Fifty .. fifty



... I didn't wake in vain ... what did my spirit catch last night?

"Fifty ... Fifty"

The golden words in the book of divine wisdom are His property and it is His wish that no one should turn them into money, lest he be displeased and fall from grace like David and Solomon, because they indulged themselves too well and forgot to whom they owed everything, then fell and had to judge themselves before the holiness of God. It was not God who judged them, but they judged themselves for their actions, which were wrong in relation to the divine law, which is love.

David reigned, filled with spiritual gifts and inspirations, and in his moments of exaltation, in his raptures, he heard hymns and spiritual songs, from which he created the Psalms. With them he was to invite the people of Israel to pray and give the best offering of their hearts to their Lord. But David, with all his love and inspiration, could not reveal to the people the wonderful existence of the spiritual beings, their development and their purpose. Solomon too, in all his splendor, was not yet initiated into the secrets of the spiritual worlds, for like David, he too could not yet see them and convey them to the people, and he too brought himself down in his false greatness.

"The key of the key to the spirit is laid bare."

That which belongs to the divine spirit is God's property and you are not allowed to do business with it.

"Remember to intercept them at the crossing."

"For love makes us all one ... its magic lasts forever"

The fox guards the border of the transitions (from min 2.21) ... from the fairy tale "The Golden Bird" interpreted by Eugen Drewermann in terms of depth psychology ... Watch the video (german):

DER GOLDENE VOGEL | Golden Bird in German | Märchen | Geschichte | @GermanFairyTales (

The smuggler Nasruddin

A man came to a wise man and complained: "I have been searching for God for so many years and cannot find him. The wise man looked at him kindly and said:

Once upon a time there was a man called Nasruddin. He used to go back and forth across the border at various customs posts, sometimes with one donkey, sometimes with two or three. He transported large loads of straw on the donkeys.

The customs officers knew that he was a well-known smuggler, so they searched him again and again, poking the bales of straw with sticks and sometimes burning the straw and looking in the ashes for what he was smuggling. But they never found anything, and Nasruddin grew richer and richer.

Eventually he grew old, moved to another country and retired. There, one of the former border guards met him and said: "Nasruddin, now you can tell me. What were you smuggling that we never found?" Nasruddin smiled and replied: "Donkey!"

You see, said the wise man, this is how some people search for God, and God is before their eyes.


Then the spirit spoke to me these words:

"Do not interfere in politics. You shall give water, so I will sow wheat on this land."

Vision: I see mountain ridges, small land masses tumbling and swaying in the sea.

"Social credit system - it's over... I have to talk to you about it tonight."

"Knesset ... They're advertising."

They're advertising the Third Temple for BAAL. And I've had a headache for 2 days and that's why I think they've activated 5G. My energy is vibrating and surging.

But as soon as the WORD goes forth, in May, the establishment will be over and the end will be total.

TTT 46 : 57 I have told you that one day this humanity will reach spiritualization and know how to live in harmony with all created things, and spirit, mind and heart will walk in step.