WORDS of Jesus about the HOLY SPIRIT


TTT 19 :8 If the Holy Spirit is Wisdom, do you believe that this Spirit exists independently of Christ, when I am Wisdom? Do you think that the "Word" and the Holy Spirit are two different things?

12 There is no difference between the Son and the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit and the Son are one Spirit, and I am He.

27 I am Jehovah, who has delivered you from death at all times. I am the one God who has spoken to you at all times. Christ is my "Word" that spoke to you through Jesus. He told you: "He who knows the Son knows the Father." And the Holy Spirit, who speaks to you today, is also I; for there is only one Holy Spirit, only one "Word", and this is Mine.

32 Verily, I tell you, the Holy Spirit, whom you currently consider to be something different from Jehovah and Christ, is nothing other than the wisdom I make known to your spirit to make you understand, see and feel the truth.

26 : 34 The Holy Spirit will again transmit through your mouth high teachings unknown to you and to mankind. When, beloved people? When there is spiritualization among you and dedication to your mission.

38 : 10 In all that this light reveals to you, you will receive the Father's teaching; for "the Word" is in Me, and the Holy Spirit is My own wisdom.

14 If I had told you everything in the first revelations, it would not have been necessary for the Master, the Messiah, to teach you new teachings, nor for the Holy Spirit to come at this time to show you the glories of the spiritual life.

39: 40 In order to spread my work in this "Third Age", I have chosen 144,000 spirit beings among the great multitudes and have marked them with a kiss of divine light - not a Judas kiss, nor with the seal of a covenant that puts your spirit in danger. My mark is the sign that the Holy Spirit places in his chosen ones so that they may fulfill a great mission in this "Third Age".

41: 74 This is the grace and consolation that the Holy Spirit has intended for you, so that you may see one and the same home and convince yourselves that there is no death and no alienation, that not one of my creatures dies with regard to eternal life. For in this "Third Time" you will also be able to embrace in spiritual embrace those beings who have departed from this earthly life and whom you have known, loved and lost in this world, but not in eternity.

62 : 102 When followers of other denominations and sects see that large crowds of people are following this people, those who persecute you will set out from these denominations. But do not be afraid, for if you remain calm, the Holy Spirit will put words of light on your lips that will silence those who slander you.

The Holy Spirit also has a name: