Chapter 5 - Reason for the new revelation of God


The will of God to redeem

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1 If there were no ignorance in the world, if there were no blood, if there were no pain and misery, there would be no reason for my Spirit to materialize by making itself perceptible to your senses. But you need me. I know that only my love can save you in these times, and therefore I have come.

2 If I did not love you - what would it mean that you ruin yourselves, and what did your pain mean? But I am your father - a father who feels the pain of the child in himself because every child is a small part of him. That is why I give you in every word of mine and in every inspiration the light of truth, which means life for the Spirit. (178, 79 - 80)

3 Here I am among you, knocking at your heart Do you think that my peace is perfect when I see you entangled in constant enmities? This is why I came as Great Warrior to fight against darkness and evil, and with Me have likewise come the Spirits of Good, the Spirit world, to complete my work. How long will this fight last? Until all my children are saved. But I have not brought pain with Me, I only want to transform you through love. 268, 31)

4 My word will again be uncomfortable to men as in past times, but I will tell them the truth. Without exposing anyone, I called the hypocrite a hypocrite, the adulterer an adulterer, and evil the wicked man. The truth had been distorted, and it was necessary that it should shine forth again, as now, when the truth has been concealed, and therefore it must again come to light before the eyes of men. (142, 31o.)

5 Not once, but several times and in different ways I proclaimed and promised my renewed coming to my disciples. I announced to you the signs that would indicate my coming - signs in nature, events in mankind, worldwide wars, sin at its height. So that the world would not succumb to error and expect me anew as man, I let them know that Christ would come "on the cloud," that is, in the Spirit.

6 That promise was fulfilled. Here is the Master in Spirit, speaking to the world. Here is the Lord of peace and of the kingdom of light, who builds an immeasurably large ark in which men can find refuge and be saved, as in the "First Days" when Noah built the ark to save the human seed(122, 52-53).

7 The manner in which I have revealed myself in this time is different from that of the "Second Time," but my intention is the same: To save humanity, to remove it from that hurricane which it encountered on its way and which it was unable to escape.

8 Temptation is unleashed in all its power, and man has fallen like a little child and has experienced great suffering He empties his cup of suffering and calls for me in his deep confusion, and the Father has been with him.

9 The yeasts are still left in the cup, but I will help you to bear those pains which are the consequence of your disobedience Bless you who hear me, for you will be strong! But what will be with the others when that great suffering hits them? Will their Spirit collapse for lack of faith? The prayer of Israel - must give them support. (337, 38)

- This name refers to the new people of God, the "spiritual Israel", not to the inhabitants of the state of Israel or the Jewish people as a whole (for more details see chapter 39)

10 I seek you with infinite love. I have put so much grace and so many gifts into your Spirit that I am not willing to lose even one of my children. You are part of my Spirit, are something of my being - can it be wrong that I seek you with so much zeal and such love?

11 Whenever I come down to give you my word, I find "last" among the multitudes; they are those who ask Me most in their hearts But I am to their liking and always answer their questions.

12 Today those who came last ask me what is the purpose of my return, to which I answer that the purpose is to enable man to return to his original purity through himself. (287, 19 - 20)

The elimination of errors and alienated cult forms

13 The "Third Age" has fully dawned for mankind. About 2000 years have passed since I gave you my word; but that teaching, despite the time that has passed, has not yet been recognized by all mankind, because I am not loved by all my children. Yet all worship me, all seek one Divine Spirit, who is mine. But I see no unity among men; I do not see among them the same faith, the same elevation and knowledge, and therefore I come as HolySpirit to unite them in me, to perfect them with my teaching of truth, with my immutable word, with my law of love and justice. (316, 4)

14 The clouding of the mind, the lack of faith, the ignorance of truth are darkness to the Spirit, and that is why mankind today is on an erroneous path How have those men multiplied who live without knowing or wanting to know where they are going!

