European election


TTT 32 : 76 I want the flame of faith to always burn on your inner altar and you to realize that with your works you are laying the foundations on which the great sanctuary will one day rest. I put all people with their different ideas to the test and work on them, because I will let everyone participate in the erection of my temple. (148,44-48)

I have realized that the pains in my legs are blockages, psychosomatic, mental-spiritual blockages that could be because people around me are paralyzing and blocking my journey with God with their loose tongues. They then send me to the doctor, but does that make sense, because I have already been to specialists twice and both have been unable to find anything organic.

This morning the following spiritual conversation occurred when I heard the father say:

"Aloisia plan!"

What is that, Lord?

"Because you're complaining so much right now."

"European election"

"They should be aware that I should come first."

But they don't realize that. Who is Aloisia? Can you explain that to me? Is there someone who could be considered as a leader for this, who is aware that you should come first.

"I will make a desert"

You're going to make it empty?

"Are you going to stay?"

I would appreciate it very much if I could stay, Lord.


"There will be mandate failures."


Daniel just wrote to me: 

"Aloisia plan"

My father's name is Alois.

Aloisius means the wise man.

His father was also called Alois.

We live at "Weißenberg 77"

Alois my father looked after my grandpa Alois for the last year with heart, mind and action.

And one month before Grandpa died, he found faith in Jesus in love.

Grace Grace Salvation Life

Aloisia is a friend of mine who is already over 77 years old

Aloisia is devout and a believer in Christ.

Aloisia gave me a large collection of Jakob Lorber books.

Spiritual gold . Spiritual diamonds

Light Revelation Truth

Aloisia no longer reads because she has poor eyesight.

Instead, Aloisia prays intercession intimacy with God

"Aloisia Plan"

Note: We must pray that they are aware that Jesus must come first, otherwise the European elections will fail.