TTT 56 : 19 For the people of today, the world and its pleasures are the meaning of their lives. But soon they will value the spirit more than the body, and the body more than the clothes, and instead of running after worldly glories, they will seek the immortality of the spirit.

The father came again in the night, trembling, and sought refuge in me. He spoke of events about which he can only speak in a modified way, he said:


He means the war, the treatment of civilian women, these victims, and then says very despondently:

"Transhumanism ... then we'll never see each other again."

In the afternoon, I ask the father; Father, is this danger for me, what do you see, can you see it? Is there anything I can do to avoid it? What is your will, father, please show me what your will is with me and how we can meet again, how I can return to you if it is your will.


Praying for Donald Trump, because he can avert this. The election was stolen from him. Did he have to mature? Will he come back?

The Yugoslavian blind seer Baba Vanga has predicted that Putin will be assassinated in 2024 and that the world will become even more insecure afterwards, the world on the brink. Why is Klaus Schwab resigning from the WEF? Is an even worse one coming?

Father's answer:

"Asia Program.

Even if Putin dies, the Asia Program will go ahead.

Principalities ... will come to pass."

Thank you, Lord.


The Prince of Prussia is fighting alongside the 'Reichsbürger' (nickname) ... they are currently also under indictment like Donald Trump

Addendum 5/24/2024

This morning Jesus said to me:

"War is over"

and just now he said:


and means both wars at the same time - Gaza and Ukraine.

A.M. checked her channels and it might actually be true.

  • Some nations now recognize Palestine as their own state
  • Israel is furious about this
  • The ICC in Den Hague issues an arrest warrant against Nethanyahu and his defense minister for genocide
  • USA therefore wants to sanction the ICC and says it is only responsible for the EU because they are afraid of being accused of genocide themselves and want to prevent this
  • Chancellor Scholz has stated that he would extradite Nethanyahu to the International Criminal Court if he came to Germany
  • ICC calls for immediate end to acts of war and access to Gaza Strip
  • The slovakian president, who was shot, is doing better after several operations. Nation resists US using it to establish a second front against Russia there
  • USA apparently also does not give permission to attack Russia with long-range nuclear missiles. They are now secretly supplying weapons to China or Taiwan, where a new conflict is brewing. China is about to conduct military exercises and fight against Taiwan
  • Japan is already intervening in the conflict
  • England is considering withdrawing from the Ukraine conflict for this reason, although thousands of paratroopers have just been dropped over the Baltic States to fight against Russia - there is talk of 90,000 UN soldiers from all over Europe and elsewhere.
  • Selenzky's term of office is over, but he still remains president
  • Was Ukraine just a diversionary tactic to impoverish us