XV. Admonitions, Warnings, Teachings


Chapter 61 - Admonitions and warnings of the Lord

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Bids and orders

1 Israel, do not only fulfil your obligations to the world. Fulfill also the law; for you have taken up a duty to the Father, and its fulfillment must be severe, exalted, and spiritual.

2 I am teaching you that you may turn away from materialism and cease to be fanatics and idolaters; that you may neither worship nor worship material objects made by man. I do not want roots of idolatry, fanaticism and false cults to be present in your hearts. Offer me no offerings that do not come to me; I only desire your renewal and your fulfillment in spiritualization.

3 Renew yourselves with regard to your former habits, do not look back and do not look at what you have given up and what you are no longer to do Understand that you have taken the path to your ascension and must not stop. The way is narrow, and you must know it well, because tomorrow you will have to lead your brothers on it, and I do not want you to get lost.

4 I am the patient Father, waiting for your repentance and your good will to shower you with my grace and my mercy. (23, 60 - 63)

5 My Word always advises you on good and virtue: that you do not speak ill of your fellow men, thereby exposing them to shame; that you do not look with contempt upon those who suffer from diseases which you call contagious; that you do not favour wars; that you do not have a shameful occupation which destroys morals and promotes vices; that you do not curse anything created, take away anything foreign without the owner's permission, nor spread superstition.

6 You are to visit the sick, forgive those who offend you, protect virtue and be good examples; and you are to love Me and your fellow men, since in these two commandments the whole law is summarized.

7 Learn my lesson and teach it by your actions. If you do not learn, how will you preach my teaching? And if you do not feel what you have learned, how will you teach as good apostles? (6, 25 - 26)

8 People, if thou wilt go forward, overcome the sloth that is in thee. If you want to be great, apply my principles in your works. If ye desire to know one another, enquire of yourselves by my word.

9 Understand how much you need my word, which offers love, wisdom, advice and help. But at the same time also feel responsible for what I give you, because you are not the only needy in the world. There are many who hunger and thirst for these teachings, and you must remember to prepare yourselves to go to them with the message of my love. (285, 50 - 51)

10 Very great is the responsibility that this people has towards mankind. There has to be an example of true spiritualization, it has to show the way of the inner exercise of religion, the pleasing sacrifice, the homage worthy of God.

11 Open your heart and hear there the voice of conscience, so that you may judge your actions and know whether you interpret my teachings faithfully or whether you too misunderstand the meaning of my teaching. (280, 73)

12 My teaching loses all its meaning if you do not put it into practice.

13 You well know, beloved disciples, that the purpose of my law and teaching is to do good, and that therefore he who carries it only in his memory or on his lips, without applying it to his works, is acting contrary to duty. (269,45)

14 Men, you who possess in your heart the light of the experience of this life and in your Spirit the light which the development leaves behind during various earth lives - why does your Spirit concern itself with what is useless for it, and why do you often weep for reasons which do not deserve your pain? Seek the truth in everything; it is on all paths, is bright and clear like the light of day. (121, 48 - 49)

15 Forget not, and be ever conscious, that on your righteous and virtuous lives depend the faith which you awaken in your fellow men, that is, that they will search and observe you in your private lives, in order to seek confirmation in your works of the teaching which you preach. (300, 57)

16 Tell me, have I rejected you when you have gone astray? have I left you behind, abandoned you when some stumble stopped you? have I shown Myself fierce with you when, defeated by pain, you have fallen down?

17 Yet I see that those whom I call with so much love my disciples, abandoning their fellow men in misfortune, reject the one who goes astray instead of lovingly drawing him to themselves and helping him to mend, and they sometimes become judges when they interfere in things they do not have the right to judge; I am not afraid of them, but I am not afraid of them; I am not afraid of them; I am not afraid of them; I am not afraid of them; I am not afraid of them, but I am afraid of them

18 Is this in accordance with my teaching? No, tell Me your conscience, for I want you to judge yourselves carefully so that you can grind off the many roughnesses from which your feelings are sick and you can begin to become my disciples. (268, 46)

Faith, hope, love, humility, confidence

19 If ye be humble, ye shall be great. Greatness is not in pride and vanity, as many believe. "Be gentle and humble of heart," I have told you at all times.