15 I knew that such a time would come for men, full of pain, confusion, insecurity and mistrust. I promised to rescue you from this darkness, and here I am: I am the Spirit of Truth. Why do you want me again as man? Do you not remember that I died as man and told you that I would expect you in my kingdom? With this I made you understand that the Spirit is eternal, immortal. (99, 7 - 8)

16 My word in this time reminds you of the past, reveals to you the secrets and announces to you what is to come. It will set right all that men have bent and debilitated; for I, as the keeper of the truth, come with the sword of my zeal and my righteousness to tear down all that is false, to crush hypocrisy and falsehood, to drive out again the merchants from the temple of truth.

17 Understand that you need not seek the truth in books, advice, or commandments of men to achieve your spiritual ascent.

18 All of you must be saved, I do not discover one who is already on solid ground. You are shipwrecked in the midst of a stormy night in which everyone is struggling for his own life without thinking of his neighbor because his life is in danger.

19 But verily I say to you, I am your only savior, who comes once more in search of those who are lost because they have strayed from the shipping route, which is the law. I illuminate your way so that you may come ashore to that blessed land that awaits you because in its womb it holds infinite treasures for the Spirit. (252, 37 - 40)

20 Just as the Divine Instructions were once given false interpretations, so my teaching was falsified at this time; and so it became necessary that the Master should come again to help you to free yourselves from your errors, since very few are able to free yourselves from their aberrations by themselves.

21 Although I promised you already then that I would come again; but I must also tell you this that I did so because I knew that a time would come when mankind would be very far from them in the conviction to walk in the way of my teachings; and this is the time for which I announced my return. (264,35 - 36)

22 In the second time Christ - the same one who is speaking to you at this moment - became man and dwelt on earth. But now he is with you in Spirit, fulfilling a promise he made to mankind: the promise to return in a new age to bring you the highest comfort and the light of truth, illuminating and explaining all that has been revealed to men. (91, 33)

23 Mankind is disoriented, but I have come to lead them by the light of the HolySpirit, and that they may know my word by its meaning

24 In the course of time those writings which my disciples left behind have been changed by men, and therefore there is discord among the denominations. But I will explain all my teachings to unite mankind in one light and one will. (361, 28 - 29)

25 Today a new stage is dawning for the world, in which man will strive for greater freedom of thought, in which he will fight to break the chains of bondage that his Spirit has carried with him. It is the time in which you will see the peoples in their desire for spiritual food and true light crossing the barriers of fanaticism, and I tell you that no one who experiences even for a moment the happiness of feeling free to think, to research and to act will ever again voluntarily return to his prison. For now his eyes have seen the light, and his Spirit was enraptured in the face of Divine Revelations. (287, 51)

26 I knew that from generation to generation people would mystify my teaching more and more, change my law and falsify the truth. I knew that people would forget my promise to return, and that they would no longer consider each other as brothers, killing each other with the cruelest, most cowardly and inhuman weapons.

27 But now the time and the promised day has come, and here I am. Do not condemn the way I have chosen to make myself known to you; for it is not the world that has to judge me, but I it is I who judge mankind, because now is the time of their judgment.

28 I establish a kingdom in the heart of men - not an earthly kingdom, as many expect, but a spiritual one - whose power springs from love and justice and not from the powers of the world.

29 I see that some are amazed to hear Me speak in this way; but I ask you Why do you always want to imagine Me dressed in silk, gold, and precious stones? Why do you at all times want my kingdom to be of this world, while I revealed the opposite to you? (279,61 - 64)

30 I have already foretold you that the battle will be fierce, because everyone considers his religion perfect and his way of practicing it blameless. But I tell you that if it were so, I would have had no reason to come and speak to you at this time.

31 I give you a profoundly spiritual teaching through inspiration because I see that paganism reigns in your cult forms and that the bad seed of fanaticism has poisoned you with ignorance and hatred.

