The suitcase


TTT 30 : 83 And the child asks: "If, before I was sent to earth, I was Your most beloved creature - why did I not remain steadfast in virtue and have to fall, suffer and struggle to come back to You?"

GOD: Take your suitcase, it's time to go.

HUMAN: Already? So soon? I still had so much to do...

GOD: I'm sorry, but it's time for you to go.

HUMAN: What's in this suitcase?

GOD: What belongs to you.

HUMAN: What's mine? You mean my things... Clothes... Money...

GOD: These things never belonged to you, they belong to the earth.

HUMAN: Are these my memories?

GOD: No, they belong to the time you spent here on Earth.

HUMAN: Are these my friends and family?

GOD: No. They belong to the path you have traveled.

HUMAN: Are they my partner and my children?

GOD: No. They belong to your heart.

HUMAN: Then it must be my body.

GOD: No. No ... The body belongs to the dust.

HUMAN: Then it must be my soul?

GOD: You are wrong. Your soul belongs to me.


Man takes the suitcase, with tears in his eyes and full of fear, from God's hand and opens it...Empty!!!

With a broken heart and tears streaming down his cheeks, man asks God: "Was nothing ever mine?"

GOD: That's right. You never had anything.

HUMAN: Something must have been mine. What was it?

GOD: Your MOMENTS. Every moment you lived was yours.

Life is just a moment.

A moment that belongs to us.

Let's enjoy this moment while we have it.

Let's not let anyone or anything stop us.

Let's do what we enjoy.

Live your life NOW.

Remember to be happy, because that's all that matters,

that counts. Material things and everything,

you have fought for in life are left behind.

You can't take anything with you.

The only thing that really matters is



©Janja Ehnes

💗 @soullighthouse


That is very beautiful ... but not quite perfect ... your moments are given to you ... in every moment you have a choice ... don't let them go to waste ... what matters is what you have made of the moments ... what choices you have made ... whether you have heard the cry of your brother calling for justice ... whether you have stood by a child who no longer understands the world ... if such things are found in your suitcase when you encounter God, that makes all the difference ... also whether you have searched for the truth and shared it with others ... whether you have learned to recognize the spiritual world .... because as here so over there ... e.g. gold here means wealth and possessions ... over there gold means something else ... in the spiritual world gold means the highest of something like wisdom and knowledge ... Light ... Joy .... Bliss ... share this with soul lighthouse if you like ...

Best wishes from Anna