There is then a spirit of silence in us


TTT 8 : 83 I have come down into the bosom of the people of Israel, the majority of whom are at home in this nation. The rest are scattered in all nations, sent by Me, and to them I have made Myself known spiritually. These are My chosen ones who have remained faithful to Me. Their hearts have not become infected and their spirits can receive My inspirations. Through their mediation I am currently giving the world a great treasure of wisdom.

As I woke last night, I heard the following words within me:

"They are afraid."

In Russia they are afraid of nuclear bombs.

"June 9, 9:00 a.m."


"Weather front"

"Carrington event"

"There is a spirit of silence in us then."

Then I saw Mr. Putin, only briefly, he was afraid and I saw bars like a prison in front of his chalky pale face. He thought: first prison and now nuclear bombs and then he thinks 'Iran' i.e. he thinks of the fate of his Iranian friend, Raisi.

"Friends ... you ... we too."

Jesus says that we and they in heaven and Vladimir are friends.

Some time ago, after Olaf Scholz had to speak to Biden about arms deliveries to Ukraine, Biden called in during my watch at night and asked me:

'Does unconditional love mean all-encompassing forgiveness?'

The US, British, German and French leadership are primarily responsible for the advance of the Antichrist and they will burn in the all-encompassing divine love fire.

Below is a video that came out yesterday, a testimony of the bestial ritual murder of the Russian Tsar family as a bulwark against the spread of the Antichrist.

The Ritual Regicide of the Romanov Dynasty (The Reese Report-German)

"How the New World Order ushered in an age of darkness."

The Russian monarchy, which emerged in the 15th century, was based on the belief that a Christian tsar would hold back the dark forces of the Antichrist. In 1613, the Russians elected Michael Romanov as tsar. The Romanovs ruled until 1917 and promoted Christianity. However, Freemasons brought liberal ideas to Russia, which led to revolution and the overthrow of the Romanovs. The royal family was gruesomely murdered in 1918. Tsar Nicholas II is revered as a saint today, and many see his death as the beginning of the New World Order.

Another video came out yesterday with the title

Star seeds, are you ready? Ascension begins now in Germany!   (german)

In the sacred whispers of the cosmos, a profound realization is revealed. The Andromeda Council, heralds of higher consciousness, have given us a message of cosmic significance. Germany is rising as the radiant epicenter of Earth's ascension journey. From its ancient roots rooted in spiritual energy and its deep connection to nature, Germany stands as a beacon of transformation.

Join us on Soul Compass as we delve into the depths of this celestial message. Discover how we, the Starseeds, can harmonize with these powerful energies to accelerate the ascension process and light the way for all of humanity. Prepare to embark on a journey of awakening where the spiritual heritage of Germany meets the infinite expanse of the universe and leads us towards a bright future.

Selenski beside himself: no one wants to come to his "peace summit"  (german)

Long before Selenski's so-called "peace summit" has even begun, it is already threatening to fall through. These days, one important country after another is canceling its participation in this theater. Even Biden is not planning to show up.

Note: Russia was not invited to the Swiss peace summit and it is only about an arms exchange for use against Russia. China was also invited, but is loyally on the side of Russia and will not participate, but will support Russia militarily in case of defense.


Russia will soon begin military exercises in the Caribbean, near the US borders - CBS

Warships have already been sent there for these purposes.

The exercise, which will involve Russian warships and long-range bombers, will be the first simultaneous air and naval maneuvers Russia has conducted in the Caribbean since 2019. The United States interprets them as a response to American support for Ukraine, several American publications report citing Pentagon officials.