20 Know Me as Father and love Me, do not seek for your body shell a throne nor a name that distinguishes you before others. Just be a man among other men and have good will in you. (47, 54)

21 I will see with you the faith which the sick who came to me in the second time, the faith of the paralytic, the blind, and the woman who is incurable. I want to feel loved as father, desired as physician and heard as master. (6, 46)

22 Be not weak in faith, nor in hope. Always keep in mind that the end of this life journey will come. Do not forget that your origin was in me, and that the final goal will likewise be in me, and this goal is eternity, because there is no death of the Spirit.

23 Have eternity as the ideal of your striving and do not lose courage in the ups and downs of life. Do you know whether this is your last incarnation on earth? Who is able to tell you that in this body you have today you will pay all your debts to my righteousness? Therefore, I say to you: Use the time, but do not rush. If you accept your sufferings with faith and surrender and empty the cup with patience - verily I say to you, your merits will not be barren.

24 Make sure that the Spirit always progresses, so that you never, ever, cease to perfect yourselves. (95, 4 - 6)

25 Live for the Father, loving his children, who are your brothers and sisters, and you will have immortality. If you fall into selfishness and shut yourselves off in your self-love, the seed you leave behind and your memory will hardly survive.

26 Be gentle and humble of heart, and you will always be full of my grace. (256, 72 - 73)

27 Great is your purpose! But do not let yourselves be dominated by bad omens, but rather be filled with courage and hope in the thought that the days of bitterness that are drawing near are necessary for the awakening and purification of men, without which you would not be able to experience the victorious entry of the time of spiritualization.

28 Learn to rise above adversity, do not let despondency take possession of your heart, and take care of your health. Encourage the mind of your brothers and sisters by speaking of me and showing them my teaching, which ignites faith and hope.

29 See how many people live in low spirits. They are beings who have let themselves be defeated in the struggle for life. See how early they have aged and become gray, their faces withered and their expressions melancholy. But when those who are supposed to be strong are weak, the youth will wither away and the children will see only misery in their surroundings.

30 Thou, people, rob not thine heart of all those wholesome pleasures which, though fleeting, ye may enjoy. Eat your humble bread in peace, and truly, I tell you, you will find it more tasty and richer.

31 Take from my words that what I want from you is confidence, faith, optimism, peace of mind and strength, that in spite of your toils and plagues there should be no bitterness in your hearts. What kindness or encouragement would you have to give to those who need it if your heart were filled with suffering, sorrow or dissatisfaction?

32 It is in your trials that you should set the best example of exaltation, faith, and humility.

33 Whoever is able to give this spiritualization to his life always feels peace, and even when he sleeps, his sleep is calm and restful, which the Spirit uses to detach himself from the body toward the beyond, where he receives those Divine power streams on which he feeds and in which he lets the body participate. (292, 45 - 51)

Prayer, study, vigilance, renewal and spiritualization

34 Beloved disciples, I tell you again, watch and pray, for the flesh is weak and in its weaknesses it can lead the Spirit astray

35 The Spirit, who knows how to "watch", never deviates from the path which his Lord has laid out for him, and is able to put to use his heritage and his gifts until he has reached his development.

36 This man will pass his trials because he lives vigilantly and never allows himself to be dominated by the body [soul]. He who is vigilant and prays will always emerge victorious from life's crises and will take firm steps on the path of life.

37 How different is the behavior of one who forgets to pray and "watch"! He voluntarily renounces to defend himself with the best weapons I have put in man, which are faith, love, and the light of knowledge. It is he who does not hear the inner voice, which speaks to him through intuition, conscience and dreams. But his heart and his mind do not understand this language and do not believe the message of their own Spirit. (278, 1 - 3)

38 Pray for the confused spirit beings, for those who are earthbound, for those who are still unable to free themselves from their bodies in the innermost parts of the earth, for those who are suffering and weeping because of the incomprehensible grief that is being kept on earth for their sake.

