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End times & new beginning of Matrix Coaching

 The current events could be understood as the battle between demonic forces against divine consciousness. You can find the journey into the divine matrix at In this post, I present some connections that might be helpful to better understand the big picture behind all of this.

Fate, rule your destiny - intense April by Birgit Fischer

This is again about intense energies and their effects on our earth and what they mean for all of us, how we feel about them and how we can deal with them.

Red Heifer Vision & Interpretation (

From EBook 'HOSTA' : Quote:

4.2.2017 at 01:30 am

Words from Jesus to Anna Maria Hosta:

"Peace for all time.

I give you all peoples.

You have set them free.

The seed is sown.

The cow has been slaughtered

Satan will be no more.

Your character has gouged out his eyes

You were obedient to me

And have passed all my tests."

From EBook 'HOSTA' - 4.6.2017 - Quote:

Jesus: "She rules. Milk cow. It goes through your marrow and bone when she calls."

Red heifer vision & interpretation

by Anna Maria Hosta December 15, 2018

by Clare du Bois from 3/17/2017

May we all heed the Lord's call to battle, Heartdwellers. This is indeed a new day!

Ezekiel had a powerful vision today after receiving communion today. He saw hovering over America a red heifer - a young cow that had never had a calf, used for the temple sacrifice. Priests in Levitical garb came, but Jesus was the one who slaughtered the heifer, and when he did, the blood ran down from heaven and covered America.

When I came to pray, I asked the Lord what the red heifer meant in this context

Jesus began, "It is a symbol of cleansing through judgment. A washing out of the wickedness that has crushed this nation for too long. It is more than financial, it is ideological and moral filth that needs to be expelled from America."

And here's the reference I got from Wikipedia: The ashes of a ceremonially clean and slaughtered (kosher) red heifer were combined with pure spring water and sprinkled on those who were unclean and had had contact with a corpse, or with someone who had had contact with one who had come into contact with a corpse.

The foul rotting immorality of our nation ....

Well, Wikipedia didn't say that, but I see the parallel there ... And it's interesting, you know, we've had contact with a corpse. Our nation is dead, morally decayed and dead.

Well, Wikipedia didn't say that, but I see the parallel there ... And it's interesting, you know, we've been in contact with a corpse. Our nation is dead, morally decayed and dead.

Interestingly, the Lord gave me a rhema the other day from Haggai 2: 12-19

"If a man carries holy flesh in the fold of his garment and touches bread or cooked food, wine, oil or other food with that fold, will it become holy? "" And the priests answered, "No." Then Haggai said, "If someone who is unclean from a corpse touches any of them, will the latter become unclean? "And the priests answered," It will become unclean. " Then Haggai said, "So is this people. And so is this nation before me," says the LORD, "and so is every work of their hands; and what they offer there is unclean.

But now, consider, from that day, before one stone was set upon another in the temple of the church LORD, from that time, when one came to a heap of corn of twenty measures, there were but ten; and If one came to the vat of wine to draw fifty measures, there would be but twenty. "I struck you and every work of your hands with brilliant wind, mold and hail; but you did not return to Me. says the LORD.

'Consider from this day the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month; from the day that the The temple of the LORD was founded. Consider: 'Is the seed still in the barn? Even the vine, the fig tree, pomegranate and olive tree, has borne no fruit. But from this day on I will bless you. '" And then Jesus continued: "For too long people have turned a deaf ear to the complaints of these people who are grieved by the corruption of this nation. Now is the time to flush the corruption from the soil of this nation so that it can emerge in a new life. This process is always painful; cleansing is never easy. Decay and death have been the foundation for the majority of this nation's politicians. Maintaining the status quo, overcoming the real moral problems and straining at gnats. The time for that is over. Myself, will see to it that evil is flushed from this government and its deceitful arm, the media.

"The time for outrage is over; now is the time for action. The church has thickened on its lees, it is time for it to awaken the world and actively ensure that justice prevails in this country.

"Your president can't do it alone. He needs every man and woman on board with his agenda. This is it your prayers for the nation, your outcries, your education of the ignorant, your active role to fight this massive front of evil until it collapses. "

But Lord, I thought it would only be suppressed, not stopped.

