Chapter 58 - The Kingdom of Peace of Christ and the Completion of Creation


Chapter 58 - The Kingdom of Peace of Christ and the Completion of Creation 

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The determining power in the Kingdom of Peace of Christ

1 Just as I announced to you those times of great suffering, so I tell you that when the confusion is over, harmony will come among men

2 The haughty, those who think themselves great, those who are without charity and righteousness, will be held back for a time in the hereafter, so that goodness, peace and righteousness may progress on earth and in the midst of them spiritualization and good science may grow. (50, 39 - 40)

3 In the lives of men, evil has always oppressed good. But I tell you again that evil will not prevail, but that my law of love and justice will rule mankind. (113, 32)

4 The majority of the spirit beings incarnating in the humanity of those days will be so committed to good that when people who are inclined toward evil appear, however powerful they may be, they will have to bow to the light of truth that those who bring it before their eyes - quite contrary to what is happening now. For since the corrupt are in the majority, they have created from evil a power that suffocates, infects, and embraces the good. (292, 55)

5 In those days, O disciples, the New Jerusalem will be in the heart of men. You will reach high degrees of spiritualization, and I will not only send spirit beings of great development to incarnate among you to bring you my messages. I will also send you the spirit beings who need your virtue and who, when they live among you, purify themselves from their sins.

6 In those times the opposite will happen from today, where I send you pure spirit beings and you return them to Me defiled (318, 46)

The new man

7 Men will come up out of the filth and the mud and sin to the law and to virtue, and will walk in the ways of love and grace. Everywhere my Spirit will be felt, every eye will see me, every ear will hear me, and every mind will comprehend my revelations and inspirations.

8 People who were thought to be clumsy and illiterate will suddenly see themselves enlightened and transformed into my prophets. From their lips will come words that will be like crystal clear water on withered hearts.

9 This water the prophets will take from the fountain of wisdom and truth, which I am; in it men will find health, purity and eternal life. (68,38 - 39)

10 My kingdom is reserved for the children of good will who embrace their cross out of love for their father and their neighbour. This kingdom, of which I speak to you, is not in a certain place; it can exist both on earth, which you inhabit, and on all spiritual homes; because my kingdom consists of peace, light, grace, power, harmony, and all this you can attain - even if in limited form - already in this life. You will attain the spiritual fullness only beyond this world, which you currently inhabit. (108,32)

11 Verily, I tell you, although men today are more matter than spirit, tomorrow they will be more spirit than matter

12 Men have tried to completely materialize their Spirit, but they will not achieve that total materialization. For Spirit is like a brilliant, and a brilliant never ceases to be one, even if he has fallen into the dirt. (230, 54)

13 Men will dedicate their science, their strength, their talent and their heart to the service of my divine cause, without neglecting their duties, their tasks in the world. They will turn to the healthy pleasures that are beneficial to their spirit and body. They will struggle for their renewal and freedom, will not be infected, will not take anything they do not need. Then corruption, shamelessness, will disappear from the earth, then the Spirit will have attained absolute dominion over their body shell [soul], and although it still inhabits a body, it will lead a spiritual life of love, brotherhood and peace.

14 This will be the time when wars will disappear, when there will be mutual respect and helpfulness, when you will realize that you can no longer dispose of the life of a neighbor nor your own. You will then know that you are not owners of your life, nor that of your children and spouses, nor of this earth, but that I am the owner of all creation. But since you are my beloved children, you are likewise owners of all that is mine.

15 But though I am Lord and owner of all that is created, I am not able to kill my creatures, to hurt anyone, or to cause pain to anyone. Why then have those who are not owners of life taken what does not belong to them to dispose of it?

16 When this teaching is understood by men, they will have taken a step upward in their spiritual development, and this world will be a home for advanced spirit beings.

17 You do not know whether you will again inhabit this planet after this time. I will designate those who will experience those times of grace, who will see this earthly realm, which in another epoch was a valley of tears, destruction and death.

18 Those seas, mountains and fields that witnessed so much pain will then be transformed into a place of peace, into an image of the worlds beyond.

19 I have announced to you that when the fighting ceases, my kingdom will already be near you, and that then your Spirit will blossom in virtues. My teaching will be present in all spirit beings, and I will make myself known through men and women. (231, 28 - 30)

20 I have prepared an age in which mankind will rise in obedience. Your grandchildren will see the glory that I will pour out on this earth.

