Who can rightly call themselves a spiritualist?


Words of the Lord Jesus Christ:

The spiritualist shall be recognized by his deeds, which, to be pure, must be dictated by conscience. Whoever acts in this way will feel that he rightly calls himself my disciple.

I have placed conscience in your being so that it may be the guiding principle in all your ways, since conscience is able to distinguish good from evil and right from wrong. With this light you will not be deceived, nor can you be called ignorant. How could the spiritualist deceive his neighbor or seek to deceive himself if he knows the truth? (10, 32)

Vanity must never take root in the spiritualist. On the contrary, genuine modesty should always be his companion, then his deeds, instead of dazzling with false light, will find favor in the hearts of his fellow men. (322, 32 - 34)

He who has attained a certain spirituality through his perseverance, his development and his love for the Father's teachings will be a spiritualist, even if his lips do not say so. He who has faith and shows generosity in his actions will reflect what his spirit possesses. (236, 27 -28)

The spiritualist knows that the Almighty is in everything, that the world, the universe and infinity are permeated by my essence and my presence. Whoever recognizes and perceives Me in this way is a living temple of God and will no longer materialize the revelations of the Spirit through symbols or images. (213, 31 - 32)

Spiritualism is the revelation that reveals and teaches you all that you possess and carry within you. It makes you realize that you are a work of God, that you are not just matter, that there is something above your "flesh" that raises you above the level of nature that surrounds you and above the filth of your passions. When man attains spirituality, every precept and doctrine will form a part of the light of his spirit. Even if his memory does not retain a single sentence or a single word of my teaching, he will carry its essence within him because he has understood it, because he feels it and follows it. (240, 17 - 18)

The good spiritualist will be the one who, for all his poverty of material goods, feels like a lord, rich and happy, because he knows that his Father loves him, that he has brothers and sisters to love, and that the treasures of the world are secondary to the riches of the spirit.

He will also be a good spiritualist who, as the owner of material goods, knows how to use them for good purposes and uses them as means given to him by God to fulfill an important mission on earth. It is not necessary to be poor, despised or miserable in order to be among those who follow Me, just as it is not necessary to be among those who suffer in order to be loved by Me. In truth, I tell you that according to My will you should always be strong, healthy and owners of all that I have created for you. When will you know how to be owners of your inheritance, to appreciate every grace and to give everything its rightful place in life? (87,28 - 30)

Therefore, at this time I am showing you anew my truth, which is the way, the essence of life and the law, so that you may seek this law, which is the lighthouse and guiding star, beyond forms and rites, beyond everything human. Whoever seeks Me in this way will be a spiritualist. (197, 10 - 11)

I want you to be spiritualists through the practice of the good, through the knowledge of the essence of life, through your love for your neighbor, through your service to God by means of a generous, fruitful and virtuous existence. (269, 55)

No one will be lost; some will arrive earlier on the path I have shown you, and others will arrive later on the paths they follow. In all religions, man can accept the teaching he needs to become good. But if he does not achieve this, he blames the religion he professes and remains who he has always been.

All religions are paths; some are more perfect than others, but all aim at the good and strive to come to the Father. If there is something about the religions you know that does not satisfy you, do not lose faith in Me. Walk in the way of charity and you will find salvation, for my way is illuminated by the power of love. (114, 43)

The religions are small byways that lead the spiritual beings to the true path, on which they can ascend step by step until they come to Me. As long as people profess different religions on earth, they are divided. But once they are on the path of love and truth, they will be united, they will become one with that single light; for there is only one truth. (243, 5)

The unification of religions will come when the spirit of men rises above materialism, traditions, prejudices and fanaticism. Then people will be spiritually united in a single worship: that of goodness out of love for God and neighbor. When this happens, humanity will enter a period of perfection. (187, 43)

The spiritual division of mankind is due to the fact that some made use of one branch (of the tree of divine revelations) and others of another branch. There is only one tree, but its branches are many. But people did not want to understand my teachings in this way, and the disputes divide them and deepen their differences of opinion. Everyone believes they have the truth, everyone feels they are right. But I tell you: as long as you only taste the fruit of a single branch and reject that of the others, you will not come to the realization that all fruits come from the divine tree, the totality of which only represents the complete truth.