39 Forgive also them, and judge no more those who have sown evil in your hearts. If your eyes could see them, how they kneel and beg your forgiveness, you would not be so unjust to them. Help them to rise up into infinity, lift them up through your loving remembrance, understand that they no longer belong to this world. (107, 15)

40 You must not be content with your first works, thinking that you have acquired enough merits for the perfection of your Spirit. But that you may learn new lessons daily and discover greater revelations, always devote some time to the study of my work.

41 The inquisitive disciple will always hear the answer to his questions and in moments of trial will always hear my fatherly counsel.

42 The advanced disciple will be a source of love for his fellows, he will truly feel endowed by his Father with an inheritance, and will recognize the time to set out on his great spiritual mission among men. (280, 40 - 42)

43 The more you perfect yourselves, the nearer you will see the goal. You do not know whether you are only one step away from your salvation or whether you still have a long way to go. I only tell you that you should be willingly and obediently guided by this word, which is the voice of my Divine Spirit.

44 Beware of breaking the law, of committing the same mistake again and again. Take heed to improvement is a request your Father makes to you because I do not want to see you live on earth in vain and weep over your disobedience afterwards. (322, 60)

45 Fear not the talk of men, nor their judgments: fear the judgment of your God. Remember that I have said to you that I am implacable as a judge. Therefore always long for me as Father, as God, so that you may lack nothing in your way of life. (344, 31)

46 Do not be surprised, my people. Live ever watchful and be the faithful watchmen. Fear not the words which your own brothers and sisters say to you to convince you that you are in error.

47 Be steadfast, for great rewards I will give to the "soldiers" who are faithful to my cause - those of you who face these difficult times of confusion of world views, creeds, and religions.

48 All your fellow men you are to esteem in the same way as you esteem my work, and you are to point to the teaching which I will leave to you again. When men make fun of you, let them do so, for the light of my HolySpirit will reach them, and then there will be repentance in their hearts. (336, 18)

49 Do not stand still, O disciples! As I have always told you, let your walk remain firmly on the way of good and progress, because there will come times when only the good will help man, when only virtue and truth will keep him on the way of struggle and conflict.

50 The days are drawing near, in which deceit will come to an end, in which deceit, hypocrisy, selfishness, every bad seed will find its end through severe afflictions, falls and blows.

51 Therefore the Master says to you, Become stronger and stronger in good. Be convinced, my people, that you cannot receive evil for the good you do. If you reap an evil fruit or an evil reward for the good you do on earth, this evil fruit is temporary, it is not the final fruit, I tell you in truth. You must persevere until you reap. (332, 31)

Warnings addressed to the communities of revelation

52 Woe to him who interprets my word as he sees fit, for he will be responsible to me for this.

53 On earth many people have devoted themselves to the falsification of truth without being aware of the responsibility they have as coworkers in the Father's work of love.

54 In this time of judgment, which many do not know because they do not know how to interpret the events they experience, judgment is in every Spirit and, during his pilgrimage in this world, demands an account from him of his works within and outside the law of love.

55 Whoever should change the meaning of my revelations, which were given by inspiration, in these writings will be responsible for his actions before me.

56 Wherefore, you must act in good faith, for these teachings are my legacy of love to my children, who, whether incarnate or in Spirit, are in expectation of more detailed teachings. (20, 12 - 14)

57 I will not see a lie with you, Israel, for one day this will be discovered, and then the world will say, "Are these the disciples of the Master? If they are false disciples, then also the Master was false, who dwelt among them to pass on lies to them." (344, 10)

58 You are the commissioners to alleviate the pain of men, to teach blasphemers to pray, who have remained for a long time without raising their Spirit in prayer.