21 For my will must be fulfilled on this world, which I handed over to you as an earthly paradise, and the time will come when those spirit beings will come to this planet who have reached a high stage of development, who have fought. My divine light will outshine the earth, and the fulfillment of my law will reign on it. (363, 44)

The earth as a land of promise and reflection of the kingdom of heaven

22 This earth, desecrated by sin, defiled by crime, and defiled by greed and hatred, will have to recover its purity. Human life, which has been a ceaseless struggle between good and evil, will become the home of the children of God, a home of peace, brotherhood, understanding and noble aspirations. But to achieve this ideal, men must go through the trials that will shake them out of their spiritual lethargy. (169, 14)

23 On sins, hatred and vices I will not build a new world, I will build on firm foundations of renewal, experience and repentance, I will transform all things in you. Even out of darkness will light break forth, and out of death I will create life.

24 Even though men have defiled and profaned the earth - tomorrow they will make worthy this home with their good works, which will be recognized as a land of promise, to which they will come to perform noble tasks. Who then could still doubt the transformation of the world? (82, 44 - 45)

25 I am currently building the temple of the HolySpirit. But when it is built, there will be no more meeting houses, churches and pilgrimage sites, or they will have lost their right to exist, along with their religious symbols, rites and traditions. Then you will feel my greatness and my presence, you will recognize as church the universe and as worship the love for your neighbor.

26 From the bosom of Mother Nature will spring new knowledge, which will make your science a way of welfare, because it will be put on the right path by the conscience, which is the voice of God.

27 The brain will no longer be the master of the world, but the co-worker of the Spirit, who will guide and enlighten it. (126, 35 - 36)

28 When then the world attains its renewed liberation and, guided by the light of Elijah, enters into this righteous and good life, you will have here on earth a glimmer of the spiritual life which awaits you beyond this life, so that you may then enjoy eternally the peace and light of your Father.

29 But if you are wondering how all nations will unite in one people, like those tribes that formed the people of Israel, I tell you: do not worry, for once the nations are all brought into the "desert", the visitations will forge them together, and when this happens, a "new manna" will fall from heaven on all needy hearts (160, 39)

30 As the Promised Land was distributed to the people of Israel, so will the whole earth be distributed to mankind. This will happen when the time has come for it - after the purification. Since it is my will that this distribution should take place, justice and equality will prevail in it, so that all people can work together on one single work. (154, 49)

31 Imagine the progress of a humanity whose morality springs from spiritualization; imagine a humanity without limits and national boundaries, fraternally sharing all the means of life that the earth gives to its children.

32 Try to imagine what human science would be like if its ideal were love for one another, if man received the knowledge he seeks through prayer.

33 Consider how pleasing it will be for Me to receive the worship of love, faith, obedience, and humility from men through their lives, without their having to take recourse to rites and external cult forms.

34 This only will be life for men, because in it they will breathe peace, they will enjoy freedom and only feed on that which contains truth. (315, 57 - 58)

35 The sins of men shall be blotted out, and all things shall seem as new. A light full of purity and virginity will enlighten all creatures, a new harmony will greet that humanity, and then a hymn of love to their Lord, whom He has been waiting for so long, will rise from the Spirit of men.

36 Mother Earth, desecrated from the earliest times by her children, will again adorn herself with her most beautiful festive garments, and men will no longer call her "valley of tears", nor will they turn her into a field of blood and tears.

37 This world will be like a small sanctuary in the middle of the universe, from where men will raise their Spirit to the Infinite, in a union full of humility and love for their Heavenly Father.

38 To my children my law will be imprinted in their minds and my word in their hearts, and if mankind in times gone by found pleasure in evil and delight in sin, they will have no other ideal than good, nor will they know any greater pleasure than that of walking in my ways.

39 But do not think that man will therefore renounce his science or his civilization and retire to lonely valleys and to the mountains to live a primitive life. No, he will still enjoy the fruits of the tree of science, which he has cultivated with so much interest, and when his spiritualization is greater, so will his science.

40 But towards the end of times, when man has gone all this way and has snatched the last fruit from the tree, he will recognize the wretchedness of his works, which formerly seemed so great to him, and he will comprehend and feel the spiritual life, and through the same he will admire the work of the Creator as never before. Through inspiration he will receive the great revelations, and his life will be a return to simplicity, naturalness, spiritualization. Some time will pass before this day comes, but all my children will see it. (111, 12-14)

The perfection of creation

41 I am preparing the valley where I will gather all my children for the Great Universal Judgment. I will judge with perfection, my love and mercy will embrace mankind, and on that day you will find salvation and healing from all your evils.