Jesus continued, "If I remove my church, evil will have its chance. But until then, Clare, you all have work to do: to pray, to inform, and to enter into spiritual warfare to make sure that this wickedness is in High places are brought down to the dust.

"This is the clarion call. (A loud and clear call to war.) This is a time of defeat for darkness, time of frustration and failure. And until I remove the church, it will be when you cross shoulders and walk with Me, declaring justice and morality as the standard of living for your country politicians. Now is the time for your opinion to be heard. Also in songs and in art, in letters to the editor, in public speaking forums, internet forums and the like.

"Don't run from the fight. Stand up and proclaim what is right without rancor. Let your voices be heard, My people. Declare this past administration so filthy that it is morally and ethically ruinous to this nation's survival. Choose your words and your weapons carefully. Prepare the way with prayer and fasting, then make your voice known. It is the grassroots that will turn this country on its ear. It is the ruling elite that destroyed it. But the people who are standing up have indeed put a blockage in their way and I wish this becomes bigger, healthier and more pronounced.

"Not by ugly statements or fighting, but by revealing the truth. They are on a mission to make everything about My Come, a mission that must include taking responsibility for your government without turning a deaf ear.

"If you want to live under oppression, famine and persecution, go ahead and treat yourself with shopping and movies.

"If you want to insure your freedom and your right to love Me, protect your children from crime, drugs and drugs, indecent lifestyles, this is the time and time to act.

"I have indeed brought forth the heifer to sanctify this nation and rid it of its impurity culture of death. But without the reordering of your life, standing up and being counted for what is right will not endure You must correspond with this grace, My people. You must actually let your voice be heard and let your life be counted for righteousness. "

Lord, would you please show us how to do that?

"It's as simple as that," Jesus continued. "When you see or hear error, bring forth the truth and stand behind it.

Don't expect results if you don't pray first. Remember that every ministry is like an iceberg. 90 percent is underwater and invisible - that's prayer. Ten percent is visible - that's ministry.

Likewise, your mission begins with earnest intercession. Then, when I give you opportunities, you will be ready."

Lord, I don't have and still don't feel the burden for this nation. Forgive me.

Jesus continued, "That is true enough. However, when you get wind of something, I continue to surrender to you, you show serious concern. And it's not just about how you feel - it's your obligation to do so

Right, if it's uncomfortable. Do you want to have a serious exchange with one of your colleagues?

Kids who don't know their right hand from their left are up to fighting the forces of evil against good in this nation? Will you stand the heat of being scorned for your perspective? How much are you willing to invest? That will determine your return.

"My people, I am deadly serious. Rise up and claim dominion over this land. Rise up or perish with it.

There is no time to chase your pleasures and distractions. That was your behavior of the past and that is what they are counting on But now you are informed. And you are not of this world. "

"Greater is He who dwells in you than he who is in the world." I John 4: 4

"Arise and take dominion. You are not alone, the hosts of heaven are marching with you. I am with you, in you and working through you. Rise. Rise up and take dominion. "

Now, lastly, I want to mention to you that after Ezekiel had this vision, he kept hearing a song by Julie True called "Benjamin's Peace." And I don't know what it's exactly about because I couldn't find the lyrics and I didn't understand all the words. But it's a very powerful song, and it seems to be about warfare, spiritual warfare. And that song has been playing in his head all day since he had the vision.

I think that's a confirmation. If any of you have the lyrics, please post them for me.

Source:  Heart Dwellers 

New Sanhedrin (Third Temple Ritual)

by Anna Maria Hosta February 21, 2021

From 'WIND' – 12/15/2018

Dedication of the Third Temple Altar, which is incredible to see. We thought this was fake news, friends. We didn't realize this was even real news because it was on the internet, but this morning at 10:30 a.m. In fact, the day after Hannukah we have a dedication, sacrifice ritrual for the Third Temple

Feast of Dedication - We have this ceremony by the new Sanhedrin

So the reopening of the Second Temple after the Maccabean War took place, where Hanukkah is celebrated

So we have the dedication of the third temple here, you know, it's quite symbolic to see such a bold statement here in Jerusalem (Temple @ Zionists)

So we have here a dedication of the altar of sacrifice for the third temple.