59 But for this you must daily become more spiritualized and free yourselves from materialization.

60 For I do not want you to be eccentric spiritualists, no. Fanaticism is abominable in my eyes, and this is what I want to eliminate from among you. Conscience will tell you how to live in harmony with everything. (344, 17 - 18)

61 Hear me, people, hear me, disciples: I am giving you the light at present and free you from chains, bands, and darkness. But I do not authorize you to make this work into another religion, nor that you fill it with images and rites as usual - no!

62 Know exactly what the freedom consists in, which I bring to you, so that you do not replace it by a new fanaticism.

63 Have you not yet become aware that your intellect, and with it the Spirit, had been stopped in its unfolding? do you not remember the flood of false fears and prejudices inherited from your ancestors, from which I have freed you so that you may see the truth unobstructed and receive the light? (297, 20 - 21)

64 The earth will be moist and receptive in expectation of the seed of my sowers, and here it is fitting that you should give some thought to the responsibility of these sowers. Would it be right, when mankind will be free from fanaticism and meaningful worship, if this people were to come with a new idolatry? No, beloved disciples and students. Therefore there are lessons and tests at every step of your way. (292, 44)

Warning against continuation of the rallies after 1950 and false "Christ rallies

65 After the day appointed by my divinity you will no longer hear my word. But it will be written in your conscience, in your heart, and in the books.

66 Whoever after this rises as a voice bearer and calls upon my ray does not know the judgment he makes upon himself.

67 I warn you that you will not listen to the false prophets, false voice-bearers, and false "Christs. I wake you up so that you may avoid confusion in time and prevent the penetration of spirits of darkness among you. Watch, because you will have to give account to me of these teachings if you are not prepared. (229, 40 - 41)

68 This is already the last time period in which I will be with you in this form. Believe it, and also believe that I will not return to this world to make my word materially audible, and still less to become man.

69 Arm yourselves, because rumors will come to you from men who claim that I have come back, that Christ has come to earth. You are then to remain faithful and say with conviction: "The Lord is spiritual with all his children.

70 But if you sleep and do not spiritualize, you will deny that I withdrew My word; and having become blasphemers and disobedient, you will invoke My ray on the crowds of men and say to them, "Let us ask Him who gave us His word to continue speaking to us. Let us offer Him songs and hymns that He may hear us".

71 But truly, I tell you: my ray will not return to the human mind, for I will not support your folly

72 What would you have to expect? That the words of apparent light will throw you into confusion. Does not your heart want this? Then prepare yourselves for that trial, and for your obedience and humility the light of my inspiration will shine down.

73 I announce to you that, unless the union of these churches into a single people takes place before 1950, very soon confusion will prevail, because there will be those who claim that the Master continues to make himself known, and then woe to this people! Have you not yet sensed this threat?

74 Still you have not awakened that Spirit of brotherhood and unity, and you expect that it is events which unite you. But if you expect this, you will instead experience the outbreak of epidemics, disorder, wars, and the judgment of the forces of nature, until there is no longer any place of peace in the world - neither on the surface of the earth, nor within it, nor on the sea, nor in the air. (146, 24 - 26)

75 You are to prepare yourselves, then whenever you are gathered together--whether in these church houses, in your homes, or in the open country--you will feel my spiritual presence at these gatherings.

76 But beware, for false disciples will also appear, trumpeting that they are in direct dialogue with the Father, giving false instructions and inspirations.

77 I have taught you to discern truth from deceit, to know the tree by its fruit. (260. 65 - 66)

78I have foretold you that the time will come when you will see many "spiritualisms" appear, and that you must then be trained to discover which truth and which deceit are at the root of them.

