No port - no goods - no gas - no oil ...


TTT 13:13 The meaning of Jesus' teaching

13 The teaching of Jesus - given as a guide, an open book for mankind to study - cannot be compared to anything else in any other nation on earth, in any generation, in any race. For those who have set out to deliver commandments of justice or teachings of charity have been sent to earth by Me as forerunners, as messengers, but not as Deity. Christ alone came to you as a deity. He brought you the clearest and greatest teaching that the human heart has received. (219, 33)

In a vote yesterday, the Bundestag rejected the delivery of "Taurus" (a sub-nuclear weapon) to Ukraine.

A.M. read yesterday that hordes of soldiers are currently on their way to East.

This morning around 4:00 a.m. A.M. woke up with severe stomach and back pain and sat up in bed to pray.

In the midst of her pain, the words formed in her spirit:

"There are reinforced soldiers everywhere now."

"Putin may attack us now after all."

"It's the fault of the OVER-stupid Americans."

"They do the same with many doctors!"

Just like with chancellors and other government representatives? Pilots vaccinate - now they're dying like flies.

And Prince William is running amok. A.M. saw that in a vision. His Kate is not ill, but "has insisted on returning to her parents", Christ told A.M., because the William has swapped her for another Cate - party without Kate.

"With the variety of arrangements, the best time comes now... if you promise to stay with me..."

Yes father. Where am I supposed to go? I long for you. Please, stay with me.

A.M. sees squeezing a lemon as a status symbol for healthy eating.

Some lemons can be eaten, others with a waxy layer are poisonous.

Around 7:00 a.m. - A.M. had fallen asleep sitting up.

"Hamburg .... Nuclear contaminated."


"Mountains are coming down"

"Wood stove .... No wood."

"Nature is freezing."

No port, no goods, no gas, no oil ....