Chapter 48 - Spiritual gifts and spiritualization


Chapter 48 - Spiritual gifts and spiritualization 

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The spiritual abilities of man

1 Whenever this doubting, unbelieving and materialistic humanity encounters a divine revelation or what it calls miracles, it immediately seeks reasons or evidence to show that there is no supernatural work, nor has such a miracle occurred.

2 When a person appears who shows a spiritual ability that is unusual, he experiences mockery, doubt, or indifference to silence his voice. And when nature, as the instrument of my divinity, directs its voice of justice and its cries of alarm to men, they attribute everything to chance. But never has mankind been so insensitive, deaf and blind to everything divine, spiritual and eternal as in these times.

3 Million people call themselves Christians, but the majority of them do not know the teaching of Christ. They claim to love all the works I did as a man; but in their way of believing, thinking and looking at things, they prove that they do not know the essence of my teaching.

4 I taught you the life of the Spirit, revealing to you the abilities that are in him; for this I came into the world.

5 I healed the sick without any medicine, spoke to the spirits, freed the possessed from foreign and supernatural influences, conversed with nature, transformed Me as man into a spirit being and as a spirit being again into a human being, and each of these works always had the purpose to show you the way to the development of the Spirit. (114, 1 - 4)

6 You have true treasures within you, abilities and talents which you do not even suspect, and as a result of your ignorance you shed tears like those in need What do you know of the power of prayer and the power of thought? What do you know of the deep meaning of Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue? Nothing, you materialistic and earthly-minded humanity! (292,14)

7 I expect spiritualization from the world. With me the names by which every church or sect is distinguished have no meaning, nor the more or less great splendor of its rites and outward cult forms. This only reaches the human senses, but not my Spirit.

8 I expect spiritualization from men, for it means elevation of life, ideal of perfection, love of goodness, turning to truth, exercise of the activity of love, harmony with oneself, which is harmony with others and therefore with God. (326, 21 - 22)

9 Spiritualization does not mean piety, nor does it presuppose the practice of any rite, nor is it an external form of worship. Spiritualization means the unfolding of all man's abilities - both those belonging to his human part and those beyond the physical senses, which are the powers, qualities, abilities, and senses of the Spirit.

10 Spiritualization is the correct and good use of all the gifts that man possesses. Spiritualization is the harmony with all that surrounds you. (326, 63 - 66)

11 In those days I taught you the greatest virtue, which is Mercy; I inspired your heart and made your feelings sensitive Now I reveal to you the gifts with which your Spirit is endowed so that you may develop them and use them to do good among your neighbors.

12 The knowledge of spiritual life will allow you to do works similar to those your Master did. Remember that I have told you that when you develop your abilities, you will do real miracles. (85, 20 -21)

13 You all possess the gifts of the Spirit, which are beginning to unfold in this "Third Age" through the development that the spirit beings have attained. The intuition, the spiritual face, the revelation, the prophecy, the inspiration are clearly manifested among men, and this is the announcement of a new time, it is the light of the Book of the Seven Seals, which is opened in this time at its sixth chapter.

14 But you who know what these manifestations are for, and understand the time in which you are living - direct your spiritual gifts to the way of love. Always be prepared to offer your loving help, and you will be in harmony with my law and will serve as an example to your fellow men. Then you will be my disciples and will be recognized as such. (95,18)

15 When men once love each other and know how to forgive, when humility exists in their hearts and they have achieved that the Spirit prevails over the body [soul], neither the "flesh" [soul], nor the world, nor the passions will form that thick veil that prevents you from seeing the way behind or in front of you. On the contrary, the "flesh" spiritualized by following my teaching will be like a servant obedient to the instructions of conscience, in contrast to what it is today: an obstacle, a trap, a bandage before the eyes of the Spirit. (122, 32)

16 Intuition, which is spiritual vision, presentiment and prophecy, illuminates the mind and makes the heart beat faster for the messages and voices it receives from infinity. (136, 46)

17 Through the gift of intuition, which I gave to all men, you can discover many things that are hidden in the mystery of the hearts - many tragedies that do not only concern the earthly life of your fellow men but also their spirits.

18 How can you enter into the intimacy of those hearts without hurting them and without profaning their secrets? How to discover those hidden sufferings that overshadow the lives of your fellow men? I have already told you: intuition, that faculty which is part of the spiritual gift of the vision, and which should be fully developed in you through prayer, shows you the way to alleviate the pain of each of your fellow men. (312, 73 -74)

19 How many secrets are there still for man. He is surrounded by invisible and impalpable beings, which should already be visible and palpable for him.

20 A life full of beauties and revelations pulsates above the existence of men, but these in their blindness are not yet able to see it. (164, 56 – 57)

21 A man made ready by my teaching will be able to do superhuman works. Spirit and body will have a light, a power and a strength that will allow him to accomplish what intelligence alone cannot accomplish. (252, 4 - 5)

22 This is the time when the divine light will shine fully in my followers, who will reveal the gifts of the Spirit and prove that they need neither earthly goods nor worldly sciences to do good and perform miracles. They will heal in my name, restore the hopelessly sick, turn the water into balm and raise the dead from their camp. Their prayer will have the power to soothe the storms, calm the forces of nature and fight the epidemics and bad influences.

23 The possessed will be set free from their possessions, their persecutors and oppressors by the word, prayer, and authority of my new disciples. (160, 28 - 29)

24 Spiritualization means ennoblement of feelings, purity of life, faith, charity, neighbourly help, humility before God and deep respect for the received gifts. If you can achieve any of these virtues, you begin to penetrate with your spiritual gaze into the home of love and perfection. In the same way, when you attain spiritualization, you can say already on earth that you live in the spiritual home, even if it is only in the moments of your prayer. At the same time you will receive the light that reveals to you events that lie in the future, since for the Spirit who soars upwards the coming is no longer a secret.

