Peaceful coexistence .. soon



DDT 2 : 21 When the time has come, you will see how they will come from other peoples and nations to seek you out. Then the men of the great denominations will be concerned that it is not they to whom I have turned. (276,45)

Last night around 3 o'clock A.M. heard these words of the Father in her spirit:

"Heavy rain"

With this, the Father is alluding to a statement he made at the time about a war between Russia and Germany, that there would be heavy rain for several days and that the heavily loaded military vehicles would then get stuck in the mud in the south of Germany and move north, which is probably no longer the case in Germany, but perhaps in Ukraine now.

The father goes on to say:

"The western front is collapsing ... they are running out of ammunition."

That's what a Western military expert predicted. They will use everything, 90,000 men, everything they have. There will be no more supplies of ammunition and no more soldiers and they will only be able to put up resistance for a maximum of three days, then they will be defenceless.

It is hardly justifiable to drop thousands of paratroopers over the Baltic States when you already know that.

The father continues:

"Peaceful coexistence - soon. Khargiv."

There is still fighting there. The real reason why there is so much fighting over Ukraine is that the plan was to resettle the Zionists (former Kazars) there, just like in Georgia. But that is no longer likely to happen. The Kazars were once expelled from the area by Russia because they had committed atrocities against the Russian people. They fled to the West and eventually adopted the Jewish religion and have infiltrated all governments as Zionists in their quest for world domination.

Around 6 o'clock, the Heavenly Father speaks again in A.M. and says to her:

"There is no more time - for you. I have transformed you."

"The fish (age of Christianity) ... are dead."

This probably means those who follow the Nohaidic laws (who offer animal sacrifices to God, which is considered sacrilege) and those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Savior.

The Spirits are here now, they are those who strive for spiritualization and accept the teachings of Spiritualism - according to the Book of True Life and the Third Testament - as their model to perfect themselves, to strive for Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue with the Heavenly Father.

"UMA goes ... you have not honored me."

An Osho community striving for transformation, but without honoring Jesus Christ. They also got vaccinated.

"Marriage ... now it's all one."

When you become one with the spirit of the Heavenly Father, then everything is one and then you are married to him.

A.M. asks: And my pain?

His answer:

"I need this."

Blessed are you, O Lord, now and always and forever. Amen.


There is another prophecy that Iran, which is said to go back to Esau and which has just lost its leader Raisi, will be surrounded....