(The servants in white robes are now making the sign of the devil - index finger-middle finger extended, the rest of the fingers curled into a fist)

So we are a temple of the Holy Spirit from God.

So you know, Christians, if some Christians are funding this third temple, it's not going in a good direction, right?

I think a lot of people believe that when this temple is built - either the Messiah will build it or he will come after it's built, and they still expect the Messiah - if we fund it and the Messiah has already come we kind of feel like we're in the same line

But it's possibly the antichrist, the abomination of devotion. Yes.

So, what do you think, this is pretty serious stuff, this is not a silly little thing, this is a big thing, a thing of these sacrifices that will take place in the third temple. So ... crazy times ... yeah. crazy times we had to have the Jewish people in our prayers.

And asking the Lord for revelation and guidance on how we can show them that Yeshua came and Yeshua paid for sins on the cross, but they have to accept that.

So I know better than anyone that the Lord could only be here by grace and had the knowledge of Yeshua.

Now they say that the temple is for all nations - pointing to the sign for the UN building on the Temple Mount.

The commission calls the group "temple activists"

The Muslims (?) came to the Jews and asked them: Please, please build the Temple - because the Temple is for everyone, for all nations, to comfort their lives.

But the problem is the radicals - it should be without feelings of hatred and revenge and negativity. It will only be loving (???)

The blueprint of the temple is shown - a monstrous building -

The tent of Moses in the desert was very simple and only separated from the outside world by a curtain to generate a sacred space.

Remember, Jesus Christ alone is our atoning sacrifice for our sins. And when we are born again from above, he dwells in us. WE are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Stephen was stoned to death for speaking this truth by the people who were of the second temple built of stone. So remember, we are the temple and we don't need another temple built of stone to sacrifice there for our sins.

Understand, this obviously leads to the prophecy about the Antichrist - to the abomination of dedication that is in the holy place.

The seven-flame candlestick is shown. (The seven flames are the virtues we are to acquire in order to become like the image of God - which are his virtues such as love, humility, justice, faith, etc.)

Now the golden lamp of Queen Helena is shown (also a symbol of the Antichrist)

Even more, when they came, they had a red heifer, a new story that came out (this is a reddish calf, ripe for breeding, which has not yet borne and is to be slaughtered as a sacrifice in the temple because of its value)


Jesus dislikes such a sacrifice and will call to account those who participate in it. He came to abolish animal sacrifice. The true sacrifice is the sacrifice of a repentant heart.

Now it is shown: All kingdoms and nations will come together and gather in Jerusalem.

This is an ancient prophecy of the Lord. But it does not refer to the earthly city of Jerusalem, but this city is also our heart. It exists only spiritually and not materially. All of us who belong to Christ will be united in his spirit, spiritually, and that is the city of Jerusalem, the heavenly city of Jerusalem.

This will lead to revelation, to the return of the Messiah to this world to reign in it as sole king over all kings from the heavenly Jerusalem, spiritually - via spirit to spirit communication to the conscience, to the heart of divine man throughout the earth and his kingdom will endure forever.

It is serious because it is a rejection of the Messiah. When he said at the last supper on earth, this is the blood of the new covenant

Jeremiah 31:31

Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah;

Jesus said, I will write my law on their heart, on the heart of Israel.

(Israel is a heavenly name and refers to the chosen ones of his people)

With the Israelites the tabernacle inside the temple with the ark of the covenant was made of animal skin and our heart is surrounded by human skin and our ark is our heart and he said that he would write his law on our heart.

said that he would write his law in our hearts. And that happens because Jesus shed his blood for us. Jesus is the sacrifice for our sins. That's all we need. Our heart is

the temple (2 Cor. 6:19) in which the Holy Spirit and our conscience dwell and in which we are to unite ourselves with the Spirit of God. We do not need a temple built of stones.

The burnt offering of wood is shown.

But this is part of the prophecy that will lead to the return of the Messiah, the King of Kings, whom we follow, Jesus Christ, he is the Lord. Praise him, the King of kings. He died for us and rose from the dead because of us. Pray that many Jews and many other people around the world will not have to answer for this sacrificial temple of the new one-world religion of the Antichrist and that they will turn to the true Messiah and worship only Him.

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