Chapter 19 – The Triune God


V. Forms of Revelation and the Work of God

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The Unity of God with Christ and the Holy Spirit

1 The light of my word will unite men in this third time. My truth will light up in every mind and thus make differences of creeds and cults disappear.

2 While today some love Me in Jehovah and deny Christ, others love Me in Christ and do not know Jehovah; while some acknowledge my existence as the HolySpirit, others quarrel and divide because of my Trinity.

3 And now I ask this humanity and those who guide it spiritually: Why do you distance yourselves from one another when you all confess the true God? If you love Me in Jehovah, you are in the truth. If you love Me through Christ, He is the way, the truth, and the life. If you love Me as the HolySpirit, you are approaching the light.

4 You have only one God, only one Father. There are no three Divine Persons existing in God, but only one Divine Spirit, who has revealed Himself to mankind during three different stages of development. When penetrating into this depth, this one believed to see in her childhood three Persons, where only one Divine Spirit exists. So when you hear the name Jehovah, think of God as Father and Judge. When you think of Christ, recognize in Him God as Master, as Love; and when you seek to fathom the origin of the HolySpirit, know that He is none other than God when He reveals His immeasurable wisdom to more advanced disciples.

5 If I had met mankind of the "First Times" spiritually as developed as it is today, I would have revealed myself to it as Father, as Master, and as HolySpirit; then men would not have seen three deities where there is only one. But they would not have been able to interpret my teachings correctly, and would have been confused and kept away from my way, in order to continue to create accessible and small gods according to their ideas.

6 As soon as men see and accept this truth, they will be sorry that they have misjudged each other because of an error which they would have avoided with a little love.

7 If Christ is love, can you believe that He is independent of Jehovah when I am love?

8 If the HolySpirit is wisdom, do you believe that this Spirit exists independently of Christ, when I am wisdom? Do you think that the "Word" and the HolySpirit are two different things?

9 It is enough to know only some of the Word that Jesus taught mankind to understand that only one God existed and will be eternally one. This is why I said through him: "He who knows the Son knows the Father, because he is in Me and I am in him. Later, when he announced that he would come back to men in another time, he not only said, "I will come again," but he promised to send the HolySpirit, the Spirit of the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth.

10 Why should Christ come separated from the HolySpirit? Could He not, in His Spirit, bring with Him the truth, the light and the consolation? (1, 66 - 70, 73 - 76)

11 I am your Master; but see Me not separated from the Father, for I am the Father.

12 There is no difference between the Son and the HolySpirit, for the HolySpirit and the Son are one Spirit, and this I am.

13 See in my revelations through all times one God, who has taught you by many and various lessons: one book with many pages. (256, 4)

The three revelation ways of God

14 Now you know the reason why the Father revealed Himself in stages, and you also understand the error of men regarding the concept of the Trinity.

15 Try no longer to give me physical form in your imagination, for no form exists in my Spirit, any more than intelligence, love or wisdom have form

16 I tell you this because many imagine me in the form of an old man when they think of the Father; but I am not an old man because I am out of time, my Spirit has no age.

17 When ye think of Christ, ye immediately form in your mind the physical image of Jesus. But I tell you that Christ, the Divine Love born in the flesh, my incarnate Word, when He left the physical shell, merged with my Spirit from which He had come forth.

18 But when you speak of the HolySpirit, you use the symbol of the dove to try to imagine Him in some form. But I tell you that the time of symbols is over and that for this reason, when you feel yourselves under the influence of the HolySpirit, you receive it as inspiration, as light in your Spirit, as clarity that dissolves uncertainties, mysteries and darkness. (39, 42, 44 – 47)

19 From age to age men have an ever clearer idea of me. Those who have come to know Me through Christ have a conception closer to the truth than those who know Me only through the laws of Moses. That God, whom the multitudes followed and obeyed for fear of His righteousness, was later sought as Father and Master when the seed of Christ's love germinated in their hearts. (112, 3)

20 I am above times, above all created things; My Divine Spirit is not subject to development I am eternal and perfect - not like you, who very well have a beginning, who are definitely subject to laws of development, and besides feel above your being the course of times.

21 Therefore do not say that the Father belongs to one age only, Christ to another, and the HolySpirit to another. For the Father is eternal and belongs to no age, but the times are his, and Christ, when he had disappeared as man, is God Himself, as is the HolySpirit, who is none other than your Father Self, who prepares among you His highest form of revelation, that is, without the help of any earthly mediator. (66, 43)

22 I have explained to you that what you call Father is the absolute power of God, the Universal Creator, the only Uncreated One; that He whom you call "Son" is Christ, that is, the revelation of the Father's perfect love for his creatures; and that what you call "HolySpirit" is the wisdom which God sends you as light in this time when your Spirit is able to better understand my revelations.

