MÉXICO, 1866 - 1950

Publisher and translator from Spanish to German:

Traugod Göltenboth

Employee: Victor P. Martens

Editor of the original Spanish edition

"Libro de la Vida Verdadera"

in 12 volumes is the

Asociación de Estudios Espirituales Vida Verdadera A.C.

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Christ says: ... "I want you, in fulfillment of my prophecies, to compile volumes of books with this word that I have given you, and later make excerpts and interpretations of it and bring them to the attention of your fellow human beings." (U 6, 52)

... "With this book, which mankind will finally recognize as the Third Testament, you are to defend my cause. Mankind only knows the law of the "First Time" and what is written in the First and Second Testaments. But the Third will now unite and correct what men have changed for lack of preparation and understanding." (U 348, 26)

... "This voice that calls you is the voice of the Divine Master. This word is from Him who created everything. The essence of this work will become the foundation stone on which all orders will rest in the future. He who has the power to do all things will transform your hearts of stone into a sanctuary of love and elevation and will kindle light where there was only darkness."

The verses in this book were selected from the work "The Book of True Life" (in 12 volumes) according to topic and summarized in this compendium. This preserves the true origin but at the same time provides the reader with an abridged introduction to this extensive divine word.

The 12 volumes mentioned contain 366 so-called teachings, each with a different number of verses, which are numbered consecutively for each teaching.

 The Third Time

The Era of The Holy Spirit !!

At all times, God has sent his seers and prophets to the people when they have lost their way and gone the wrong ways. So also in our time, even today, in these days 144,000 spirits of which many are currently incarnate and living on earth, while the others are in the afterlife and working from there are sealed by Christ, to storm the gates of hell as prophets and prayer warriors to help the light to break through in a world which is more and more permeated by darkness.

Each one reaps what he has sown in his many earthly lives - good works are rewarded with bliss, evil deeds are inexorably and severely judged by his own conscience. The time of selfishness is over - that's what we need to understand by the end of the world.

The time of the Holy Spirit has come, and that is the promised second coming of Jesus Christ - for there was much that He had to say at that time, but we could not have understood it then - but now we are ready for it and therefore Christ is speaking again to the humanity - and this time he does it spiritually - and from 1884 to 1950 to his voice-bearers in Mexico!

"I have much more to tell you, but you can not bear it now. But when that one, the Spirit of Truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth, for he will not speak of himself, but what he hears He will speak, and what will be in the future, he will proclaim to you: he will transfigure me, for he will take it from mine and declare it to you. All that the Father has, that is mine. Therefore I have said, He will take away from mine and preach to you "(John 16: 12-15).

Roque Rojas - a reincarnation of the prophet Elijah - was used by Christ as a tool to help him prepare the way again, as did John the Baptist, who was also a reincarnation of Elijah - he has launched gathering places in Mexican suburbs with very simple people. These, in turn, were reincarnations of Israelites, incarnated in Mexico this time, with the task of receiving as a voice bearer the third revelation of Christ through their mind organically through the Holy Spirit, writing it down and leaving it to mankind as an estate.

These 366 teachings of Jesus Christ of Mexico, from which "The Third Testament" was compiled as a compendium with over 65 chapters on 684 pages, first in Spanish and then in many other languages, are published in 12 volumes under the title: "The Book of True Life."

The Three Times

(Quote from the book of True Life)

First Time (The Father)

At the beginning of the first time, God could still spiritually deal with His children through some of the chosen ones. They heard His spiritual voice guiding them. But when this connection was lost as a result of the increasing materialism of His children, God sought a mediator. He equipped a man by whom He could communicate with His people. Moses was the chosen tool by which He announced the Ten Commandments, which should first give the guidelines for life to the people of Israel and later to the whole world. Moses, with the Ten Commandments and detailed arrangements, symbolizes the First Time in which God revealed Himself to His children as the Creator, the only God, in His inexorable righteousness (God the Father of the Trinity).

