Chapter 52 - Injustice and Decline of Humanity


Chapter 52 - Injustice and Decline of Humanity 

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The subjugation and exploitation of the weak by the strong

1 When men would realize that the earth was created for all, and when they would understand to share the material and spiritual treasures with which their existence is littered in a just way with their fellow human beings - indeed, I tell you, already here on this earth you would begin to feel the peace of the spiritual kingdom. (12, 71)

2 Do you not believe that the division of mankind into peoples and races is something primitive? Do you not think that if progress in your civilization, of which you are so proud, were true, the law of violence and wickedness would no longer prevail, but that all the actions of your life would be governed by the law of conscience? - And you, people, do not exclude yourself from this judgment, for among you too I discover struggles and divisions. (24, 73)

- the mexican listeners

3 Have in mind the example of Israel, of which the history books tell us, when it had to wander through the desert for a long time. It fought to escape the captivity and idolatry of Egypt, but also to reach a land of peace and freedom.

4 Today all this mankind is like that people in the captivity of Pharaoh. Creeds, doctrines and laws are imposed on the people. Most of the nations are slaves of others who are stronger. Hard struggle for survival and forced labor under the lashes of hunger and humiliation are the bitter bread that a large part of humanity eats today.

5 All this causes more and more that a longing for liberation, for peace, for a better life arises in the hearts of men. (115, 41 - 43)

6 This world, which should be the home of one family, which includes all mankind, is the apple of discord and the cause of senseless striving for power, of betrayal and war. This life, which should be used for study, for spiritual contemplation, and for the effort to attain eternal life by using the trials and lessons for the benefit of the Spirit, is misunderstood by man, so that he lets his heart be poisoned by resentment, bitterness, materialism, and dissatisfaction. (116, 53)

7 You poor peoples of the earth - some enslaved, some oppressed, and the rest exploited by their own leaders and representatives!

8 Your heart no longer loves those who rule you on earth, because your trust has been betrayed. You no longer have confidence in the justice or magnanimity of your judges; you no longer believe in promises, words, or smiling faces. You have experienced that hypocrisy has taken over the hearts and has established on earth its kingdom of lies, falsehood and deceit.

9 Poor nations, you who carry on your shoulders the toil like an unbearable burden - that toil which is no longer that blessed law by which man received everything necessary for his livelihood, but which has turned into a desperate and fearful struggle for survival. And what do people get in return for sacrificing their strength and their lives? A no-nonsense piece of bread, a chalice full of bitterness.

10 Verily, I tell you, this is not the sustenance which I put into the earth for your pleasure and preservation; this is the bread of discord, vanity, inhuman feelings - in short, the proof of the lack or absence of spiritual maturity among those who determine your human life.

11 I see that you are snatching bread from one another, that those who strive for power cannot endure, that the others possess something because they want everything for themselves; that the strong take the bread of the weak, and they must be content to see the powerful eating and enjoying it.

12 Now I ask you: What is the moral progress of this humanity? Where is the development of its noblest feelings?

13 Verily, I tell you, in the epoch when man lived in caves and covered himself with skins, he likewise snatched food from each other's mouths, the strongest also took the largest part, the toil of the weak was also in favor of those who subjugated them by force, men, tribes and peoples likewise killed each other

14 What then is the difference between the humanity of today and the humanity of those days?

15 Yes, I already know that you will tell Me that you have made many advances-I know that you will refer Me to your civilization and your science But then I will tell you that all this is only the mask of hypocrisy behind which you hide your true feelings and your still primitive instincts, because you have not made the slightest effort to develop your Spirit, to fulfill My Law.

16 I do not tell you not to do scientific research - no, on the contrary: seek, research, grow and increase in knowledge and intelligence in material life, but be merciful to one another, respect the sacred rights of your neighbors, understand that there is no law that empowers man to dispose of the life of his fellow men - in short, men, do something, to apply my supreme commandment of "love one another" to your life, so that you may escape the moral and spiritual stagnation in which you have fallen, and so that when the veil of lies that covered your face falls away, your light penetrates, sincerity shines and truthfulness enters your life. Then you can rightly say that you have made progress.