23 That light of the HolySpirit, that wisdom of God, will soon reign in this third age that you see emerging, illuminating the minds of a humanity in need of spirituality, thirsting for truth and hungry for love.

24 It is equally true, people, that one God has revealed himself to men, though in three different aspects: if you seek love in the works of the Father in that first age, you will find it; and if you seek the light of wisdom, you will likewise discover it, even as you will encounter not only love, but also power and wisdom in the works and words of Christ. So what would be strange about it if you were to discover in the works of the HolySpirit at this time both the power, the law and the might, and love, tenderness and healing balm? (293, 20 - 21, 25 - 26)

25 Law, love, wisdom - these are the three forms of revelation in which I have shown myself to man, so that on his path of development he has a firm conviction and a complete knowledge of his Creator. These three phases of revelation differ from one another, but they all have one and the same origin, and in their totality they are the absolute perfection. (165, 56)

26 In Me is the Judge, the Father and the Master - three different revelation phases in one single being, three power centers and one single essence of being: Love. (109,40)

27 I am Jehovah, who has delivered you from death at all times. I am the one God who has spoken to you at all times. Christ is my "Word" that spoke to you through Jesus. He told you, "He who knows the Son knows the Father. And the HolySpirit who speaks to you today is likewise I; for there is only one HolySpirit, only one "Word", and this is mine.

28 Listen, my disciples: in the "First Age" I gave you the Law, in the Second I taught you the love with which you should interpret those commandments, and now in this Third Age I am sending you the light to penetrate into the mind of all that has been revealed to you.

29 Why then do you want to discover three Deities where only one Divine Spirit exists, who is Mine?

30 I gave the law to the first men, and yet I announced to Moses that I would send the Messiah. Christ, in whom I gave you my "Word," told you when his mission was already coming to an end: "I am returning to the Father, from whom I came forth. He also told you: "The Father and I are one. But after this, he promised to send you the Spirit of Truth, who, according to my will and in accordance with your development, would illuminate the mystery of my revelations.

31 But who can bring light into my mysteries and explain these mysteries? Who can break the seals of the book of my wisdom but me?

32 Verily I say to you, the HolySpirit, whom you currently think is different from Jehovah and Christ, is nothing but the wisdom I make known to your spirit to make you understand, see, and feel the truth. (32, 22 - 27)

33 Unite in your mind and Spirit my revelations as God, which proclaim the Law to you; my revelations as Father, which reveal to you my infinite love, and my teachings as Master, which reveal to you my wisdom, then from all this you will obtain an essence, a Divine Intention: that you come to Me in the path of spiritual light - something more than just a rallies to you I want to lead you into my own kingdom, where I am always present, forever in you. (324, 58)

34 It will not be the first time that people struggle to interpret a Divine Revelation or to gain clarity in a matter that presents itself to their eyes as a mystery. Already in the "Second Age", after my preaching activity in the world, people consulted each other about the personality of Jesus and wanted to know whether he was divine or not, whether he was one with the Father or a person different from him. In all ways they judged and researched my teaching.

35 Now I will again be the object of interpretation, discussion, contention, and investigation.

36 They shall examine whether the Spirit of Christ, when he made himself known, was independent of the Spirit of the Father; and there shall be others who say that it was the HolySpirit that spoke, and not the Father, nor the Son.

37 But what you call "HolySpirit" is the light of God, and what you call "Son" is his "Word. So when you hear this Word here, when you make use of my teaching of the "Second Age" or think of the law and the revelations of the "First Age", be aware that you are in the presence of the One God, hear his Word, and receive the light of his Spirit. (216, 39 - 42)

God as Creative Spirit and Father

38 I am the essence of all created things. Everything lives through my infinite power. I am in every body and in every form. I am in each of you, but you must prepare and make yourselves sensitive so that you can feel and discover Me.

39 I am the breath of life for all beings, because I am life. I have therefore made you understand that if I am present in all your works, it is not necessary to make My image in clay or marble to adore Me or to feel Me close to you. This lack of understanding has only served to seduce mankind to idolatry.

40 Because of My Word you sense the harmony that exists between the Father and all created things, you understand that I am the essence that nourishes all beings and that you are a part of Myself. (185, 26 - 28)

41 The Spirit of the Father is invisible, but He reveals Himself in infinite forms. The whole universe is but a material manifestation of divinity. All that is created is a reflection of truth.