Second Time (The Son)

When the time came, God sent his only begotten Son. God's Spirit became man in Jesus and dwelt among men. In His teachings He revealed the Divine Love, and with His life and sacrificial death He gave the perfect example to man; therefore, He was the Divine Master who fulfilled the Ten Commandments of the First Time through love, which found its highest expression on the Cross as He sacrificed himself for humanity. Jesus symbolizes the Second Time (God Son of the Trinity).

Third Time (The Holy Spirit)

Jesus could not reveal everything during His earthly time because humanity was not yet ready for it. He announced, however, that the Father would send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. This third time was initiated by Elijah, whose mind enlightened a God-given tool. It was a simple man named Roque Rojas; he was, like John the Baptist, the forerunner, so that God's Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, could manifest among men. In 1866, through his intercessor, the Spirit of Elias proclaimed, "I am Elijah, the prophet of the first time, the one of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, prepare yourselves ..." Those listeners who had the gift of spiritual vision, At that time, Jesus, Moses, and Elijah saw the way the disciples experienced Jesus' transfiguration on Mount Tabor. This is the affirmation of the three great epochs of the times and of Elijah's symbolizing the Third Age in which the Spirit of Truth communicates, or the second coming of Christ in the Spirit (God Holy Spirit of the Trinity).

God gives His revelations in perfect order:

The doctrine of love was given to us by Jesus (second time), having already had sufficient knowledge of the righteousness of God (first time). And so we will be able to absorb the doctrine of truth and wisdom (Third Time) to the extent that we fulfill the teachings of love.

This is the Third Time - Elijah's time - the time of the Holy Spirit; It began in 1866 in Mexico with the creation of the Book of True Life, which culminates in the Compendium of the Third Testament. It is about the doctrine of the spiritualization of all people and the preparation for the 1000-year reign of Christ and his coming Kingdom of Peace on earth.

God dwells in every human being, and God is the Father and Creator of all beings, whether they are in this world or in the hereafter - all are his children. Man is an incarnated spirit created by God at the beginning of creation. These spirits have gone through many incarnations to perfect themselves, first in other, more perfect worlds, and now also on the Atonement Planet Earth, which is also a school of spiritualization.

Every human being has a spark of God in his conscience. Conscience guides the mind of man - the mind guides the soul of man and the soul guides the mind of man and his body. Man must spiritualize and learn the direct dialogue with God, regardless of denomination, faith, color, nationality beyond doctrines, worship of outward forms and false cults, churches of stone, Pharisaism and false doctrines of false light! (Anti Christ).

God Himself wants every man by means of the divine spark in the heart, which is invested in every man, i.e. in the mind of man, which is the conscience that lead and guide. And he does so with respect for the free will of man as a tenderly loving father who always knows what is best for his child.

Man has to open his spirit, his heart and to learn to hear the voice of God inside, for to be inspired and be guided by God, then his life will become a blessing for himself and others. The task of man is to accomplish works of love and mercy in order to please and become like God, his Father, to perfect himself so that he can approach God. His goal is to attain perfection through his own efforts and through the grace of God to return forever to the Father and then eternally live with him. This is a long path that every human being, every spiritual being has to go step by step, and that requires the divine teachings that have the power to purify the mind and perfect the spirits.

The Seven Sealth

The "Book of Life" with the Seven Seals, known from the Revelation of John, contains the history of mankind as foreseen by God. It is divided into seven major chapters, all of which have a special seal. These seals were solved by Christ so that the light contained in the respective chapter of the Book of Life, the will and education of God, could be affected and realized in the human world. Here, the main doctrine of the spiritual development stage of humanity in question is symbolized in a symbolic event by a chosen one of God, as a model and a role model of this epoch and of all later times. - Since the beginning of the Third Age, the "Book of Life" has been added to the Sixth Seal.

