This is the third time that I have come to bring you my peace.


TTT 7 : 53 The time will come when every sect and church will investigate itself to search for what belongs to my work. But in order to find that treasure, it will be necessary for them to lift up their spirits and listen to the voice of conscience. (BTL 12, U. 363, 4 - 8 ; 29)

Your soul is very afraid of slavery because it knows it; you are very afraid of Pharaoh's yoke. You love freedom in the world, and through it you seek peace. You do not want war, blood and pain; you strive to acquire merit so that your children do not fall into chaos, and you pray to have clarity, to renew yourselves and to preserve a little purity.

It is the third time that I come to bring you My peace, to fill you with courage, faith and strength, and to remind you that you are destined to bring blessings and peace to the hearts of men. Humanity is already waiting and longing for those who will extend their hand in true mercy to come, and the earth is already fertile to sow the seed of love upon it.

The plague is spreading from region to region, unknown diseases are breaking out without science being able to combat them. The confusion of worldviews and moral degeneration has led the world to the abyss. But my messengers have not yet come to alleviate those sufferings and bring light into those darknesses, because they are only very slowly.

Do you still bow before the mighty of the earth? Are you still impressed by human riches? No, my people, the only great thing of true value in human life is the upward development of the soul, and it is to this that my word leads you.

In the First Time, Jacob and his family recognized the true God, and when the Father saw that those people kept the seed of faith in His divinity. He sent them out to dwell in the bosom of the pagan and idolatrous people so that they would bear witness to His existence and power.

Moses strengthened the faith of his people so that they would endure the hardships and suffering of the journey. The journey was long and perilous, many broke down on the way, overcome by exhaustion or old age, without being able to see the land of promise. But their children reached the land flowing with milk and honey, which awaited the people of Israel.

The new liberator was Christ, who taught you meekness and who, when He met His people as a servant, taught them to "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's", and in this way set their souls free. Just as Moses did not enter the Promised Land and only saw his shadow from the top of a mountain, so Christ saw the kingdom of heaven from the cross, where He would await all His children.

I am the only one who can reveal who you are, and I am telling you. I reveal to you what you have come for and show you the point towards which you must move. You are the seed of that strong people and have come into this life to struggle to attain the kingdom of peace of the spirit and to bring light to the world, just as you overcame the hardships of the desert in another time to reach the Promised Land.

So what are you afraid of? Do you want to continue to be slaves? "No," says your heart to Me. Elijah goes before you and the nations, paving the way and liberating souls through the light of truth.

From the Book of True Life, Volume VIII, Instruction 238, Verses 61, 65, 67, 70, 75, 79, 80, 85, 87, 90