32 My sword of light is in my right hand, I am the warrior and king who destroys all insubordination, all existing evil and all wrong When my struggle is over and the hearts have learned to unite to pray and live, the gaze of your Spirit will discover me in the infinite light and in eternal peace. "this is my kingdom," I will tell you, "and I am your King, for that is what I am for, and that is why I created you: to reign. (279, 72 - 74)

Education about real life

33 All men know that I am the Father of all created things, and that the destiny of beings is in me. Yet I have received from them neither their attention nor their respect. They likewise create, are also masters, and believe to have power over the fate of their neighbors - so why should they bow to me?

34 In this way man has tested my patience and challenged my righteousness. I have given him time to find the truth, but he has not wanted to accept anything from me. I came as a father and was not loved; then I came as a master and was not understood; but since it is necessary to save mankind, I now come as a judge. I know that man will rebel against my righteousness, because he will not understand me even as a judge and will say that God has taken vengeance.

35 I wish everyone would understand that God cannot have feelings of vengeance because His love is perfect. Neither can he send the pain; it is you yourselves who attract him through your sins. My divine justice is above your suffering and even your death. The pain, the obstacles, the failures are the trials that man constantly imposes on himself, and the fruits of his seed are what he reaps little by little. It is enough for me to let my light reach your Spirit in each of these crises of life, so that he may achieve his salvation. (90,5 - 7)

36 It is the Spirit of truth who comes down to unravel mysteries and reveal to you the knowledge necessary to give you the joy of true life. He is the Divine Consolation that pours out on your sufferings to give you a testimony that the Divine Judgement is not punishment nor revenge, but a Judgement of Love to bring you to light, peace and happiness. (107, 24)

37 Know that he who understands and recognizes something of that which is reserved for those who soar up, can no longer tear his Spirit away from that light which has been revealed to him. Whether he enters unknown worlds or returns to earth time and again: what he once received as a divine spark of light will always emerge from the purest of his being as a presentiment, as a divine inspiration. At times it will come to life like a sweet awakening or like a heavenly song, which will flood the heart with bliss, like a longing to return to the spiritual home. This is what my teaching means for the spirit beings who return to this life. Spirit seems to forget its past, but in truth it does not lose the knowledge of my teaching.

38 To those who doubt that it is the Divine Word that speaks to them at this moment and in this form, I say that if they do not want to give Me that name, if they do not want to ascribe that word to the Divine Master, they should get to the bottom of the meaning of this teaching; and if, in reflecting on what they have heard, they come to the conclusion that it contains light and truth for mankind, they should use it as a yardstick for their steps on earth and thus transform their lives.

39 I know that I give you the true wisdom; what men believe does not change the least of my truth. But it is necessary that man has the certainty of what he believes, what he knows, and what he loves. It is only for this reason that I sometimes place myself on the level of mankind in my rallies, so that they may reach such a level that they recognize me. (143, 54 - 56)

40 The conception men have of me is very limited, their knowledge about the spiritual very small, their faith very small.

41 The religions are slumbering in a centuries-long dream without making a step forward, and when they awaken, they are vibrant only in their inner being and do not dare to break the circle they have created for themselves through their traditions.

42 It will be the lowly, the poor, the simple and ignorant who, in their desire for light, for a pure spiritual environment, for truth and progress, will leave that circle. It is they who will sound the bell and the wake-up call when they feel the time of my new revelations in the age of spiritualization coming.

43 People want to discover the mystery of spiritual life - that existence into which they must irrevocably enter and which they are interested in knowing precisely for this reason.

44 Men ask, beg, ask for light out of mercy because they feel the need to prepare; but in response to all this they are told that spiritual life is a mystery and that the desire to lift the veil that covers it is an insolence and a blasphemy.

45 Verily, I tell you, those who thirst for truth and for light will not find in the world the spring whose water quenches their thirst I will be the one who sends down from heaven that water of wisdom which the spirit beings desire to drink. I will pour out my fountain of truth on every Spirit and every mind, so that the "mysteries" will be destroyed. For I tell you once more that it is not I who shrouds himself in secrets for men, but you who create them.