The First Seal: The Sacrifice

To this the Lord in His new Word says, "The first of these stages of spiritual development in the world is represented by Abel, the first servant of the Father, who offered his atoning sacrifice to God." He is the symbol of the sacrifice. "Envy rose against him. " (T. (= Teaching No. and verse) 161,54)

From Genesis, chapter 4, we know that Cain and Abel offered their burnt offering to God. That of Abel looked graciously upon God, for it was given with innocent and pure heart. But Cains was rejected by God because Cain was not pure-hearted. This angered Cain very much, and out of envy and hatred he killed his brother Abel. However, the deep meaning of this biblical story is that Abel - besides his material burnt offering - also brought God the spiritual sacrifice of his earthly human passions. That's why his heart was innocent and pure. This purification of his nature is thus the actual symbol of the sacrifice. In summary, we can say that the First Seal means that we should sacrifice our sinful passions, that the mind governs matter, and that we attain the spiritual connection with our Heavenly Father.

The Second Seal: Faith

It is symbolized by Noah. People did not heed the doctrine of the First Seal, but in abuse of their free will they let themselves be controlled by the evil passions of materialism. In Genesis 6: 3 ff., we read, "The Lord said, Men do not want to be punished by my spirit, for they are flesh, and I will give them one more hundred and twenty years ... As the Lord saw that man's wickedness was great on earth and all the poetry and pageantry of her heart was only evil forever ... he said: I want to destroy the people I have created from the earth ... But Noah found mercy to the Lord ... Noah was a pious man and without reproach and led a divine life in his times.

People despised God's warning and did not believe the time limit set for their recovery. Only one believed: Noah. The Lord chose Him for His instrument to begin again after the Flood with a new humanity. It took a strong faith to carry out all the orders of God, which at that time were quite extraordinary and which made people laugh. But Noah trusted His God and acted as He was commanded. Faith was not only literal to Noah, but spiritually the saving ark, and to this day faith is a saving power to every believer. Nor is it a coincidence that Abraham, the other great hero of faith, lived just in the time of the Second Seal.

The Third Seal: The Spiritual Strength

It is symbolized by Jacob. God gave Jacob the spiritual name of "Israel," which means "strong." Jacob or Israel encountered in his life many tribulations and dangers - with which God tested him - but which he could overcome through the spiritual power that was in him It became a symbol of the spiritual strength that we must attain in order to endure, with patience and resignation, the trials that God sends us.Thanks to the spiritual character mentioned above, God chose him as the progenitor of the people of Israel, from among his 12 sons the 12 tribes came forth, and through him Jehovah was able to manifest a great spiritual revelation.

From the Old Testament we know the narrative known as the "Ladder of Heaven" (Genesis 28: 10ff.): Jacob saw in a dream a ladder that stood on the earth and rose to the heaven, and the Angels of God climbed up and down. At the top of the ladder stood the Lord. In symbolic imagery God showed the development of the spirit. Our mind needs to get riper and purer to level up. At the same time, we can sense that our spirit in a single human life, so to speak at first attempt, is unable to attain the purity necessary to ascend the ladder until we are with God. It takes many attempts, many incasations, to get up a few steps each time, according to the maturity our mind has attained. The Lord exhorts us not to stand on the ladder, i. e. to progress steadily in our spiritual development, otherwise we hinder the coming of our spiritual development. - The angel of God descending on the ladder are the advanced spirits of light that the Lord sends down to help the ascendant. Again, it is again expressed that God does not leave us alone on the way home to Him, but offers us His help. The way to achieve the quality of the Third Seal is to observe the teachings of the two preceding ones: only through the sacrifice of the lower passions and through immutable faith can God make the Spiritual spark living in us a great strength.

The Fourth Seal: The Law

It is symbolized by Moses. God has chosen him to deliver the people of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, and through him he has given the people the Ten Commandments and many orders which have proclaimed to men the will of GOD. The Ten Commandments became the foundation of all human laws, and if they had been faithfully followed, humanity would have taken the good path of true worship, justice, order, and respect for neighbor. But disregard of the divine law, i. e. man's disobedience to God's will has brought humanity to the brink of the abyss.

