The carrots are poisoned

poisoned carrots
poisoned carrots

TTT 47 : 3 Search my word until you are certain of its purity and its truth. Only then will you be able to go your way with courage and remain steadfast in the face of the intrusion of materialistic ideas that threaten the spirit. For materialism is death, is darkness, is a yoke and poison for the spirit. Never exchange the light or the freedom of your spirit for earthly bread or for miserable material goods!

A.M. was shopping for groceries at Aldi yesterday, including soup vegetables with carrots, leeks, celery ... In the night she woke up and heard the following words in her spirit:

"The carrots are poisoned.... magnetic ..."

A.M. immediately wanted to go to the kitchen and throw them all away, but she heard:


But they all looked unhealthy and so A.M. threw them all away.

Country of origin: Germany

And then came

"Silver curls are also a sign."

insects_alterntive proteins
insects_alterntive proteins

WEF calls on governments to promote fake meat and alternative proteins Report

The alternative protein agenda is about destroying independent farmers, taking away their land and controlling what people can eat: Perspective

The unelected globalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are calling on governments to promote fake meat and other alternative proteins in a coordinated effort to "change consumer behavior."