Chapter 54 - Battle of Worldviews, Religions and Churches


Chapter 54 - Battle of Worldviews, Religions and Churches

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Spiritual struggles before the Kingdom of Peace of Christ on earth

1 Just as I announced my return to you in the "Second Time", so I now announce to you the "war" of creeds, worldviews and religions as a pioneering omen of the establishment of my kingdom of spiritualization among men.

2 My word will destroy like a sword of flame the fanaticism that has embraced men for centuries, will tear apart the veil of their ignorance and show the bright, radiant way that leads to Me. (209, 10 - 11)

3 For the peace of my kingdom to be established among men, the "war" of doctrines of faith, religions and ideologies must first be fought out - a conflict in which some set my name and truth against the false idols of others, and in which one teaching fights the other.

4 This will be the new battle, the spiritual battle, in which the false gods will fall from their pedestals, and every lie that you have thought true will be exposed forever. Then you will experience how out of that chaos of confusion and darkness the truth will rise radiantly. (121, 40)

5 Spiritualism provokes a worldwide battle among world views, creeds and religious cults. But after this battle, this teaching will bring blessed peace to men, which they so badly need; and will cause the sun of my divine justice to shine upon all spirit beings. (141, 11)

6 I prepare you and warn you about the time of confusion of world views, so that you may be free from the inner struggle of the Spirit and the torture of thoughts.

7 For all the worldviews, doctrines, theologies, philosophies, and creeds of mankind will be shaken, symbolizing a storm, a true storm of the Spirit, on whose turbulent waves you are to sail according to my will and remain on top until the storm and darkness are over.

8 I give you no better recipe to get through this ordeal safely than prayer and observance of my word, whereby your faith will be continually strengthened.

9 That battle of world views, that clash of beliefs and ideologies, that battle is absolutely necessary so that all infirmities and errors that have accumulated at the bottom of every cult and institution may come to the surface.

10 Only after this "storm" will a moral and spiritual cleansing of men be able to begin; for they will see the truth come to light, will recognize it, feel it in themselves, and will no longer be able to feed on imaginations and pretences.

11 Just as every man voluntarily and entirely for himself makes use of the vital effect of the sun on his body, because he recognizes that material life is based on its light, warmth, and influence, so will they use from the light of truth all that they need for the preservation, strengthening, and enlightenment of their spirit.

12 Then a power never before felt by man will become effective, because his life will become more and more conformed to the true principles of life, the norms established by my law. (323, 19 - 22)

The struggle for spiritual dominance on earth

13 There is the struggle of world views and doctrines of faith in this time. Every man wants to be in the right. But who is right in this struggle of egoisms and self-interest? Who is the owner of truth?

14 If those who believe of themselves to be on the perfect way and to possess the truth are proud of it - verily, I say to you, they do not yet know the way; for on it one must be humble, and it is enough that they do not recognize the truth contained in the faith of others to be no longer humble. But I told you already in the "Second Time": "Blessed are the gentle and humble of heart.

15 The man who condemns the faith and conviction of his fellow men distances himself from salvation, for in his pride and recklessness he seeks to be like his God. (199, 4 - 6)

16 You ask me what I want to achieve when I reveal myself spiritually to mankind of this time? To this I answer you: What I am striving for is your awakening to the light, your spiritualization and your unification, since you were divided at all times. For while some have sought the treasures of the Spirit, others have devoted themselves to the love of the riches of the world - spiritualism and materialism in constant struggle; spiritualists and materialists who could never understand each other.

17 Remember: When Israel, in expectation of the Messiah, saw him, it split into believers and deniers of my truth. The explanation for this is simple: believers were those who expected me with the Spirit, and deniers were those who expected me with the senses of the "flesh.

18 These two forces will have to confront each other again until truth comes to light from this struggle. The struggle will be bitter; for the more time passes, the more men love the earthly, since their science and their discoveries give them the feeling of living in a kingdom of their own, in a world created by them. (175, 4 - 6)

19 Today every man believes to have full knowledge of the truth. Every religion claims to possess the truth. Scientists declare that they have found the truth. I tell you that no one knows the absolute truth, since man could not even grasp with his mind the part that has been revealed to him.

20 All men carry within them a part of the truth and errors, which they mix up with the light of truth.

21 The battle is drawing near, in which all these forces are fighting one another, since everyone wants to impose his worldview. But in the end there will not be the victory of a human ideology, nor of a scientific theory, nor of a religious creed that asserts itself, but the harmonious union of all good views, of all high-level beliefs, of all cult forms raised to the highest spirituality, of all sciences devoted to the service of true human progress.

