HOSTA role model of peace


Anna Maria Hosta - 26.4.2024 

I woke up around 1:40 a.m. and heard these words inside me:

"Big brother ... deal made. BOMB ... Coffee."

Yesterday I was not feeling well and I drank 4 coffees all day instead of one, as the Lord allowed me, and composed the song: Happiness and Peace ...

"He who acts like this!"

Father, I'm sorry, it was wrong ... to carry so much ... please forgive me. If they blow up the Temple Mount now, it's my fault because I drank 4 cups of coffee in my prison here yesterday. Now I have become weak in faith, like Moses. I am so tired and exhausted and without hope. Who can stop this? How can I make up for the 4 coffees.

"Biden ... too long ... Armageddon."

Earlier. I perceived joy in you about the deal that big brother made. It's written, with or without coffee. They will and they will, won't they. The scripture - it has to be fulfilled, doesn't it?

"In May. Not now."

"Afternoon." (?)

"Leyen is waiting."

Von der Leyen is coming back too, isn't she, despite all her serious crimes against humanity.

"Israel is falling down. Fatherland. Damn militia."

Can I still put a stop to this judgment o Lord.

"What's my name?"

Imanuel. God with us.

"Little boy...!"


"That's why."

Thank you, Father, for everything you give me.


That's how much it's worth to you - HOSTA?

"Role model of peace."


"Get away .... Only then will you come."

Like you!

"Congress. Throw down. Billions of dollars."

For wars and dominance on the backs of the people.


That was the US military.


To throw down. 


Forecast for end of April to end of June - new pandemic with fatal outcome for all heavily vaccinated people - precautionary measures with ivermectin are necessary ...

see video:

Tsunami of serious illness and death among heavily vaccinated people is imminent. Prophylaxis is a must

Woke up again at 4:18 am and heard

"The crack ... America ... usual"

YES. Hmm ...

"Passover ... afterwards..."

"when the air grows ... silent."


"catastrophy ... all mixed up ... predict"

"The allies not only harm ... politically, they are also ... corrupt"

YES ... incredibly corrupt


It sounds very wistful

They killed him. They want to take me out too.

"Ceremony ... without Heifer ... establishment ... it's over!"

They'll have the Passover ceremony, but they won't sacrifice any Red Cows ... after Passover, when it's over on April 30th, that's when disaster naturally happens in America. When the air grows (expands) ... after that there will be silence. It's over with the establishment.

"Germany-wide social crimes..."

YES. I know.

"practically in every home... families"

"on credit"

"on fruit and vegetables"

To bring Germany down, the establishment has been bleeding the German people dry for a long time and practically every home, every family has suffered damage. The establishment is living on credit by bleeding the people dry and poisoning fruits and vegetables to kill them all in the end. That which is mine, you told me, father, harms no one.

DDT 10 : 23 Whoever loves Me must first love all that is Mine - all that I love. (39,52-54)