Chilation therapy

This involves using agents like Eda to bind and remove heavy metals from the body.

Ist typically administered intravenously and is overseen by a certified professional.

Chilation can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation which are linked to many cronic conditions.

Cantro (Cilantro)

This herb is known to ist ability to mobilize stored heavy metals making it easier for your bodies to eliminate them. Incorporating Cilantro into your diet such as in smoothies or in salad can significantly boost detox efforts.

Atlantic dols

This edible seaweed binds heavy metals like lead, aluminum and Mercury guiding them through the colon for elimination from the body and lastly herbs like cloves, wormwood and green walnut traditionally used for their antiparasitic and detoxifying properties helping to cleanse the body of unwanted Intruders and toxins.

These natural helpers not only cleanse your body of metals but also enhance your overall strength.

Equally important is connecting with nature and moving your body daily. Your bodies are vessels for creator energy so best to keep them well, beloved ones whether it's a walk in the park, yoga or bouncing on a trampoline physical activity helps shift blocked negative energy and promotes well-being.

Nature is a free mood booster and stepping outside instantly exposes your cell's to nature's resonance, which we call the god frequency, the vibration of natural divine laws. Your body begins to absorb this beneficial energy as soon as you enter a natural environment.

Many of you are experiencing difficulties with sleep cycles partly due to solar rays impacting your DNA.

However there are ways to improve your sleep. Create a peaceful gadged-free sleeping area to Foster deep restorative sleep and vivid dreams. Dreams are not random. They are the souls way of exploring and creating. Before sleeping set an intention to solve a porblem or heal a worry, allowing your dream-self to work on it. Keep electronic devices at least 20 m away from your sleeping spot and ensure all WiFi is turned off. Devices emit higher EMF frequencies when charging, disrupting your bodies natural rhythm's. Remember taking car of your health is not just about your own personal journey, it's a cosmic one. Each step to a better health sends ripples of positive energy across the planet and into the cosmos. We are all connected in this vast beautiful universe.

As your conciousnes rises, more advanced technologies will become available, eventually replacing harmful EMF frequencies.

The steps we have shared today aim to bring you peace on this path. As you navigate these times of change remember these simple truths. Eat right, stay active, cherish your sleep and connect with the natural world. These practices benefit not only you but also contribute tot he universes health and harmony. I will speak with you all again soon. I am Caylin.