25 Yes, disciples, only in human life does man not know what will happen in the future, what will come tomorrow. He does not know his destiny, does not know the way he must go, and how his end will be.

26 Man could not endure the knowledge of all the trials he has to go through in his existence. Therefore, in my merciful love for him, I have placed that veil of mystery between his present and his future, thus preventing his mind from being confused when he would know all that he still has to experience and suffer through.

27 The Spirit, on the other hand, a being endowed with power and created for eternity, has within himself the ability to know the future, the gift of knowing his destiny, and the strength to understand and accept all the trials that await him. He knows that at the end of the path, when it has been travelled in obedience to the Law, he will reach the land of promise, the Paradise of the Spirit, which is the state of exaltation, purity and perfection that he will eventually attain.

28 You cannot reach the degree of spirituality of your Master to know what your destiny holds for you, what the future will bring you; but because of your inner exaltation I will let you foresee the nearness of some event

29 You will attain this presentiment, this spiritual look into the future, this knowledge of your fate, only to the extent that your being, consisting of body [soul] and Spirit, gradually develops higher by way of spiritualization, which is faith, sincerity, love toward life, love and helpfulness for your neighbor, humility and love toward your Lord. (160, 6- 9,13 - 14)

30 Be vigilant of the Spirit, so that you may not fight those who, like yourselves, set out to accomplish missions which have been entrusted to them by my divinity - so that you may know the true prophets and the false ones, confirming the works of the one and destroying the works of the other

31 For this is the time in which all powers have risen up to fight. See how good fights against evil, light against darkness, knowledge against ignorance, peace against war. (256, 66)

Requirements and characteristics of true spirituality

32 Know that in every man dwells a Judas. Yes, disciples, for in your case the body [soul] is the Judas of the Spirit; it is the body that resists the light of spiritualization, that lies in wait for the Spirit to fall into materialism, into base passions.

33 But because your body brings you to the edge of the abyss, you shall not condemn it. No, because you need it for your progress and are to overcome it through your spiritualization, as I overcame Judas through my love. (150, 67 - 68)

34 Before you set out to teach my principles of life and to expound their contents, you must begin to follow the teaching I have revealed to you by loving your neighbor, by living a life turned toward the spiritual, and by sowing your way with love and light. If you do not do this, I tell you already now that you have not understood spiritualism. It reveals to you your true nature; through it you can form a clear idea of your Father and recognize yourselves.

35 It is true that to attain spiritualization you need a certain renunciation, effort and sacrifice. But when the longing for a higher existence has awakened in you, when love begins to shine in your being, or when the desire for the spiritual has begun, it will be a joy for you, instead of sacrifice or renunciation, to get rid of all that is useless, harmful, or bad in you. (269, 46 - 47)

36 Always be aware that you are all equal before me, that you all had the same origin and all have the same goal, even if outwardly every fate shows itself differently.

37 Never forget that you all must come to me, which means that you all - although in different ways - must render the necessary merits to reach the greatest spiritual height. Therefore never consider anyone as inferior.

38 In the spiritualist vanity must never take root. On the other hand, genuine modesty should always be his companion; then, instead of dazzling with false light, his deeds will find resonance in the hearts of his fellow men. (322, 32 - 34)

39 The good sowers of spiritualism will never distinguish themselves by anything external or material. There will be neither costumes, nor insignia, nor any special way of speaking with them. Everything about their conduct will bear witness to simplicity and humility. Nevertheless - if they distinguish themselves by something, it will be their charity and their spiritualization.

40 The true preachers of spiritualism will be noticed not by their eloquence, but by the wisdom and simplicity of their word, and above all by the truthfulness of their works and the goodness of their lives. (194, 24 - 25)

41 Spiritualization is clarity, is simplicity, is devotion to love, and is struggle to reach the perfection of the Spirit. (159, 64)

The beneficial effects of spirituality

42 Through spiritualization one attains a degree of elevation which enables man to receive ideas beyond what his mind can suspect, and to have power over the material.

43 Consider this: When the spiritual exaltation of the Spirit is realized in the study of the material creation which nature presents to you, or in any other human purpose, then can you imagine the fruits which you might reap if your discoveries were not only due to research with the mind, but if the spiritual revelation would also participate, which would give you him who created everything. (126,26 - 27)

44 When men attain spiritualization, they will be creatures superior to all that surrounds them. For up to now they were only weak beings, which were exposed to natural forces, powers and influences, which are not to be superior to man because they are not above him. (280, 29)

45 Verily, I tell you, also spiritualization will be inherited, which is why you should make an effort to impart to your children purity of heart and receptivity to the spiritual They will thank you because you have shown mercy by giving them a body free from passions, with a clear mind, a sensitive heart, and a Spirit alert to the call of his conscience. (289, 65)

46 The only purpose of my work is the spiritualization of all men, for in spiritualization they will become one and understand one another. In spiritualization they will see the names, the outward forms of their religions disappear, which have been the cause of their spiritual separateness, since each has interpreted their God in a different way.

47 As soon as they all approach spiritualization in their different ways, they will understand that the only thing they lacked was to free themselves from their materialism in order to be able to interpret spiritually what they had always understood in a material sense.

48 Spiritualization is all that I demand of men in this time; then they will see their highest ideals fulfilled within the bounds of what is permitted and their most serious conflicts resolved. (321, 22-23, 29)