79 You will see false rallies ascribed to Me; rumours of divine messengers giving messages; sects with the name of the Seven Seals, and many confused and ambiguous teachings

80 All this will be the result of the great spiritual confusion that mankind has prepared. But do not be troubled; on the other hand, make sure you live waking and praying, then you will not succumb to spiritual confusion, for in the moments of greatest darkness my word will be light that will make you see my crystal-clear and eternal truth. (252, 15 - 17)

Vices, Hypocrisy, Vice

81 Vanity has taken root in those who, believing that they have attained the full knowledge of the truth, have considered themselves to be taught, strong, infallible, great, and absolute, without realizing that they have often erred.

82 I do not want that in this people, which is only just beginning to form under the light of these teachings, tomorrow people will appear who - confused by their vanity - will trumpet that they are the reincarnation of Christ or the new Messiahs.

83 These will be those who think that they have attained the understanding of all my truth, but in reality go far from the path marked by Christ, who is the one of humility.

84 Study the life of Jesus on earth, and you will find a deep and unforgettable teaching of humility. (27, 3 - 6)

85 One of the most serious character defects is that of hypocrisy. Do not speak loudly of love as long as you are not able to love me in your fellow men.

86 How many of those who have condemned Judas' kiss do not want to realize that they have given their brother the kiss of feigned brotherhood and they have betrayed him behind! How many of those who say that they serve the needy I see bringing light, truth, charity in exchange for money.

87 Why, if anyone has intimidated you with his questions, as Peter did in his moments of weakness, why did you deny Me and assure that you did not even know Me? why do you fear human justice and not mine?

88 But truly, I tell you, between divine justice and your sins, there is the intercession of Mary, your Heavenly Mother, who always prays for you (75,34)

89 No one is justified in judging the actions of his fellow men, for if he who is pure does not do them - why should he who bears in his heart stains of shame be allowed to do them?

90 I say this to you because you are always anxious to investigate your brother's seed, hoping to find faults in it, only to show him your seed and humiliate him by telling him that your work is purer and more perfect.

91 The only judge who is able to weigh your works is your Father who dwells in heaven. When He appears with His scales, in His eyes will not be the greater merit of him who understands more, but of him who knew how to be a brother of his fellow men and a child of His Lord. (131, 55 - 57)

92 Learn and act, teaching and feeling what you do and say, confirming my teaching through your works. I want no hypocrites among my disciples. Think what would become of mankind and yourselves if this work, founded with so much love and patience, were to be brought to ruin by lack of morality, virtue and truthfulness in your lives. (165, 25)

93 No longer runs after the amusements or frivolities of the world. Follow the ideal to make your life blameless, since I will give you during your whole existence those satisfactions that are stimulation for your heart. (111, 61)

94 Woe unto you, if the evil inclinations do more than the virtues which ye have in your Spirit, and if my teaching bring forth no fruit If you do not reflect and fathom my word, thinking that you are doing my will, my light will shake you awake. But when you recognize all truth, you will remember that I have sent you into the world to do charitable works. (55, 6)

95 Woe to those who, in this time, through their shamefulness and disobedience, set a bad example to the children whom I have sent with a spiritual mission (to earth)! Do you want to be like the crowd of people who led Jesus to Golgotha under shouting and mockery and thereby sowed horror in the hearts of the children, who could not explain why they tortured and killed a man who only distributed blessings?

96 Every time Jesus fell, those innocent people wept. But truly, I tell you, their weeping came more from the Spirit than from the flesh. How many of them later followed Me and loved Me, without the memory of what their innocent eyes had seen being erased from their hearts. (69, 50 - 51)

False fines and false expectations

97 Beware of doing wrongly understood penance, and do not deprive your body of what it needs On the other hand, spare him what is harmful to him, even if it means sacrifice for him. This will be the repentance that serves your Spirit, and which therefore pleases the Father. (55,40)

98 You already see in God less a judge than the Father of perfect and inexhaustible love, and I tell you that it is good that you see in God your Father.

99 Yet I must tell you to keep you awake that you too, like that old people, may fall prey to a new error, and this error may consist in not making any effort to improve morally and spiritually, or in not worrying about sinning continually and severely, trusting that the Father is above all love and will forgive you

100 Certainly, God is love, and there is no offence, hard though it may be, that He does not forgive. But you must know very well that from this divine love springs a justice that is implacable.

