In The Third Testament we hear from the Lord about spiritualism in chapter 47 :

14 Spiritualism is not a religion; it is the same teaching that I spread in the person of Jesus for the guidance of all people of all times in the world. It is my teaching of love, justice, understanding and forgiveness.

15 In this "Third Age" I have only spoken to you with greater clarity because of your spiritual, physical and intellectual development. (s. BTL T. 359, 60 - 61)

16 Spiritualism comes to destroy customs and traditions which have been introduced by men and which have held back the spirit. Spiritualism is uninterrupted development and elevation of the spirit, which purifies and perfects itself by means of its abilities and qualities until it reaches its Creator. Spiritualism shows the way in which the spirit receives, feels and expresses its Lord. Spiritualism liberates the spirit and brings it to development.

33 So realize the true goal of spiritualism, whose teaching is above every denomination, every human ideology and every sect. (s. BTL U. 297, 38 -41)