I entrust you spiritualists with the task of tearing down the barrier that humanity has erected between God and yourselves - a barrier of false faith, of only apparent belief in the eternal, of materializations and unnecessary acts of worship. You are the ones commissioned to alleviate the pain of the people, to teach the blasphemers to pray, who have remained for a long time without lifting up their spirit in prayer. But for this you must spiritualize yourselves more every day and free yourselves from materialization. For I do not want you to be over-excited spiritualists, no. Fanaticism is abominable in My eyes and that is what I want to eliminate among you. Conscience will tell you how to live in harmony with everything. (344, 17 - 18)

Today you want to explain why you are Israel and you have no arguments; you want to explain why you are spiritualists and you have no words. You try to explain what your spiritual gifts are and you lack the evidence and spiritual development to explain them convincingly. But when your upward development becomes true, the necessary words will come to you, as you will explain with your works of love who you are, who taught you and where you are going. (72, 27) I say to you: What are you waiting for to pass on the Good News? Do you want to prophesy on ruins? I tell and reveal everything to you so that you may always have a wise answer to every question your fellow men ask you. Remember that you will be attacked with serious arguments that will fill those who are not prepared with fear.

I will present you to men as my servants, as the Trinitarian Marian Spiritualists of the Third Age - Spiritualists because you are to be more spirit than matter; Trinitarian because you have received my revelation in three times; Marian because you love Mary, your universal Mother, who has watched over you so that you may not despair on the path of life.

In 1866, the first community of Spiritualists, disciples of this Work, came into being. Under the light of my Spirit and taught by Elijah, those first disciples began to receive the rays of the message which you are now receiving in fullness at its conclusion. (255,10)

This spiritual community lives unrecognized. The world knows nothing of your existence, the powerful take no notice of you, but the battle between Spiritualists and "Christians", between Spiritualists and Jews, is approaching. This battle is necessary for the introduction of my teaching to all mankind. Then the Old Testament will be united with the Second and Third into a single essence. To many of you this may seem impossible; to Me it is the most natural, the most correct and the most perfect. (235, 63 - 64)

Until today you have lacked the faith to abolish your figures, rites and symbols and to seek Me spiritually in the Infinite. You have lacked the courage to be spiritualists and you have devised a kind of illusory spirituality behind which you hide your materialistic attitude and your faults; I do not want you to be hypocritical but sincere and truthful. That is why I speak to you with the greatest clarity, so that you may thoroughly purify your lives and show the world the truth of this work. You call yourselves spiritualists? Then you really are. Do not speak of my teaching as long as you do the complete opposite, for you will only confuse people with your works.

Eliminate the false impression people have of spiritual teachings, as if they were based on ignorance, deception and fraud. Show my teaching in all its purity and sublimity, so that it may dissolve the ignorance, fanaticism and hardening that prevent people from thinking of their spiritual self, from which they have robbed all freedom of action. (287, 42)

This is the simplicity with which I teach the spiritualist disciple, so that he too may be simple like his Master. The disciple should convince and convert by the truth of his words and the power of his works, without trying to impress anyone with mysterious powers or extraordinary abilities.

Understand that you are the children of the Spiritualist People, who should not feed on forms but on essence. If you understand my word correctly, you will never again fall into idolatry, nor will you cling to external rituals, to rites, to the transitory, for you will always long for the essential, the eternal. (224, 69 - 71)

As for those who have denied Me, who have shunned Me, who have concealed My name, who do not want to acknowledge My presence, they will be given those trials on their path which will open their eyes and likewise allow them to see the truth. (292, 35 - 36)

The flood that the spiritualistic masses of people will form will be like a raging torrent that sweeps everything away with it - a flood that no one will be able to stop because its force will be insurmountable. And anyone who tries to stand in the way of its course will be swept away by the current. Who on earth could have the power to stop the development of spiritual beings or the execution of God's decrees? No one. The only being with absolute power and justice is your Father, and He has ordained that every spirit progress to perfection.

It has been the women who have raised the spiritualist banner in this time, they have left the trail of the apostle on the way, who zealously observes the law of the Lord.

Verily, I tell you, in all parts of the world there are scattered spiritualists - mature people who will bring about the peace of mankind. But I tell you that the union between the spiritualists of the whole world will not come about through the organization of a new church, for their strength will not be material. Their unity will be mental, idealistic and in terms of their work, and in this way their strength will be invincible because they will have drawn it from the Eternal Source which is in my Spirit.

To all of them I inspire my truth and also seek them out so that all impurities may escape from their hearts and minds, as these may not mix with my light.

They all have the duty to ensure that the Spiritualist teaching is explained and clearly recognizable through their spiritual faculties and is not contaminated by human philosophies. (299, 30 - 32)

To you, people, I give the task of knocking the golden calf off its pedestal, which people still worship, even if they consider themselves far removed from idolatry and paganism. (285, 54 - 55)

Verily I say to you, the history of spiritualism will be written in glowing letters in the history of mankind. Did not Israel make itself immortal by freeing itself from the Egyptian yoke? Did not the Christians make themselves immortal through love during their triumphal march? In the same way, the spiritualists will make themselves immortal in their struggle for the freedom of the spirit. (8,64-65)