls the world, its essence will stir and awaken the nations to reflect on spiritualization, on the destiny of the Spirit for this life. (100, 35 - 37)

The 144000 elected and designated

40 To spread my work in this "Third Age", I have chosen 144,000 spirit beings among the great multitudes and marked them with a kiss of divine light - not a Judas kiss, nor the seal of an alliance that puts your Spirit in danger. My characteristic is the sign that the HolySpirit places in his chosen ones so that they may fulfill a great mission in this "Third Age".

41 Whoever bears this sign is not free from danger - on the contrary, he is more tempted and more tested than the others. Remember each of the twelve chosen by Me in the "Second Time" and you will confirm what I am telling you right now. Among them there were moments of doubt, weakness, confusion, and there was even one who betrayed me by handing me over to my executioners by a kiss.

42 How should the chosen of this time not have to watch and pray so as not to succumb to temptation! But verily I say to you, yet there will be traitors among the one hundred and forty-four thousand.

43 The sign means task, commission and responsibility to God. It is no guarantee against temptation or sickness; for if it were so - what merits would my chosen ones then have? What effort would your Spirit make to be faithful to my word?

44 I speak to you in this way because there are many hearts among this people here who would like to belong to that number of the chosen ones. but I have seen that more than the desire to serve mankind by means of the gifts I grant with the Sign, it is the desire to feel secure or it is vanity that makes them ask Me to call them These my child disciples I will put to the test, and they will then convince themselves that my word is not unfounded.

45 The mark is the invisible sign by which he who carries it with love, respect, zeal and humility can fulfill his task. Then he will be able to see that the sign is a Divine grace that makes him stand above pain, that enlightens him in the great trials, that reveals deep knowledge to him and opens a path for him wherever he wants, a path on which the Spirit continues to advance.

46 The sign is like a link in the chain that connects the one who possesses it with the spiritual world; it is the means to make the thought and the word of the spiritual world manifest in your world, which is why I tell you that a marked one is a messenger of Me, that he is my messenger and my instrument

47 Great is the task and the responsibility of the marked one towards my work. But he is not alone on his way; at his side is always the guardian angel who guards him, guides him, inspires and encourages him.

48 How strong has he been who knew how to cling to his cross with love, and how hard and bitter has the way been for that chosen one who did not find himself ready to bear the divine sign of the chosen one in the "Third Age".

49 I say to all who hear Me that they are to learn to watch and pray, to bear their cross with love and to act righteously and obediently, so that this life, which for your Spirit means its most luminous reincarnation, does not become barren, and that it must later weep over lost time and unused abilities.

50 Reflect on this teaching, all of you, whether marked or not, for you all have a destiny to fulfill in my work. (306, 3 – 4 & 7 - 12)

51 Very numerous are the "tribes of Israel according to the Spirit. From each of them I will choose twelve thousand and mark them on their foreheads. But the "people of Israel" is not limited to 144,000; the chosen people are immeasurably great.

52 The Master taught you in the "Second Days" that many are called and few are chosen; but all the "people of Israel" are called, and I will mark 144,000 of them. In all of them I will put peace, spirituality and the beginning of dialogue from Spirit to Spirit. (312, 7 - 8)

53 I am the universal Father, my love comes down to all hearts. I have come to all the peoples of the earth. But if I have chosen this Mexican nation so that my word and my revelations may pour out on them in all their fullness, it is because I have found them humble, because I have discovered virtues in their inhabitants and have incarnated in them the spirit beings of the "people of Israel.

54 But not all belong to this nationality, not all are incarnated. In the whole world the spirit beings are still scattered, which belong to the number of the chosen ones. They have been marked, I have opened their eyes, made their heart sensitive, and from spirit to spirit they speak to Me. (341, 25)

55 Among mankind lives a part of the 144000 who are marked by me. These my servants are scattered throughout the world, fulfilling their task of praying for peace and working for the brotherhood of men. They do not know one another; but they fulfill their destiny - to illuminate the way of their fellow men - some intuitively, others enlightened by this revelation.

56 These who are marked by my love are partly simple men; but there are also those who are respected in the world. They can be recognized only by the spirituality of their lives, by their works, by the way they think and understand the divine revelations. They are not idolatrous, pious, nor frivolous. It seems that they do not practice any religion, and yet there is an inner worship between their Spirit and that of their Lord.

57 Those marked with the light of the HolySpirit are like lifeboats, they are watchmen, counselors and bulwarks. I have provided them with light in their Spirit, with peace, with power, with healing balm, with keys that secretly open the most reluctant doors, with "weapons" to overcome obstacles that are insurmountable for others. It is not necessary for them to have worldly titles in order for their abilities to be recognized. They know no sciences, and yet they are "physicians"; they know not the laws, and yet they are advisers; they are poor in earthly goods, and yet they can do much good in their way of life.

58 Among these multitudes here who have come to receive my word, many have come only to confirm their commission. For it was not on earth where they were given the spiritual gifts or were given the commission. Verily, I tell you, the light that every Spirit possesses is that which he has worked for on his long path of development. (111,18 - 21)

59 Mankind will become believers; my work will spread over the world. I will begin with the 144000 marked ones who will fight obediently, with love and devotion in the time of the faith and world view disputes. In the midst of this battle they will be like a link in a chain, offering to the world not a chain of bondage, but a spiritual covenant marked by freedom and brotherhood. These soldiers will not be alone, my Spiritual World will accompany and protect them. They will perform miracles on their way and thus bear witness to my truth. (137,9)