42 Today, when you atone for your transgressions, let your Spirit be purified. In this way you will be prepared to receive from Me the inheritance I have provided for each of you. (237, 6)

43 My love will melt all men and all worlds into one unity. Before me the differences of races, languages and tribes will disappear, even the differences that exist in spiritual development. (60, 95)

44 My Spirit has descended upon every spirit being, and my angels are everywhere in the universe fulfilling my orders to put everything in order and on the right track. Then, when all have completed their mission, ignorance will have disappeared, evil will no longer exist, and only good will reign on this planet. (120, 47)

45 All the worlds in which my children perfect themselves are like an infinite garden. Today you are still tender shoots, but I promise you that you will not lack the crystal-clear water of my teachings, and you will increase in wisdom and love more and more by watering them; until one day in eternity, when the trees will bear full ripe fruit in abundance, the divine gardener will be able to refresh himself by tasting the fruits of his own love. (314, 34)

46 I want that at the end of the struggle, when all my children are united forever in the spiritual home, they may share in my infinite happiness as Creator, in recognition of the fact that each one of you has participated in the divine work of building up or restoring.

47 Only as spirit beings will you discover that of all that I have created since the beginning nothing has been lost, that everything in me is resurrected, everything comes to life and is renewed.

48 So when so many beings have been lost for a long time; when many, instead of works of life, have done destructive works, they will discover that the time of their aberration was only temporary, and that their works, no matter how bad they may have been, will find restitution in Eternal Life and will be transformed into co-workers of my unceasingly creative work.

49 What are some centuries of sin and darkness, as mankind had them on earth, when you compare them to eternity, a time of development and peace without end? You have distanced yourselves from me because of your freedom of will and will, through conscience, cause to return to me. (317, 17 - 20)

50 This world is not eternal, nor need it be. If this home no longer fulfills the purpose that it now has as its raison d'être, it will disappear.

51 If your Spirit no longer needs the lessons this life gives because it expects other, higher ones on another world, then, because of the light of knowledge gained in this life struggle, it will say, "With what clarity I now understand that all the misfortunes of this life were only experiences and lessons I needed to understand better. How long did that "day's work" seem to me, when the sufferings depressed me. Now, on the other hand, when everything is over - how short and fleeting it seems to me in the face of eternity! (230, 47)

52 I have received the tribute of all creation, from the greatest stars to the beings hardly perceptible to your eyes.

53 Everything is subject to development, everything goes its course, everything progresses, everything changes, develops higher and perfects itself.

54 When it has then reached the summit of perfection, my spiritual smile will be like an infinite dawn in the whole universe, from which every blemish, every misery, suffering, and imperfection will have disappeared. (254, 28)

The hymn of praise for the restored harmony of creation

55 In my Spirit there is a song of praise whose sounds no one has yet heard; no one knows it, neither in heaven nor on earth.

56 That song will be heard in all the universe when the pain, the misery, the darkness, and the sin are blotted out.

57 Those divine sounds will echo in all spirit beings, and the Father and the children will unite in this chorus of harmony and bliss. (219, 13)

58 I want to rise in you as victorious - want you to consider your Father as King of hosts, who defeats the evil in you, and yourselves as soldiers full of spiritual honor, full of contentment and peace of mind.

59 Then will the hymn of Universal Harmony be heard in the greatest of victories - that triumph which will come, but in which neither your Father nor yourselves will be grieved to have "vanquished" by your love.

60 Our "vanquished" will not be the spirit beings - it will be the evil, all darkness, sins, and imperfections.

61 The Father's triumph will consist in the salvation of all the remaining spirit beings who were rooted in darkness and evil.

62 You are in error when you believe that someone will be lost. I would no longer be God if a single Spirit could not find salvation.

63 All those whom you call demons are likewise spirit beings who came forth out of God, and if they are still lost today, they too will find redemption.

64 When will the true light be in them? When, together with the spiritual hosts of light, you will fight their ignorance and their sin with your prayer and your works of love and mercy.

65 Your Father and your perfect happiness will be the Great Day of the Lord. The Universal Banquet will take place when you all once feed at his table on the bread of eternal life. (327, 47 – 48)

66 Have I not told you that you are the heirs of my glory? So all that is missing is that you acquire merits so that it may be yours and you may enjoy it.

67 All that I have created has not been for Me but for my children. I only want your joy, your eternal bliss. (18, 60 - 61)

68 All power that enlivened beings and gave life to organisms will again turn to Me; all light that illuminated the worlds will return to Me, and all beauty that was poured out over the kingdoms of creation will again be in the Spirit of the Father; and as soon as again in Me, that life will be transformed into Spirit Essence, which will be poured out on all spiritual beings, on the children of the Lord; for I will never disinherit you from the gifts I have given you; I will never disinherit you from the gifts I have given you; I will never disinherit you from the kingdoms of creation; I will never disinherit you from the kingdoms of the Father

69 Wisdom, eternal life, harmony, infinite beauty, goodness, all this and more will be in the children of the Lord when they inhabit with Him the place of perfection (18,54-56)