Even Your Hair...


TTT 16: 14 My eternal law has always spoken to you of this love. I told you in the First Times: "You shall love God with all your heart and with all your mind," and "Love your neighbor as yourself.

23:50 pm

I had fallen asleep sitting up and when I woke up I heard the words:

"Trudeau ... traffic light follows .... Facial Recognition."

Since I was asleep:

"It's just possible you're missing the point. I haven't spoken yet... Totally!"

The President of Canada, Trudeau, has launched the social credit system, just as they do in China (videos that made it clear on YouTube have been censored away), i.e. total surveillance using 5G with facial recognition, motion sensors, etc., to control every step of the population. Those who comply with the state are rewarded and receive plus points, while those who oppose it receive minus points on their bank account. This can lead to your bank account being blocked and, if you are no longer able to pay, to you being locked out of your home by blocking the entrance.

We ourselves have already received such a locking system with a coded key.

The German traffic lights will also get this off the ground.

When God speaks, the impact will be TOTAL ... after that comes ... SILENCE

4/27/2024 around 2:20 a.m.

I woke up from sleep and heard the words in my spirit:

"Turn your power (on your cell phone) to 20%. Then it will have minimal impact."

How do you do that? Turn your cell phone power down to 20%. I turn it off completely now.

"It's already starting today. And it's everywhere."

I see millions of bright sparks flying through the air, swirling around. It's electrical radiation.

"Even the hair is being scanned."

I've switched off my cell phone, internet and mobile data too. Then this morning I suddenly had a network of 4G when I switched it on, although I've only had 1 bar of e-network with the Internet switched on recently, and I didn't get WLAN activated either ... and now this.

Yesterday afternoon I suddenly had a stabbing headache and then a headache again and again.

Have you now activated 5G?

They have predicted a very serious wave of illness for the end of April or June, which will be fatal for all those who have been vaccinated several times. Ivermectin is the only help and Ivermectin is not available in Germany. I myself tried it once and then received a letter threatening a fine of up to 20,000 euros, which I was able to avert because I ordered it for the treatment of scabies, but I didn't get it. The hospitals would be completely overloaded and collapse.

If they have 5G switched on, then that's the trigger for it.

New world order era, RFID chip or ID2020 is an evil plan.


You can buy or sell with the RFID chip. You can connect the RFID chip to various electronic devices. With the RFID chip and the right electronic device, you have access to your bank account. The RFID chip contains all your important data. Your virtual wallet is on the RFID chip. (There is a virtual world currency in the NWO) The RFID chip contains your personal identification. The RFID chip contains your driver's license.

The RFID chip allows you to interact with your smartphone and various applications. You can unlock doors with the RFID chip. All data required by your doctor and hospital is stored on the RFID chip.

The RFID chip has an integrated GPS and is used to track your location and activities.

The RFID chip can know everything about your health and mood status.

The RFID chip can influence your health and mood status.

The RFID chip can blind you from a distance so that you cannot see anything.

The RFID chip can make you deaf from a distance so that you cannot hear anything.

The RFID chip can make you stupid from a distance so that you cannot speak.

The RFID chip can remotely monitor or record everything you see.

The RFID chip can remotely monitor or record everything you hear.

The RFID chip can remotely monitor or record everything you speak.

The RFID chip can delete or manipulate your memories remotely.

The RFID chip can remotely insert fake memories into your brain.

The RFID chip can remotely feel pain in selected parts of your body.

The RFID chip can remotely monitor whether you are hungry or thirsty.

The RFID chip can remotely monitor whether you want to go to the toilet.

The RFID chip can remotely influence your behavior, feelings and decisions.

The RFID chip can secretly send all data about you to the One World Government.

The RFID chip can monitor absolutely everything about you and the environment.

The RFID chip can make you suffer remotely.

The RFID chip can kill you remotely.

Technologies - 5G - Cellular Satellites - misused A.I. - MKULTRA - Monarch RFID

Certain 5g signals can interfere with the brain and help prove mind reading technology. C-signal, N-signal, T-signal and B-signal. Need improved signal detectors and jammers / scramblers. Rods for signals may not be calibrated correctly. Test the calibration. C-signals 16-32 and C-band (Strategic Intelligence - Cryptocurrency system using body activity data - ID2020 - Digital ID with vaccines - Monarch RFID - NanoCore - Slavery).... https://stop5g.cz/us/

ID2020 Alliance: Global Mandatory Vaccinations + Biometric ID Integration


Protective clothing, measuring devices for electrosmog and much more can be found here: https://www.lessemf.com/

from: EMF Electromagnetic Fields - Dr. Joseph Mercola - KOPP Verlag - ISBN: 978-3-86445-756-2