What is spiritualism?


What do you mean by spiritualism?

You're probably thinking, another -ism, that can't mean anything good, can it? And yet spiritualism is the teaching of the good, the true, the perfect, because it is the divine revelation of the teaching of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus was not yet able to convey to us at that time because we had not yet progressed accordingly in our spiritual development. We could not have understood it back then.

Is this a new religion, you might ask?

Spiritualism is not a new religion, nor is it an association of different religious communities. Spiritualism is also nothing new that we are not yet familiar with. Spiritualism does not erase any of the words that Jesus once proclaimed. If this were not the case, it would not be allowed to call itself by this name, as it would oppose the truth. But we must apply spiritualism in order to discover Christ's truth; for mankind has divided itself into as many creeds and world views as the development of human thought has allowed. Now, when the world comes to know spiritualism, it will say, "Indeed, Jesus has already said all this!" This moment will coincide with the war of worldviews, from which spiritualism will emerge like a breath of peace, like a ray of light.

Spiritualism is not a mixture of religions. It is the purest and most perfect teaching in its simplicity, it is the light of God that comes down to the human spirit in this "Third Age". Spiritualism is nothing new, nor does it belong only to this time, but it has been a revelation that has been revealed more and more in accordance with the spiritual development of humanity. Since the teaching that God gives us is spiritualism, which teaches us perfect love for God and our neighbor and invites us on the path that leads to perfection, spiritualism was also what the Law of God taught us in the "First Age" (in the Old Testament), and the Word of Christ in the Second Age.

Where does the origin of spiritualism lie?

In the Second Age (in the New Testament), Jesus promised the apostles before his departure that he would return and lead us into the whole truth, because the people of that time were not yet able to grasp it due to their spiritual development. 2000 years have passed since then and today mankind has become mature enough to understand the whole truth, the truth about perfection and spiritualization. That is why the Lord has now fulfilled his promise to come back - spiritually - (in the cloud) and introduce us to the whole truth.

In 1866 he chose Roche Rojas, who was a reincarnation of Elijah, who had also been incarnated in the second time as John the Baptist and baptized Jesus in the Jordan, and anointed him with the divine spirit. Roche Rojas founded meeting places in the suburbs of Mexico City where people met regularly. Voice bearers were trained by Christ and from 1884 to 1950, over several generations, they served Christ, who rested his divine ray on their organ of understanding so that they began to speak in tongues.

Records were made of this and Christ expressed the wish to compile volumes from the recordings and so 12 volumes were created, each with around 400 pages, called THE BOOK OF TRUE LIFE, which is nothing other than the wisdom that God carries within Himself. Finally, Christ's wish was also taken into account to compile a compendium from the 12 volumes of THE BOOK OF TRUE LIFE, which was called THE THIRD TESTAMENT and was translated into German from the original Spanish text by Traugott Göltenboth, who himself was present in Mexico, and Viktor Martens.

What does this mean - spiritualism?

Spiritualism is the legacy in which the Three Testaments are united in a single spiritual book. This teaching, which is called spiritual because it reveals the spiritual, is the path mapped out for man on which he will come to know his Creator, serve Him and love Him. It is the "book" that teaches people to love their Father in their own neighbor. Spiritualism is a law that commands the good, the pure, the perfect. Until now, it has not been spiritualism that we have practiced, but only our conception of what Christ's work is, which is far from true spirituality.

The light of spiritualism now reveals to the world the truth, justice, reason and love inherent in the spiritual capacity for reincarnation. Spiritualism comes to destroy customs and traditions introduced by men that have held back the spirit. Spiritualism is the continuous development and elevation of the spirit, which purifies and perfects itself through its abilities and qualities until it reaches its Creator. Spiritualism shows the way in which the spirit receives, feels and expresses its Lord. Spiritualism liberates the spirit and brings it to development. Spiritualism is the revelation that reveals and teaches us all that we possess and carry within us.

So let us realize the true goal of Spiritualism, whose teaching is above every denomination, every human ideology and every sect. Spiritualism is not a new teaching that seeks to achieve the development of the doctrines of past times - no, it is the same revelation as that of the "First" and the "Second Time". It is the foundation of all religions that God wants to remind humanity of in these times of separation so that it does not forget its origins.

Before we set out to teach and expound the divine principles of life, we must begin to follow the teaching that the Lord Jesus has revealed to us by loving our neighbors, living a life turned towards the spiritual and sowing our path with love and light. If we do not do this, we have not understood spiritualism. It reveals to us our true nature, through it we can form a clear idea of our God and Father and recognize ourselves.

The good sowers of spiritualism will never be characterized by anything external or material. They will have neither costumes, nor insignia, nor any special way of speaking. Everything about their behavior will testify to simplicity and humility. Nevertheless, if they are distinguished by anything, it will be their charity and their spiritualization. The true preachers of spiritualism will not be noted for their eloquence, but for the wisdom and simplicity of their words, and above all for the truthfulness of their works and the goodness of their lives.

Spiritualism in this time, like Christianity in the past, will be fought and persecuted with fury, cruelty and rage; but in the midst of the battle, the spiritual will emerge, performing miracles and conquering hearts. Spiritualism is causing a worldwide battle among worldviews, creeds and religious cults. But after this confrontation, this teaching will bring blessed peace to people, which they need so much; and will cause the sun of divine justice to shine over all spiritual beings.

What is the meaning and aim of Spiritualism?

We ask ourselves what God wants to achieve when He reveals Himself spiritually to the humanity of this time? To this He answers us: What I seek is your awakening to the light, your spiritualization and your unification, since you have been divided at all times. For while some have striven for the treasures of the spirit, others have devoted themselves to the love of the riches of the world - spiritualism and materialism in perpetual struggle; spiritualists and materialists who have never been able to understand each other. These two forces will have to face each other again until the truth emerges from this struggle. The battle will be fierce, for the more time passes, the more people love the earthly, since their science and their discoveries give them the feeling of living in a realm of their own, in a world they have created.

Who can call themselves a spiritualist?

I will explain that separately .... Until then ...