The Fifth Seal: Love

It is represented by Jesus. In him God became man out of love for us. His life was a perfect example and His teaching was a single glorification of love, which found its highest fulfillment when He gave His life for us. Therefore, He could summarize His teachings in the words, "A new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you, so that you may love one another" (Jn 13:34)

And indeed, in this new commandment of love, the entire law is contained. Its observance to the last consequence will bring the spiritual kingdom of God to this earth. This is already the case in the hereafter, because love is the presupposition and foundation of the spiritual realm.

The Sixth Seal: Wisdom

The Sixth Seal is symbolized by Elijah, the prelate and preparator of the Third Age, the prophet and great Old Testament warrior who went to heaven in a "fiery chariot" after completing his mission (2 Kings 2,

With this pictorial representation we are shown that the spirit of Elijah is the fierce warrior of God. According to the testimony of Jesus, this Cherubinic spirit was also incarnated in John the Baptist (Matt. 11: 7-14), who prepared the hearts for Jesus to place His teaching in them. He also smoothed the ways of the Lord at His spiritual return in our time and, as a powerful angelic prince, transmits to all spirits and worlds the light of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Wisdom emanating from the opened sixth seal or chapter of the Book of Life, the Lord's teachings and revelations even by the year 1950 announced by chosen tools. But that did not end the time of the Sixth Seal. The light of the Sixth Seal continues to irradiate humanity until it has acknowledged and spiritualized the revelations of Christ in His Second Coming. The afflictions that are taking place at the same time will support this development so that the spirits can receive the truth and wisdom of God. In this way, humanity is prepared for the Seventh Seal.

The Seventh Seal: The Perfection

The Seventh Seal completes the work of salvation just as on the seventh day, figuratively speaking, creation was finished. The spirit has traveled the long and painful journey and is again in close contact with his father from spirit to spirit. The disobedient son returns home to his father's house, he has overcome himself and the world. - The symbol of the Seventh Seal is the Heavenly Father Himself, who will be the final goal of this difficult development and purification of the spirits. The seventh seal is not yet open. Perhaps one or the other spirit is already able, thanks to its spiritual maturity, to experience a foreboding of what the seventh seal will bring. But generations will still have to come and go for all of Israel and for humanity, and many more years of trials will come, and many more tears will have to pave the way until all the greatest time has come for them: the time of constant fellowship with their father.

III. The people of Israel

In the teachings, the Lord often speaks of the "people of Israel," "My people," or simply "people." By no means meant the Mexican nation in whose midst the rallies took place. Is the state of Israel meant? - no. To avoid errors, here is a brief explanation of the origin of the name "Israel," and who is referred to in the Revelations with "People of Israel." The bible expert knows the narrative in the Old Testament, according to which Jacob wrestled with a "man" during a difficult life situation at night, until dawn broke. "The man" could not overwhelm him and finally said: "You should no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, because you have fought with God and with men and are in charge." And God renewed his promise to Jacob, "Thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt be spread out in the evening, in the morning, midnight, and midday, and through you and your seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed," - Israel is a spiritual name meaning "strong". It should become a strong, spiritual fellowship that encompasses the whole people, a numerous, strong nation of Israel. And God gave the people the Promised Land to live in peace and to deepen their spiritual connection with Him. However, it was subject to the condition, according to the pact made with God, that it should manifest the true worship of the one God and the truth of His teaching to all the peoples of the earth, and thus be a priestly people.

The Old Testament tells vividly about the development of the people of Israel over the centuries. Soon a division became visible within it: on the one hand, the little group that we want to call spiritual Israel, because it maintained spiritual contact with God, and from whose midst the wise leaders of the people and the great prophets emerged. On the other hand, the majority that we want to refer to as materialistic Israel, because it used the divine blessings of great wisdom, perseverance, and energy only to gain power and wealth. This disobedience to the covenant made with God often brought heavy trials to the people of Israel, which they themselves were guilty of, for their wealth, their power and their pride almost challenged neighboring countries to fight against them. In tribulation and distress, the people cried out to their God, but repentance lasted only until it regained its freedom and wealth.

