Spiritualism pretends to be pure, good and perfect


19 Let your word be like mine, which has been like a fine chisel, incapable of wounding your hearts: It has been caress. The longer you hear it, therefore, the more you feel that it gives you back the lost splendor, because you become more and more understanding and spiritual.

20 This teaching, which is called spiritualistic because it reveals the spiritual, is the path laid out for man on which he will come to know his Creator, serve Him and love Him. It is the book that teaches people to love the Father in their own neighbor. Spiritualism is a law that prescribes the good, the pure, the perfect.

21 The duty to obey this law applies to everyone. Nevertheless, it does not force anyone to fulfill it. For every soul enjoys freedom of will, so that its struggle and all its actions can be counted as its own merits in judgment.

22 Recognize, then, that this teaching is the call of Divine Love, which has enlightened all my children, from the first to the last, and has given them warmth.

23 So that you would finally understand, feel and live these teachings, I have waited until your soul and also your mind would have all the clarity necessary to interpret my revelations of this time.

24 Today your spiritual development is great, as is the capacity of your intellect. If it were not so, I would not have called you. For if you did not understand Me, you would be confused. I have given your lips the ability and gift of the "Word" so that they may express and transmit spiritual knowledge and the inspiration of the Word.

25 The greatness of my teaching has never been impaired by the human mind. Just as in this time when I speak through the mouth of a voice bearer, the meaning of the word that comes from his lips is not attributable to man.

26 The path of the soul begins and ends in Me. This is what the Master teaches you again.

27 He who has attained a certain spirituality through his perseverance, his development and his love for the Father's teachings will be a spiritualist, even if his lips do not say so.

28 He who has faith and shows generosity in his actions will reflect what his spirit possesses.

29 This world, whipped by a whirlwind, will reach the height of its aberration. But after that, it will gradually enter an era of perfection.

Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Instruction 236 - Verses 19 - 29