The TRUTH is the SIGN !


By Anna Maria Hosta, August 28, 2018

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Truth is the sign and whoever who is pure, he will see it.

ASTROWeek quote:

"This week there is a tension in the air, which affects a total of Monday to Wednesday. Mercury in the lion makes you extremely self-confident in thinking, you represent your ideas enthusiastically. At the same time Jupiter in Scorpio pushes everything to the extreme and you quickly get into something, make big plans that may not be feasible. Many people think that they have leased wisdom and lose all sense of proportion. Especially with the money is caution. Some people now tend to show off. "

Anna Maria requested a Rhema and got this: See here:

Rhema: Jesus says: CRACKS ARE BEGINNING TO FORM IN THE ELITE's NETWORK ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus ❤️ March 13, 2017 


"Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice. For others, life seems to be almost as usual, but events unfold in your environment that are extremely trying and frustrating. That, too, is your sacrifice and I do not wish for you to go on ignoring that. These delays, oppositions, accidents, unexpected set-backs, all of them are entirely relevant to delivering America and the world from the clutches of evil." "Yes, you know that Revelation will be fulfilled and in your lifetime, and parts and shadows of it already have been. But I am bringing the light of My Kingdom to Earth before the final challenge. I am forestalling the inevitable, but it is your suffering that is backing this up. You all have done well." "As you grow in faith and love, you will discover yourself on high places with Me, saturated in My Love and united to Me in the sweetest bliss possible on this Earth. Yes, with great sacrifice also comes great, great joy."

From the notes in the Gospel of Perfect Life


"Gregory of Nazianzus: The Lord commands us to seek only the essentials for a living, when he lets us speak: 'Give us our daily bread today!' That is not meant to be luxurious and delicious. Ask God for the bread that is necessary for subsistence, for the rest is only invented by those who loved the revelry and enjoyment of the age and belongs to that chaff scattered along the way. But the seed of the good householder is the good wheat from which he bakes the bread. "

Note: What is meant here is the WORD, which is our bread, our food for the journey. The wheat is every word that comes from the mouth of God to people to show them the way to eternal life.

Anna Maria was at a power point yesterday to think about this phenomenon. It was a small park with Kneipp facility, where a few benches are, a stream rushing, the birds chirping cheerfully. Two came, told stories, rolled up their trouser legs and tipped their legs in the cold water to harden themselves, as they said.

Anna Maria sees her as a reality that is only fleeting, as if in a matrix, and how the image evaporates and is not a reality. She sees everything as a transient phenomenon, which is incorporated into something much larger and only a breath that blows past, as the greeting of the Divine at this moment to eternity.