During the many trials, the minority of spiritual Israel was ignored, but full of faith and hope in the Messiah. Therefore, He could become human in their midst in Jesus, to once again draw attention to His people's spiritual mission among the peoples and to prepare for it. Spiritual Israel followed Him and was happy to hear His word. The majority, materialistic Israel, barely took note of Him, and the official Church firmly rejected Him. She expected a strong man, a mighty warrior who would break the rule of the Romans to establish an earthly, glorious and invincible Israel. But the Messiah was humble and declared, "My kingdom is not of this world." The disappointment was so great that they condemned Him as agitators and blasphemers and had Him crucified. Thus an event of tremendous significance had occurred: the visible separation between spiritual and materialistic Israel.

Spiritual Israel gathered around the apostles, and in the small group soon the knowledge that the apostle Peter put into the words ripened: "Now I learn with the truth that God does not look at the person, but in all sorts of people, who Him fearing and doing right, he is pleasing to him. " - So not only the Jews belong to spiritual Israel, but from all religions and nations those who believe the words of Christ and act accordingly; because it is a spiritual community and therefore not bound to nations. Materialistic Israel, in its fanatical effort to shake off Roman rule, suffered a severe warlike defeat, and after the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, it ceased to be a nation, and the Jews were scattered all over the world. A terrible judgment that materialistic Israel caused by its disobedience to the divine laws and the rejection of the Messiah. Relentlessly, Jesus' prophecy was fulfilled at the sight of the magnificent temple in Jerusalem: "Truly, I say to you, there will not be one stone left on the other here that will not be broken." And further: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which kill the prophets, and the most stony, that are sent to you, how many times I have gathered your children, like a hen gathering their little chicks under their wings, and you have not wanted! House should be left desolate. " Over the centuries that followed, it was an unwelcome minority everywhere, suffering oppression, humiliation and hardships. But now, almost 2,000 years after those terrible events and the resulting visible separation between spiritual and materialistic Israel, a change of unimagined significance is taking place again. Spiritual Israel, which as a barely noticed minority among the peoples of the earth was a weak, little influential little group, is awakened and collected. Christ in His spiritual return speaks to the "Israel in the Spirit". He now unites all the "scattered tribes of Israel" to equip his spirit and send it into battle until it has reached the salvation and spiritualization of the human race. The teachings for this are the new revelations of Christ collected in the 12 volumes "Book of True Life."

On the other hand, we have materialistic Israel. His pilgrimage has been long and sorrowful since it broke out of his bosom to those who offered him his kingdom as a new heir. But the times of the heaviest oppression are over; it has become rich, and with the money it exerts great influence. It has become strong and proud, and the nationalist branch has again settled as a nation, the old religious traditions have awakened. He believes he is fulfilling the laws of Jehovah and Moses, but in fact he still adores the golden calf. It is far from understanding and carrying out its spiritual mission. This should not be seen as a one-sided charge against the Jews or the Israelite nation; all the nations of the earth - perhaps excluding minorities - are materialized and "dance around the golden calf." - If materialistic Israel is specifically mentioned in this explanation, it is because this treatise deals with spiritual and materialistic Israel and concludes that the latter does not - nor does it – fulfill the God-given task of being the priestly folk to the peoples of the earth.

Involuntarily, we ask ourselves: what will happen next? - We must not forget that God has made great promises to the people of Israel, and He will never break them. But we must also be aware that the blessings promised to Jacob by GOD regarding his seed affect the spirit, just as the name of Jacob, Israel, is a spiritual name. It is a mistake to believe that the promises are to matter; i.e. refer to the tribe or to the present state of Israel.

If so, prophets and messengers of God would still rise in him. - But the time will come when Israel, now materialistic, will unite with spiritual Israel and both will reunite, the people of Israel. But when will this happen? - If materialistic Israel renounces money, power and pride and recognizes the Lord's new revelations - which will probably only be possible after another most grievous visitation - and cries out with tears of pain: Jesus was the Messiah, and so is Christ for us "the way, the truth and the life.