Chapter 45 - Predestination, Meaning and Fulfillment in Life


The providence and destiny of God in human destiny

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1 Now is the time of light, in which man, besides believing, will understand, reason, and feel my truth.

2 The purpose of my teaching is to convince everyone that no one came into this world without a valid reason, that this reason is Divine Love, and that the destiny of all men is to fulfill a mission of love.

3 At all times, from the beginning, people have asked themselves: Who am I? To whom do I owe my life? Why do I exist? Why have I come here and where am I going?

4 For some of their uncertainties and lack of knowledge, they have received the answer in my explanations and through their reflections on what I have revealed to you through the ages.

5 But some already believe to know everything; but I tell you, they are caught up in a great error because what is kept in the book of wisdom of God cannot possibly be discovered by men unless it is revealed to them; and there is much that is contained in this book of divine wisdom, its contents are infinite (261, 4 - 6)

6 Destiny has mercy, which God has put into it. The fate of men is full of divine goodness.

7 You often do not find this goodness because you do not know how to seek it.

8 If you pave a hard and bitter way for yourselves within the fate that I have laid out for every Spirit, I seek to soften it, but never to increase its bitterness.

9 Men need one another in the world; no one is too much, and no one is too little. All lives are necessary for the completion and harmony of their existence for one another.

10 The poor need the rich, and these need those. The wicked need the good and the good needs the former. The ignorant need the knowing, and the knowing the ignorant. The little ones need the elderly, and these in turn need the children.

11 Every one of you is put in his place in this world by the wisdom of God, and is near to the one with whom he is to be. Every man is assigned the circle in which he is to live and in which there are incarnated and disembodied spirit beings with whom he is to live together.

12 So you, each in his own way, gradually meet all those whose task it is to teach you the love that lifts you up; from others you will suffer pain, which purifies you. Some will bring you sorrow because you need it, while others will give you their love to make up for your bitterness; but all of them have a message for you, a teaching which you must understand and use.

13 Do not forget that every Spirit, whether incarnate or disembodied, who crosses your path of life in any form, helps you in your destiny.

14 How many spirits of light have I sent into the world for you, and you have not stopped to bless my love for you!

15 Many spirits I have sent to you, you did not pay attention to them without realising that they were part of your destiny; but because you did not know how to accept them, you were left empty-handed and later had to shed tears of repentance

16 Humanity, your destiny is to be in harmony with all that is created. This harmony of which I speak to you is the greatest of all laws, for in it you find perfect communion with God and his works. (11, 10 -16; 22 - 25)

17 Whoever denies his destiny rejects the honorary name "child of my divinity". If he does not believe in my existence, he cannot have faith in my love.

18 If for some this life has been exceedingly bitter and sorrowful, know that this existence is not the only one, that it is only apparently long, and that in the fate of every creature there is a mystery into which only I can enter. (54, 8 - 9)

19 The existence of a man on earth is only a moment in eternity, a breath of life, which animates man for a time and immediately departs again, only to return later and give breath to a new body. (12,4)

20 To every man is determined what is to be given to him in the course of his life. While some accept and use it in due time, others waste it, and some have not even prepared to receive it. But when they returned to the spiritual world, they became aware of all that was destined for them, and which they neither knew how to obtain nor earn. (57, 31)

21 No one is born by chance, no one is created for good. Understand me, and you will recognize that no one is free on his path of life, that there is a law that guides and governs all destinies. (110, 29)

22 Man believes to act according to his will, he believes to be free from every higher influence on him, and finally considers himself independent and the shaper of his own destiny, without suspecting that the hour will come when all will understand that it was my will that was done on them. (79, 40)

23 Earn a good reward by growing a good fruit for your fellow men. Prepare yourselves for the times to come because before my departure there will still be discord among you because temptation approaches you all. You must be watchful. Pray and put my teaching into practice. Verily, I tell you, these short periods of time that you devote to the pursuit of goodness will make its beneficial effects felt in many of the generations to come after you. No one has been able or will ever be able to determine his or her own destiny; this is mine alone. Trust in my will, and you will cover the path of life to the end without greater difficulties.

24 Take it right when I tell you that no leaf of the tree moves without my will; then you will know when it is I who test you, and when you empty your cup of suffering - to accuse me afterwards. Then you will become judges and make me the accused.

25 Know your errors and correct them. Learn to forgive the errors of your fellow men, and if you cannot correct them, at least spread a veil of indulgence over them. (64, 43 - 44)

26 Do not be fatalists who are convinced that your fate is exactly what God has placed in your life, and if you suffer, it is because it was written, and if you rejoice, it is because it was also written. I have convinced you that you will reap what you have sown.

27 But now listen carefully: on some occasions you will immediately receive the harvest, and on other occasions you will have to enter into a new existence to mow and reap your seed. Think well of what I have just told you, and you will remove many bad judgments of my righteousness and many ambiguities. (195, 53)

School of life

28 Men are like children who do not think about the consequences of their deeds, and therefore they do not understand that a stumbling block which they encounter on their way is only an obstacle which the master put up to stop their unconscious running or to spare them from making a bad decision.

29 I want you now to behave like adults, to consider your works, your deeds, to weigh your words. This is the way to bring wisdom and justice into your lives. You should also reflect that life is an immeasurable and constant test for the Spirit.

