The Spiritualist


The spiritualist will be recognized by his words, which are simple in expression but deep in meaning.

The spiritualist does not seek his own good, but knows how to give himself completely to others.

The spiritualist will fill a void in the hearts of others.

He will help them to perfect their idea of God.

It is easy to serve and live in harmony with others.

Places, churches full of luxury, forms, rites are not necessary to offer God,to make him merciful for the offenses committed.

When man understands that he is more spirit than matter, he will offer the flowers of his eternal spiritual soul to the Father.

Opposing forces will limit the unfolding of spirituality but divine instruction penetrates souls through truth and justice into the souls.

A spiritualist is one who prays spiritually and ascends in the spirit from any place.

A spiritualist is one who struggles for the perfection of his soul, and also the one who lives to soothe the pain of others.

The spiritualist can be anywhere; he will be recognized more by his deeds than by his words: Love, humility and mercy.

Recognize that not everyone who calls themselves a spiritualist is one.

Guided by the light of conscience, you cannot be deceived.

The actions of the spiritualist, to be pure, must be made tangible and dictated by conscience.

Anyone who spiritually worships God in his way of life is a spiritualist.

He should eliminate everything from himself that is a step backwards for him.

The spiritualist should recognize the apostles and follow them, for they were sowers of the divine seed.

The spiritualist of tomorrow is not a bigot or a monk, but knows how to fight against temptation and is able to recognize the path of truth in the midst of the whirlwind.

He is able to confront a well-armed world, to announce as a prophet and seer what will happen.

He will know how to save those who are in danger of falling into ruin.

The spiritualist says: "How beautiful is life!" The uninitiated, the materialist says: "How bitter, how sad and how gloomy is life!"

The person without inner elevation stumbles over everything, everything hurts him.

The inwardly uplifted person does not even notice the adversities of the path.

When the high-minded deal with others, they praise their virtues or excuse their faults. They never condemn or condemn.

The low-minded, on the other hand, condemn, slander, publicize the faults of others and take pleasure in them.

A spiritualist cannot call himself a spiritualist if he makes a business out of the ignorance or people's pain into a business.

The spiritualist will have to fight, and the place for his fight will be everywhere - in his home, at his physical work or on the road.

He need not relive the drama, for he has learned to soar spiritually until he feels and sees the glories; that exist in the spirit.

The spiritual world also strives for the salvation and progress of people; the spiritualistic seed will bear fruit in all religious communities.

In the "Spiritual Valley" people do not distance themselves from one another, no one is excluded.

There is a great attraction and great compassion among all.

This is exactly what the spiritualist community in the nations should do, until it achieves brotherhood among men.

Source: The Book of True Life - Volume VII