46 Though there will always be something in your Father that you will never know, considering that God is infinite, and that you are only particles But that you are not to know who you are in eternity, that you are to be an impenetrable secret for yourselves, and that you have to wait until you enter spiritual life to get to know it - this is not prescribed by me.

47 It is true that in past times no such words were spoken to you in this way and also no far-reaching request was made to you to penetrate into the light of spiritual knowledge; but only because mankind in the past did not feel the urgent need to know, which it feels today, nor was it spiritually and intellectually enabled to understand. Though it always searched and poked about, it did so more out of curiosity than out of a real desire for light.

48 For men to find the way that leads them to that Light, and for them to be able to receive that water of the fountain of life and wisdom, they must first give up all outward worship and eliminate from their hearts all fanaticism. When they then begin to feel in their hearts the presence of the living and almighty God, they will feel a new and unknown devotion rise from the innermost part of their being, full of sensitivity and sincerity, full of exaltation and cordiality, which will be the true prayer, revealed through the Spirit.

49 This will be the beginning of his ascent to the light, the first step on the way to spiritualization. If the Spirit can reveal true prayer to man, he will also be able to reveal to him all the abilities he possesses, as well as the way to unfold them and lead them on the way of love. (315, 66 - 75)

50 You can find in My rallies the same teachings as those of the "Second Age"; but in this era I have revealed to you by the light of My HolySpirit the unfathomable, and in dialogue from Spirit to Spirit I will continue to reveal to you new and very great teachings All the contents of the Sixth Seal I will make known to you in this epoch of revelation, which will prepare you for the time when I will break the Seventh Seal. Thus you will recognize the "unfathomable" more and more; thus you will discover that the spiritual world is the home of all spirit beings, the infinite and wonderful Father's house, which awaits you in the high beyond, where you will receive the reward for the works which you have done with love and mercy on your fellow man. (316, 16)

The development, spiritualization and redemption of man

51 I do not give you My teaching only as a moral rein to your material nature; rather can you ascend with it the greater heights of your spiritual attainment.

52 I do not establish a new religion among you; this teaching does not deny the existing religions when they are founded on My truth. This is a message of Divine Love for all, a call to all social institutions. Whoever understands the Divine purpose and fulfills My commandments will feel led to progress and to the higher development of his Spirit.

53 As long as man does not understand the spiritualization that he must have in his life, peace will not become a reality in the world. On the other hand, he who fulfills my law of love will fear neither death nor the judgment that awaits his Spirit. (23, 12 - 13o.)

54 With these revelations I do not only want to bring you the peace of the world and ease your suffering through physical relief. With this rallies I give you the great teachings that speak to you of your spiritual development. For if I had only wanted to bring you the goods of the world - verily, I tell you, for this it would have been enough to commission the scientists whom I enlighten by intuition, and to whom I would have revealed the secrets of nature, so that they might take the healing balm from it to heal you from your physical sufferings.

55 My Work wants to show you further horizons beyond your planet, with that infinite number of worlds that surround you - horizons that have no end, that show you the way to eternity that belongs to you (311,13 - 14)

56 My spiritual teaching has various purposes or tasks: one is to comfort the Spirit in his banishment and make her understand that the God who created her awaits her eternally in his kingdom of peace. Another is to let her know how many gifts and abilities she can have at her disposal to achieve her salvation and her elevation or perfection.

57 This word brings the message of spiritualization, which opens men's eyes so that they may see face to face with reality, which they think they will find only in what they see, in what they touch, or in what they prove with their human science, without realizing that in doing so they call the transitory "reality" and misjudge and deny the eternal, where the true reality exists.

58 Let this message go from nation to nation, from house to house, leaving their seeds of light, comfort and peace, so that men may pause for a few moments and give their Spirit a rest, which is indispensable for him to reflect and remember that every moment may be that of his return to the spiritual world, and that from his works and his seed in the world depends the fruit he will reap upon his arrival in the spiritual life. (322, 44 - 46).