17 Become spiritually strong in following my teachings, so that your words may always be confirmed in the future by real works of mercy, wisdom, and brotherhood. (325, 10 - 20)

18 I am sending you My Peace; but verily I say to you: as long as there are men who possess all necessities and forget those who die of hunger, there will be no peace on earth

19 Peace is not founded in human glories, nor in riches. It is based on good will, on mutual love, on serving and respecting one another. Oh, if only the world could understand these instructions! Enemies would disappear, and love would blossom in the human heart. (165, 71 - 72)

The depravity of humanity

20 Humanity is shipwrecked in the midst of a storm of sins and vices. Not only man, when he grows up, taints his Spirit by allowing his passions to develop; the child in childhood also experiences the capsizing of the boat in which he is sailing.

21 My Word full of revelations rises up in the midst of this humanity like a huge lighthouse, indicating the true route to the shipwrecked and reviving hope in those who were close to losing faith. (62, 44)

22 At the same time as the increase of mankind, their sin also increased. There is no shortage of cities in the world, such as Sodom and Gomorrah, whose wrath echoes all over the earth and poisons hearts. Not even traces of those sinful cities remained; yet their inhabitants were not hypocrites, for they sinned in broad daylight.

23 But this mankind of today, who hides in darkness to be able to indulge their passions, and who thereafter feigns righteousness and purity, will have a more severe judgment than Sodom.

24 It is the fatal heritage of all past generations, whose addictions, vices, and diseases are bearing fruit in this time. It is the tree of evil that has grown in the hearts of men - a tree that has been made fruitful through sin, and whose fruits continue to tempt woman and man, bringing new hearts to fall from day to day.

25 Under the shadow of this tree lie men and women without the power to free themselves from its influence. Destroyed virtues, stained human dignity and many mutilated lives are left there.

26 Not only the adults are attracted by the pleasures of the world and of the flesh and run after them; the young people and even the children, too, to all of them has come the poison which has accumulated in the course of time; and those who were able to escape the evil influence of evil - what do they do for those who have gone astray? They judge them, condemn them, and rebel against their actions. Few are those who pray for those who stray from the path, and still fewer are those who devote a portion of their lives to fighting evil.

27 Verily I say to you, my kingdom will not be established among men while the tree of evil still has life. This power must be destroyed; for this it is necessary to possess the sword of love and righteousness - the only one that sin cannot resist. Understand that not judgments or punishments, but love, forgiveness and mercy, the essence of my teaching, will be the light that illuminates your paths, and the teaching that brings salvation to mankind. (108, 10 - 14)

28 Your materialism has turned Eden, which I entrusted to man, into hell.

29 False is the life that men lead; false are their pleasures, their power, and their wealth; false are their scholarship and science.

30 Rich and poor, you are all concerned with money, the possession of which is deceitful. You worry about pain and sickness and are frightened at the thought of death. Some are afraid of losing what they have, and others long to get what they never possessed. Some have everything in abundance, while others lack everything. But all these efforts, passions, needs, and ambitions concern only material life, the hunger of the body, lower passions, human desires, as if man really had no Spirit.

31 The world and matter have temporarily conquered the Spirit, gradually bringing him back into bondage, and finally destroying his mission in human life. Why do you not gradually realize for yourselves that the hunger, misery, pain, and fear that oppress your life are nothing more than the faithful reflection of the misery and pain of your Spirit? (272, 29 - 32)

32 The world needs my word, the peoples and nations need my love teachings. The ruler, the scientist, the judge, the pastor, the teacher - they all need the light of my truth, and that is why I have come in this time to enlighten man in his Spirit, his heart and his mind. (274, 14)

33 Your planet is still not a place of love, virtue, nor peace. I send pure spirit beings to your world, and you return them to me unclean, because the life of men is permeated by sin and corruption.