101 Be conscious of all this, so that what you have received in you as the knowledge of my teaching may be true, and that you may destroy all wrong ideas that might be present in you.

102 Do not forget that the Father's love forgives you, but that the stain - despite forgiveness - remains imprinted on your Spirit, and that you must wash it away by merit and thus do justice to the love that forgave you. (293,43 - 44)

103 A voice has awakened you, a voice of kindness and comfort, calling you into the kingdom of light and life, but which can be transformed into righteousness if you prefer to continue to degrade your Spirit and to disobey the law

104 To the obedient and humble, my word says: Be steadfast, for you will obtain much of my grace and will accomplish much for your brothers and sisters.

105 To the foolish my voice says: If you do not use this blessed opportunity to escape the filth of sin or the darkness of ignorance in which you live, you will see times and ages pass over your Spirit without knowing what the Lord brought in His message, nor what were the gifts of the Spirit that He revealed to His people.

106 Though there will be a suitable time for all to save themselves and to rise up to the heights. But woe to him who delays this day! Woe to him who misses the opportunities to develop his Spirit because he has devoted himself to the vanities of this world! He does not know how long the time will be in which he must wait for a new opportunity, nor does he know the bitterness of his reparation.

107 Therein lies not the least retribution or the least punishment on the part of the Father, but his stern and unrelenting justice.

108 Do you know, for instance, today, when I have come among you, whether you have not missed or missed out on previous occasions, and do you know, for instance, the length of time your Spirit has waited to receive this new opportunity to carry out a mission entrusted to him long ago?

109 What does your heart or mind know about the past of his Spirit, his fate, his debts, his duties, and his atonements? Nothing!

110 Wherefore, you must not interrupt the perfection of the Spirit, nor lead him into temptation through love for the goods of the world. He must follow another way, another goal, another ideal. (279, 16 - 19)

Warning to the peoples and the mighty of the earth

111 Woe to men, if mercy and active charity do not finally break open in their hearts! Woe to men if they do not finally attain full knowledge of their evil works! Their own hand unleashes upon them the fury of the forces of nature and tries to pour out upon the nations the cup of pain and bitterness. Even if they reap the result of their work, some will still say, "It is the punishment of God. (57, 82)

112 Woe to the peoples who stubbornly hold on to their idolatry, fanaticism and tradition! They will not be able to see my light, nor will they feel the infinite bliss of the awakening of the Spirit.

113 True, my teaching will shake the world. But when the battle is over, one will feel true peace on earth - that which springs from my Spirit. Only the foolish, the stubborn and the hard-hearted will continue to suffer. (272, 12 - 13)

114 I make myself felt in the hard hearts of men - of those who have the intention to stir up wars - so that they may recognize that my will is stronger than their warlike intentions. If the heart of those men remains hard and does not let itself be changed by my will, my justice will be felt all over the world. (340, 33)

115 Again, as in the times of Noah, people will mock the prophecies, and only when they feel that the waters are already burying their bodies under them will they begin to believe and repent.

116 My mercy always wanted to stop you in your rashness, but you never wanted to listen to Me. Sodom and Gomorrah were likewise warned to feel fear and repentance and avoid their destruction. But they would not listen to my voice and perished.

117 I also urged Jerusalem to pray and return to true worship of God. But his unbelieving and carnal heart rejected my fatherly admonition and had to be convinced of the truth by the events. How bitter then were those days for Jerusalem!

118 Do you now know the truth that you are still the same? For you have not wanted to leave your spiritual childhood to grow and ascend in the way of wisdom which is in my word.

119 I send you all this message, which is to serve peoples and nations as prophecy, for awakening, for vigilance. Bless you, if you believe in its content.

120 Reflect on its meaning, but watch and pray after it, for when you do this, an inner light will guide you and a higher power will protect you until you are safe. (325, 73-77)