Chapter 35 - The power of thoughts, feelings, and will


The sending and receiving of thoughts and their effects

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1 There are forces that - not visible to the human eye and not perceptible to human science - constantly influence your life.

2 There are good and there are evil; some give you health and others cause you disease; there are light and dark.

3 Where do those powers come from? From the Spirit, disciples, from the mind and feelings.

4 Every Spirit, whether incarnated or disembodied, sends out vibrations in thinking; every feeling exerts an influence. You can be sure that the world is full of these vibrations.

5 Now you can easily understand that where one thinks and lives in the good, healing powers and influences must be present, and that where one lives outside the laws and rules that characterize good, justice and love, there must be ominous powers.

6 Both fill the space and fight against each other; they have influence on the emotional life of men, and when they are able to distinguish, they accept the good inspirations and reject the bad influences. But if they are weak and are not trained in the accomplishment of good, they cannot resist these vibrations and are in danger of becoming slaves to evil and succumbing to its rule. (40, 58 - 63)

7.Everything spiritual in the universe is a source of light, visible or invisible to you, and this light is power, is might, is inspiration The ideas, words and works also give forth light, according to the purity and sovereignty they possess. The higher the idea or work is, the more delicate and subtle is its vibration and the inspiration that emanates from it, although it is more difficult for the slaves of materialism to perceive it. Nevertheless - the effect which the high thoughts and works have on the spiritual is great. (16, 16)

8 If an idea or thought of light arises from your mind, it reaches its destiny to fulfill its charitable task. If, instead of thoughts of goodness, impure radiations emanate from your mind, they will only cause harm wherever you send them. I tell you, thoughts too are works, and as such they remain written down in the book that exists in your conscience.

9 Whether your works are good or evil - you will receive back many times what you wished for your fellow men. It would be better for you to do evil to yourselves than to wish it to one of your neighbors.

10 This is why I told you in the "Second Time": "What you sow, you reap"; for it is necessary that you recognize your experiences in this life and remember that your reaping will give you the same seed that you sowed, but in multiplication

11 O mankind, you have neither considered, felt, nor lived the teachings of your Master! (24, 15 - 18)

12 This is the reason why I have told you that you did not know the power of thought. Today I tell you that the thought is voice and hearing, that it is weapon and shield. It creates as well as it destroys. The thought shortens the distance between distant dwellers and finds those whose trace it had lost.

13 Know your weapons before the battle begins. He who knows how to prepare himself will be strong and invincible. It will not be necessary for you to wield murder weapons. Your sword shall be pure and pure thought, and your shield faith and charity. Even in silence your voice shall resound as a message of peace. (76, 34)

14 Watch, taking heed that ye do not defile your minds with unclean thoughts. It is creative, and if you give shelter to a bad idea, it will work its way down to lower levels, and your Spirit will be enveloped in darkness. (146, 60)

15 The united thoughts of a large group of people will be able to bring down the evil influences and push the idols from their pedestals. (160, 60)

16 Today I can assure you that in the future communication by thought will reach a great unfolding; and through this means of communication many barriers will disappear which still today divide peoples and worlds. When you learn to connect with your Father in thought, when you reach the Spirit to Spirit dialogue, what could still cause you difficulty in communicating with your brothers and sisters, visible or invisible, present or absent, near or far? (165, 15)

17 Your thoughts always reach me, however imperfect they may be, and I hear your prayers, even if they lack faith, which you are always to put into them. The reason for this is that my Spirit absorbs the vibrations and feelings of all beings.

18 But men who keep distance from one another because of their selfishness, far from the spiritual life as a result of the materialism in which they have let themselves be entangled nowadays, are not prepared to be able to communicate with one another by means of their thoughts.

19 Nevertheless, I tell you that it is necessary that you begin to train your Spirit. To achieve this, "speak" to the spirit beings, even if you do not receive a clearly perceptible answer from them.

20 Tomorrow, when all have learned to give, they will receive more and more indications of a spiritual understanding, such as men never dreamed of. (238,51)

The power of feelings, wishes or fears

21 At every moment, mental or spiritual vibrations emanate from you, but in most cases you radiate selfishness, hatred, violence, vanity, and base passions. You hurt and feel when you are hurt: but you do not love, and therefore you do not feel when you are loved, and with your pathological thoughts you saturate the environment in which you live more and more with pain and fill your existence with discomfort. But I tell you: Saturate everything with peace, with harmony, with love, then you will be happy. (16, 33)

22 Never think badly of those who do not like you, and do not be bitter about those who do not understand you, since you yourselves transmit the innermost feeling you have toward your neighbor to them in thought (105, 37)

23 Do you see those men who want to be powerful by force? Very soon you will see them convicted of their error.

24 I will prove to them that one can be truly great and powerful only through the goodness that is radiance of love. (211, 22 - 23)

25 You lack faith to lift up your face and smile hopefully and look the future without fear, without distrust in the face, because in the future I am.

26 How often are you sick just because you think this; for at every turn you think that fate is pursuing you and pain is lurking. Then you attract dark forces through your thinking, with which you overshadow your material life and your spiritual path of ascent.

27 But I am here with you to ignite anew the faith in life, in truth, in the eternal, in perfect peace, and also to teach you to attract the light. (205, 28 - 29)

The lack of self-conquest

28 Man is guilty of two things: not only because he makes no effort whatsoever to remove the bandage which denies him knowledge of the highest teachings, but also because he has not freed himself from the fetters of matter, which, unlike spiritual pleasures, have seduced him to physical pleasures. This is the reason why he has enslaved himself under the dominion of the passions and allows his Spirit to resemble a lame man who does nothing to get well.

29 In all fields I see the majority of men unrestrained; everywhere I meet only the weak man. And to what can this be attributed? To the fact that you do not have the courage and sufficient willpower to get out of the dirt you are in, to overcome the inertia that forges the fetters that bind to matter, and this is the origin of all vices, all faults.

30 But man does not want to make use of that power with which he was endowed, which is the will; the will, which is to be the unrestricted legislator, which is to become the supreme leader, and, supported by reason, is to fight - power against power, dominion against dominion. On the one hand the passions and desires, on the other hand reason and will, until these latter win the battle, and you can say that you are liberated.

31 Then you will be the great prophets, the great enlightened ones, who can be "supermen. Then you will be able to live together with the wild animals and play with reptiles. For truly, I tell you, it is the transgressions that burden you that cause you to fear those little brothers of yours, and this is also the reason why they attack you.

32 But if you take the time to observe men, you will discover that there are men who are wilder than tigers and who have more poison than the cobra. (203,3-6)