42 I have surrounded the existence of the spirit beings, who are children of my divinity, according to the place they inhabit, with a series of life forms, in which I have placed wisdom, beauty, vitality, and meaningfulness, to give each of these homes the most visible proof of my existence and an idea of my power. I point out to you that the meaning of life is to love, to know, to recognize the truth. (168, 9 -10)

43 Disciples, from me the three natures of being have come forth: The divine, the spiritual and the material. As creator and owner of all created things, I can speak to you in a divine and at the same time understandable way. Since the material nature came forth out of me, I can let my voice and my word also be heard bodily to make myself understandable to man.

44 I am the perfect science, the origin of everything, the cause of all causes and the light that illuminates everything. I stand above all created things, above all erudition. (161, 35 - 36)

45 Now is the time of understanding, of enlightenment of spirit and mind, in which man will finally seek me spiritually, because he will recognize that God is neither a person nor a fantasy, but unlimited and absolute Universal Spirit. (295, 29)

Christ; the love and the word of God

46 Before the Father in Jesus made himself known to mankind, He sent you His revelations, using material forms and events. Under the name "Christ" you have come to know Him who manifested the love of God among men; but when He came to earth, He had already revealed Himself as Father before, so you are not to say that Christ was born in the world - it was Jesus who was born, the body in which Christ dwelt.

47 Think, and you will finally understand Me and will acknowledge that Christ was already before Jesus, for Christ is the love of God. (16, 6 - 7)

48 Here I am with you and give you strength to fight for the eternal peace of your Spirit But truly, I tell you, even before mankind got to know me, I already enlightened you from infinity and spoke I to your hearts. For since I am one with the Father, I have always been in Him. Ages had to pass over mankind until the world received me in Jesus and heard the Word of God, although I must tell you that not all who heard my teaching then had the necessary spiritual development to feel the presence of God in Christ. (300, 3)

49 In Jehovah you believed you saw a cruel, terrible, and vengeful God. Then the Lord sent you to deliver you from your error, Christ, His Divine Love, so that, "knowing the Son, you should know the Father"; and yet, ignorant humanity, once again entangled in its sin, believes to see an angry and offended Jesus, waiting only for the coming in the "Spiritual Valley" of those who hurt Him to tell them "depart from me, I do not know you"; and to let them immediately suffer the cruelest tortures in eternity.

50 It is time that ye understood the meaning of my teachings, that ye should not fall into error. Divine love will not prevent you from coming to me; but if you do not make amends for your errors, it will be the implacable judge of your conscience who tells you that you are not worthy to enter the kingdom of light. (16, 46 - 47)

51 I want you to be like your master, that you may rightly call yourselves my disciples. My legacy is love and wisdom. It was Christ who came to you, and it is Christ who is speaking to you at this moment; but do not try to separate Me from God or to see Me outside of Him, for I am and always have been one with the Father.

52 I have told you that Christ is the Divine Love; therefore do not try to separate Me from the Father Do you believe that He is a Father without love for His children? Where do you get this thought? It is time for you to realize this.

53 Let no one be ashamed to call God the Creator, Father, for this is His true name. (19, 57 - 58)

54 In Jesus the world saw its incarnate God. Men received from him only lessons of love, teachings of infinite wisdom, proofs of perfect justice, but never a word of violence, an act or a sign of resentment. See instead how much he was insulted and mocked. He had power and all authority in his hand, such as the whole world does not have, but it was necessary that the world should know its Father in his true nature, his true justice and mercy.

55 In Jesus, the world saw a Father who gives everything for His children without asking anything for Himself; a Father who forgives the most serious insults with infinite love without ever seeking revenge, and a Father who, instead of taking the lives of His children who insult Him, forgives them and, with His blood, shows them the way to their spiritual salvation. (160, 46 - 47)

56 As man, Jesus was your ideal and the realization of perfection; that you might have in him an example worthy of following, I wanted to teach you what man must be to become like his God.

57 There is one God, and Christ is one with Him, because He is the "Word" of the Godhead, the only way by which you can reach the Father of all created things. (21, 33 - 34)

58 Disciples, Christ is the highest manifestation of Divine Love, is the light which is life in the regions of the Spirit; the light which breaks through darkness and reveals the truth before every spiritual gaze, solves the mysteries, opens the door and shows the way to wisdom, eternity and perfection of the Spirit (91, 32)

The Holy Spirit - the truth and wisdom of God

59 In wisdom is the healing power and the consolation that your heart yearneth for. That is why I once promised you the Spirit of Truth as Spirit of consolation.

60 But it is absolutely necessary to have faith, so as not to stop on the path of development, nor to feel fear of trials. (263, 10 - 11)

61 This is the age of light, in which Divine Wisdom, which is the light of the HolySpirit, will illuminate even the most secret corners of the heart and the Spirit. (277, 38)