Energy Body


DDT 1 : 48 The angels have announced these revelations, and their call has filled the room. Have you recognized them? It is the spirit world that has come to you to bear witness to my presence. All that is written will be fulfilled. The destruction that has been unleashed will defeat the arrogance and vanity of man, and he - having become humble - will seek Me and call Me Father. (179,38 - 39)

I prayed to the Lord today and said to him: Lord, Jesus Christ, am I no longer connected to you, since I can no longer hear, feel or hear you as before? What has happened? I miss you. And there was no answer, although I sat awake.

Towards morning, when I woke up, the Lord Jesus said to me:

"This is about war."

It's about the predictions for the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 (that's also my birthday).

Then he showed me two children's souls in a vision. I first saw a child's soul, it looked like a cloud, reddish and yellow; it was writhing and screaming terribly, but nobody heard it. It was being tortured and cruelly tormented by a child abuser. It was a cloud of energy moving within itself, pure life writhing in agony. Then I saw the other child, but not so clearly. This one was also abused, like the first one.

After a while, the Lord Jesus said:

"You did not express yourself like this" ( that I can no longer hear him, he meant. I was glad that I was still alive in the Lord Jesus).

Then he said:

"Habeck has to go. Baerbock has to go."

The ocean is a sea made up of individual drops of water that are held together as a sea by energy. The cosmic ocean is also a spiritual ocean made up of many souls, of energy bodies that move within themselves and are all connected to each other and held together by cosmic energy. And what holds them all together is the Lord, Jesus Christ, our God and Father and Creator of the universe.