22 I will allow people to speak and recite their beliefs, for others to publicly demonstrate their cult forms and rites, for discussion and combat, for scientists to spread their most advanced theories, for all that exists hidden in every Spirit to break open, come to light, and make itself known. For near is the day of the Reaper - that day when conscience, like an inexorable sickle, cuts off by the root all that is false in the heart of man. (322, 15 - 18)

The fight against the spiritual teachings

23 The clergy of this time are dressed royally to symbolically officiate at the sacrifice of Jesus, and although they take my name and my substitution, I discover that their minds are confused, their hearts stirred by the storms of intrigue and passions There is not one who proclaims as a prophet that I am among the people of this time. They will experience great suffering because there is no spiritual armament among them. Where is the fulfillment of those who have vowed before Jesus to follow his trail? Where are the followers of my apostles? Is there any like John, who was among the first, or Paul, who was among the followers?

24 Therefore the Master is drawing near to you anew to take up his teaching again. Already I see the new Pharisees and scribes rushing against Me with hatred. Just then I will ask, "Where are my disciples? But when the proud, the false, the rich who fear to lose their power, those who threatened by my truth, mock and persecute me again, wild storms will break out. But it will not be I who collapses under the weight of the cross, but those who demanded the sacrifice of Him who gave them life. (149, 32 - 33)

25 The wave of materialism will rise and become a troubled sea, a sea of suffering, despair and fear of the injustice of men.

26 Only one boat will sail over that sea of passions, desires, and hatred of men, and that boat will be that of my law. Blessed are those who are strong when this time comes!

27 But woe to those who are sleeping! Woe to the weak! Woe to the peoples who have put their trust in "foundations of religious fanaticism", for they will easily become the prey of those furious waves!

28 Do you not foresee the battle, O mankind? Does not my word move you to prepare to defend yourself when the hour has come?

29 My light is in all, but only those who pray see it, those who prepare themselves. My Light speaks to you by presentiment, by inspiration, by intuition, by dreams and by pointing fingers. But you are deaf to every spiritual call, are indifferent to every divine sign.

30 Soon you will see my word fulfilled and testify that all this was true.

31 My teaching and my name will be the target of all attacks and persecutions; they will be the reason why the enemies of truth persecute you. But my teaching will also be the lightsaber of those who stand up and defend the faith, and it will be the shield behind which the innocent will find protection. My name will be on all lips, blessed by some, cursed by others.

32 All man's abilities will be unleashed: his intelligence, his feelings, his passions; his spiritual abilities will be awake and ready to fight.

33 What confusion there will then be! How many who thought they believed in me will have to convince themselves that it was not true faith!

34 In many homes and hearts the light of love and hope will be extinguished. The children and the youth will have no other God than the world, nor any other law than that of the earth. (300, 35- 40)

35 What will happen when men realize that their excessive love for the world and their reverence for the earthly have brought them to an unfortunate failure? They will try to rediscover the lost path, to seek out those principles and laws from which they had turned away, and in this endeavor they will create doctrines for themselves, they will make prescriptions for themselves, philosophies, worldviews, and theories will come up.

36 All this will be the beginning of a new and great battle - now no longer prompted by unfair striving for earthly power. No more murderous weapons will destroy lives, destroy homes or shed human blood. The battle will be different, for then the great religious communities will fight against the new teachings and the new religions.

37 Who will win this battle? No religion will emerge victorious from this battle, just as no nation will remain victorious in this murderous war you are suffering today.

38 Over the war for earthly supremacy my righteousness will prevail, and later, in that battle to impose any doctrine or religion, my truth will prevail.

39 The only and supreme truth will shine out like the light of a flash in a stormy night, and everyone will see this divine flash of light in the place where he is.

40 My message will reach all, and you will all come to Me. I have prepared everything for the times to come, and on all will my will be done, because I am the Lord of Spirits, of worlds, of races and peoples. (288, 33 - 36+45)

Ignoring or fighting spirit manifestations and spirit healings

41 The spiritual world will come even closer to men to testify to their existence and their presence. Signs, proofs, revelations and messages will appear everywhere, which will persistently speak of the dawning of a new age.

42 There will be strife, there will be agitation in the nations, because the religious leaders will spread fear among those who believe in those messages, and science will declare those facts untrue.

43 Then the common people will take courage and will rise up to bear witness to the truth of the proofs they have received. There will rise those who, abandoned by science, regained their health in a spiritual way, and they will bear witness to miraculous healings, to revelations of an infinite power and an absolute wisdom.

44 Among the simple and unknown people, men and women will arise whose word full of light will surprise theologians, philosophers, and scientists. But when the controversy is at its greatest, and the poor are humiliated and their testimonies denied by the proud, the moment will come when Elijah will call the learned, the lords and the rulers to account and subject them to trial.

45 Woe to the false and the hypocrites in that hour, for perfect righteousness will then come down to them!

46 It will be the hour of judgment. But many spirit beings will rise from it to true life, many hearts will rise to faith, and many eyes will be opened to the light. (350, 71 - 72)