Table of contents


Table of contents

THE THIRD TESTAMENT  -  Words of the Lord  -  The Spanish original edition  -  Introduction

Table of contents

I. The Second Coming of Christ - Third Time of Revelation

Chapter 1 - In anticipation of the return of Christ

Chapter 2 - The Dawn of the Third Age

Chapter 3 - The spiritual sun of the return of Christ

Chapter 4 - Teaching through divine rallies.

Chapter 5 - Reason for the new revelation of God

Chapter 6 - The Third Testament and the great Book of life

Chapter 7 - Effect and meaning of the spiritual teachings

Chapter 8 - The new communities of Christ, disciples, apostles and messengers of God

II. Review of the first and second revelation

Chapter 9 - Stories and figures of the people of Israel

Chapter 10 – When the time was fulfilled

Chapter 11 – The work of Jesus on earth

Chapter 12 – Suffering, death and resurrection

Chapter 13 - Mission and meaning of Jesus and his apostles

III. The Time of Church Christianity

Chapter 14 - Christianity, churches and cults.

Chapter 15 - False Christians, ecclesiastical heresies and grievances

IV. The law - love of God and neighbor

Chapter 16 – The divine law

Chapter 17 – The new way of worshiping God

Chapter 18 - Works of mercy and central importance of love

V. Forms of Revelation and the Work of God

Chapter 19 – The triune God

Chapter 20 – Mary, the maternal love of God

Chapter 21 - Omnipotence, omnipresence and justice of God

Chapter 22 - Love, care and grace of God

Chapter 23 - Inspirations and Revelations of God

VI. The Work of God

Chapter 24 - The spiritual and the material creation

Chapter 25 - Nature

Chapter 26 - Other Worlds

Chapter 27 - The Beyond

VII The developmental path to perfection

Chapter 28 - Dying, death and awakening in the other world

Chapter 29 - Purification and Ascension of Spirit Beings in the Hereafter

Chapter 30 - The Development of the Spirit Through Reincarnations

Chapter 31 - Salvation, Redemption and Eternal Salvation


Chapter 32 - Incarnation, Nature and Mission of Man

Chapter 33 - Man and wife, parents and children, marriage and family

Chapter 34 - Freedom of Will and Conscience

Chapter 35 - The power of thoughts, feelings, and will

IX Teachings of the Divine Wisdom

Chapter 36 - Faith, Truth and Knowledge

Chapter 37 - Understanding Biblical Texts

Chapter 38 - The three times of revelation and the seven seal epochs

Chapter 39 - The earthly and spiritual Israel

Chapter 40 - The forces of good and evil

Chapter 41 - The Connection between This World and the Hereafter

Chapter 42 - Crime and atonement, trials and sufferings

Chapter 43 - Sickness, Healing and Renewal

Chapter 44 - Life in the Divine Sense

Chapter 45 - Predestination, Meaning and Fulfillment in Life

X Materialism and Spiritualism

Chapter 46 - The misguided, materialistic man

Chapter 47 - Materialism and Spiritualism

Chapter 48 - Spiritual gifts and spiritualization

XI Humanity

Chapter 49 - Religion and jurisdiction

Chapter 50 - Education and science

Chapter 51 - Rulers, Abuses of Power, and Wars

Chapter 52 - Injustice and Decline of Humanity

XII Judgment and purification of mankind

Chapter 53 - The time of judgment has come

Chapter 54 - Battle of Worldviews, Religions and Churches

Chapter 55 - Purifying the earth and mankind in judgment

XIII Transformation and completion of world and creation

Chapter 56 - Victory and Recognition of the Spiritual Work of Christ

Chapter 57 - Conversion and change in all areas

Chapter 58 - The Kingdom of Peace of Christ and the Completion of Creation

XIV The Mission Statement

Chapter 59 - Mission to spread the new word of God

Chapter 60 - Working in the Spirit of Christ

XV. Admonitions, Warnings, Teachings

Chapter 61 - Admonitions and warnings of the Lord

Chapter 62 - Words for those present in Mexico

Chapter 63 - Teachings for the churches and all disciples of Christ

XVI Prophecies and Parables, Comfort and Promise

Chapter 64 - Prophecies

Chapter 65 - Parables, Comfort and Promise

The Call of God