Get Ready



TTT 7: 54 There are many religious communities on this earth, but none of them will unite people or cause them to love one another. It will be my spiritual teaching that accomplishes this work. In vain will the world oppose the advance of this light.

Around 1:10 a.m. I woke up and received this inner word:

".. Get ready... phase... love remains."

"Salvation has now brought me this spirit and everyone ... (?) (who is with her)

And you meant you are of certain death."


"And now comes the point where the Russian ground forces are retreating."

"Poland taken in."

I see a very eager soldier grinning at me.

"The bridge (Crimea) will collapse."

Oh God, NATO has moved 90,000 soldiers from the EU to the eastern front. It's all they have left to offer, but with no back-up, no training and no supplies and no weapons left, because they've all been sent to Ukraine before.

"Now they think he (Putin) is withdrawing. 94,000 including the navy. That's a piece of cake. They'll be gone quickly. They don't know what's coming from the east."

"The Jesuit is getting ready."

Bergoglio? For the entry into the Third Temple? One world religion. They'll have to hurry up and blow up the Temple Mount today and then build the Third Temple. But you said: "Nothing is happening. Only in America. Mid-May."

My head hurts. I breathed into it and felt into it.

I see many lines - sentences floating in the air. Words. Words. Words.

"They are all you once have spoken to me ... into you."

(I have spoken them all once to the spirit, into me.)

It is the resonance.

In the afterlife, we find again what we lived, thought and did as a human being on earth.

There is actually no death. The spirit is immortal. So is the soul. The body is built in the womb from what the earth has to give. It is like when we are born. The spirit comes shortly before our birth and wraps itself around the embryo like a dress and stays with it until it returns to the beyond. Without it, the body would be dead. Then it leaves the body again and it stays behind and turns back to dust.