30 In my way no one perishes, and though there are occasions when man collapses under the weight of the cross, a higher power is raising him up again and encouraging him. This power comes from faith. (167, 55 - 57)

31 On the understanding that men gain from these teachings and from obedience to the laws that govern the universe, their happiness depends, on which some think that it does not exist on earth and others think that I alone have it in abundance, but which is revealed in the peace of your Spirit

32 Now you know, O beloved people, that your happiness depends on yourself, so that you may teach men that at the bottom of their being, where they think there is only bitterness, hatred and resentment, remorse and tears, there exists a light which cannot extinguish anything, which is that of the Spirit. (178, 6 - 7)

33 Your spiritual past is not known to your "flesh" [soul]. I leave it imprinted in your Spirit, so that it may be like an open book and be revealed to you through conscience and prescience. This is my righteousness, which - instead of condemning you - gives you the opportunity to make amends for your wrongdoing or to correct an error.

34 If the past were to be blotted out of your Spirit, you would have to go through the trials already passed anew; but when you hear the voice of your experience and allow yourselves to be enlightened by this light, you will see your way more clearly and see the horizon more shining. (84, 46)

The meaning and value of human life

35 Know that the natural state of man is that of goodness, of peace of mind, and of harmony with all that surrounds him. The one who remains steadfast in the exercise of these virtues during his life walks the true path that will lead him to the knowledge of God.

36 But if you stray from this path and forget the law which is to govern your actions, you will have to make up in tears for the moments you have lived far from the path of spiritual exaltation, which is the natural state in which man should always remain. (20, 20)

37 Many people have become so accustomed to the world of sin and suffering in which you live that they think that this life is the most natural, that the earth is destined to be a valley of tears, and that it will never be able to accommodate peace, harmony, and spiritual progress.

38 Those people who think in this way are caught in the sleep of ignorance. It is wrong who thinks that this world was destined by me to be a valley of tears and atonement. The Eden which I offered to men can and should return, for all that I have created is life and love.

39 Therefore he who claims that the world was determined by God as a place of human pain is mistaken. Instead, they should say that they themselves condemned it to a judgment mission, when in fact it was created for the joy and refreshment of man-made spirit beings.

40 No one was foreordained to sin, though all things were foreseen to save man from his downfall.

41 Man did not want to develop upward through love, nor did he want to become wise by fulfilling my law; and he forgot that my righteousness, which he always tried to avoid, protects him, because my righteousness springs from perfect love. (169, 10 - 13)

42 If you search my word, you will understand that the Father's purpose when He sent you into the world to go through its ways full of dangers and deceptions was not that you should go astray on them. For they were designed in advance so that you would receive on them the necessary lessons for the development of the Spirit, to give you the experience which you lacked, and finally to let you return to me full of light.

43 When your Spirit came forth from Me, it was like a spark which the winds had to transform into a flame, so that when you returned to Me, your light would become one with that of the Deity

44 I speak to you from the top of the New Mountain. there I am waiting for you, and verily I tell you: on the day of your arrival there will be a feast in this kingdom

45 You come there by the way of pain, clearing up your transgressions, a way which I did not mark out, but which man has created. This path you also let me go. But since then the way of sacrifice and pain has been glorified by my blood. (180, 64 - 65)

46 Man will finally understand that his kingdom is not of this world either, that his body or human shell is only the instrument through whose senses his Spirit perceives this world of trials and atonement. He will finally understand that this life is only a great lesson, illustrated with wonderful figures and images, so that the disciples, that is, all men, may better understand the lessons that life gives them, through which, if they are able to evaluate them properly, they will achieve the development of their Spirit and understand the meaning of the struggle that makes them strong; - the pain that drags them down, the toil that ennobles, the knowledge that enlightens, and the love that lifts.

47 If this existence were the only thing - verily, I tell you, I would have removed the pain from it long ago, for it would be unjust if you had come into this world only to drink a cup of suffering But those who suffer and weep today do so, because they formerly indulged in debauchery. But this pain will purify them and make them worthy to ascend and enjoy in the homes of the Lord in a purer form. (194, 34 - 35)

48 The trial that man's life contains is so hard that it is necessary to sweeten it by all those spiritual and physical delights which make man's burden of his cross more lovable and lighter.

49 I bless all those who, in the warmth of their homes, find the best pleasures of their existence and who strive to make a service to God out of their parental love for children, the love of children for their parents, and the love of brothers and sisters among themselves. For that unity, that harmony and that peace is like the harmony which exists between the universal father and his spiritual family.

50 In these homes shines the light of the Spirit, dwells the peace of my kingdom, and when sufferings arise, they are easier to bear, and the moments of trial are less bitter.

51 Still more meritorious are those who seek satisfaction in bringing these to others, and who enjoy the wholesome joy of their neighbors. These are apostles of joy, and they are fulfilling a great mission.

52 Verily, I tell you, if you would know how to seek moments of satisfaction and joy, and to keep hours of inner peace, you would have such in all the days of your earthly existence. But for this you must first lift up your Spirit, let your feelings and the way of thinking about life become more generous.

53 This message, which I send you through my word, is filled with light, which will illuminate your way and give your being the upward development, which will teach you to live in peace and to enjoy all that healthily, with which I have blessed your existence.

54 This humanity must still struggle hard to fight the shadows of pain and overcome its tendency to false pleasures and deceptive satisfactions. It will have to fight against its religious fanaticism, which prevents it from recognizing the truth; it will have to fight against the fatalism that makes it believe that everything is heading for final destruction from which no one can escape, and it will have to fight against its materialism, which makes it seek only transitory pleasures - sensual pleasures that plunge the Spirit into an abyss of vices, of pain, of despair and darkness.

55 I give you my light so that you may leave the shadows and finally discover on this planet, which you have turned into a valley of tears, the true delights of Spirit and heart, beside which all other pleasures are small and insignificant. (303, 28-33)