34 I see the virtues as small, isolated lights among the spirit beings, which are whipped by the storms of egoism, revenge - and hatred. This is the fruit that mankind offers me. (318, 33 - 34)

The upside-down world of an immature humanity

35 You have rulers in whose hearts there is not the justice and generosity to rule their people, because they are after the miserable goal of power and wealth - people who claim to be my representatives and who do not even know love for their neighbor - doctors who do not know the essence of their mission, which is mercy - and judges who confuse justice with vengeance and misuse the law for corrupt purposes.

36 No one who goes crooked ways and turns his gaze away from that light which he has in him as a beacon of conscience has any idea of the judgment which he is preparing for himself.

37 There are also those who have usurped tasks which are not theirs, and who, by their errors, give evidence that they absolutely lack the necessary abilities to carry out the task which they have undertaken of their own accord.

38 In the same way, you may find servants of God who are not, because they were not sent for this purpose - men who lead nations and who are not even able to direct their own steps - teachers who lack the gift of teaching and who, instead of spreading light, confuse the mind - doctors in whose hearts there is no feeling of compassion in the face of the pain of others, and who do not know that he who truly possesses this gift is an apostle of Christ.

39 All my basic principles have been defiled by men, but now the hour has come in which all their works will be judged. This is my judgment, since it is mine to execute. Therefore I say to you Watch and fulfill my commandments of love and forgiveness. (105, 16 - 19)

40 Look at this world - proud, challenging, and conceited of all the works of man, with which they astonish the generations of this century. In their majority they do not believe in the spiritual, nor do they love it. Therefore they neither pray nor obey my law. Nevertheless, they are satisfied and proud to be able to present a world filled with miracles, which they have created with the help of their science.

41 But this astonishing world of men, which they have built during centuries of science, of fights, wars, and tears, they will still destroy with their own hands and weapons. The time is already approaching when mankind will become aware of the untenability and fragility of their works, which lacked love, justice and a genuine desire for perfection.

42 Soon you will learn that without God you are nothing, that you can receive only from Me the power, life and intelligence to create a harmonious existence between the Spirit and the physical part of man. (282, 9 - 11)

43 Men speak of times past, of antiquity, of long centuries and endless ages, but I still see you small I see that you have matured very little spiritually. In my eyes your world is still in its childhood, even though it seems to you that you have reached maturity.

44 No, mankind, as long as it is not the Spirit who gives those proofs of maturity, upward development, perfection and progress in the various fields of your life, you will inevitably present to me human works which are only apparently great, but which are without moral content and not lasting because of the lack of love. (325, 62 - 63)

45 Now is a time decisive for the spirit beings, truly a time of struggle. Everything is strife and fight. This war takes place in the heart of every man, in the bosom of families, in the interior of all institutions, in all peoples, in all races.

46 Not only on the earthly plan, but also in the spiritual valley there is fighting. It is the Great Battle, which was seen in symbolic form by the prophets of other times, and which is also seen in the visions of the prophets or seers of that time.

47 But this battle, which is being fought and which shakes everything, is not understood by mankind, although it is part of and witness to this very battle.

48 The course of mankind today is accelerated - but where is it going? Where does man go in such haste? Does he find his happiness on this dizzying path, does he achieve the longed-for peace, the glorious life that every heart selfishly desires?

49 I tell you that what man actually achieves by his haste is total exhaustion. The Spirit and the heart of man are going toward life weariness and weariness, and this abyss was created by man himself.

50 Into this abyss he will fall, and in this total exhaustion, in this chaos of hatred, of pleasures, of unsatisfied lust for power, of sin and adultery, of desecration of spiritual and human laws, his Spirit will suffer an apparent "death," his heart a temporary "death.

51 But I will cause man to rise from this "death" to life. I will see to it that he experiences his resurrection and fights in that new life for the rebirth of all ideals, for the revival of all principles and all virtues, which are the characteristics and heredity of the Spirit, which is their origin. For from me the Spirit came forth, from me he took life, from my perfection he drank, from my grace he was sated. (360,6-8)